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Do you need ghost writing services for a book, ebook, novel, memoir, life story, biography, autobiography, music score or lyrics, TV script or film screenplay?

And you don’t have the time, patience or writing experience? Hire a book ghost writer! Here at Ghost Writer, Inc., you will find all types of ghost writing services, in every style and genre of affordable, ranging through New York Times and Amazon bestselling ghost writers. Because we don’t do on spec or percentage work, we can deliver every time. Meanwhile, our GWI network is extremely vast on the Internet.

Testing the publishing or optioning waters first? Sometimes, this is important before you hire a professional editor for your untried book or screenplay project ideas. We offer you one-on-one book coaching, nonfiction proposal creation and fiction query letter writing. We have a great track record at getting your foot in the door with literary agents and commercial book publishers, or we can assist you with your self publishing techniques. And for those with book to film projects, including music scores – we can help you arrange your displaying, marketing, publicizing, publishing, optioning, and the production and sales of your ongoing work.

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A Book Ghost Writer Client:

Karen Cole’s work with our book authors has led to an increase in sales, online visibility, and national publishing house interest. I highly recommend her for any project in consideration with your company. She is a talented book ghost writer, critical eye copy editor and savvy guide when it comes to the business of books. I count on her expert opinion when in need of guidance for my literary and SEO clientele.”

-Helene V., Head of JS Ink

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BOOK GHOST WRITER – Do you have a novel idea buried deep within? As a book ghost writer, my job is to carefully determine which jobs I can do – as an affordable professional. I also run an agency staffed with book, screenplay and music ghostwriters who are as capable as I am of churning out good copy. The ones at the bottom end of the scale are student writers, and they are each experienced and published. The ones at the top are NYT and Amazon bestselling ghostwriters, who can help you at reasonably affordable rates.

It’s a matter of “you get what you pay for;” our writers are multifaceted, witty, charming and deserving of your consideration, polite devotion and legitimate payment plans. It’s entirely up to you to determine what you can afford. When you hire a book ghost writer through GWI, you will find ghost writing that caters to your dreams, requirements, needs and desires. You will not find delays, over-payment or inadequate writing – instead, you will be deeply satisfied. The closer you work with us, the happier you will be with our ghost writing services. We will hold your hand and guide you throughout the entire book ghost writing process, from start (a book outline and timeline) to finish (your own published print or ebook, featured on Amazon and other places.)

Book ghost writer, that’s me! Happy to work on your memoirs and other projects. Have fostered the creation of over 300 books, scripts and music projects by now. Will work magic on your special manuscript, helping you assemble your book step by step into something you genuinely wrote yourself by hiring our artful professional assistance. I can also help you get self, boutique, commercially, ebook or otherwise published, under your own name alone. Or with your permission I can consider you to be an equal partner; I just need paid in advance, as I don’t personally accept any on spec or percentage work. I love keeping my credit beneath yours, as a Name Ghost Writer in small type font, on a magnificent color cover we will prepare with you through our book ghost writing services!

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Book ghost writer and editor with

a team of 130+ writers and editors

By Karen Cole of Ghost Writer, Inc.


Today, we are going to discuss book ghost writing. I am a book ghostwriter. Either spelling is okay. Ghost writers here work on books, manuscripts, scripts, screenplays, music and lyrics. We also do marketing and promotions, like I said, but I only do book ghost writing. I don’t edit anymore, I work more in the direction of “top dollar” writing because I have well over a decade of experience at book ghost writing and some 30 years of experience at freelance writing in general. It’s not been absolutely steady experience. My day job was working for the disabled, and one time back there I studied to become a nurse. That fell through, because I had to fulfill a promise to myself.

I had to become a book ghost writer, running a team called Rainbow Writing, Inc. It happened to me in the basement in Ohio, when I was about 14 years old. I was reading a Marvel comic book, studying Stan Lee, when it hit me that I wanted to run a cattle pen of writers, not a “bull pen,” and become something a lot like Stan Lee. He was the dude who came up with Spiderman, the Hulk, the Fantastic Four, etc. I have never met him in person. But he was very inspirational for some odd unknown reason. And he set me to dreaming that even a young girl over time could grow up, become a terrific book ghost writer and work in another field than the overly muscular comic book one back in the day.

So I invented my company right there in the basement, and eventually became a freelance writer, and then a book ghost writer on a steady basis. I have been steadily writing, editing and arranging for the publication and sales of books, screenplays and music lyrics for a long time. The steadiest part has been me rewriting and editing, and my first ghost written book sold incredibly well. It’s not just beginner’s luck – my other books have sold remarkably well, too. But there are no guarantees in this industry. Your book through us or me alone may sell either millions of copies, somewhere in between, or only a few copies. Most of it is up to you, and what you want to do with it. Most of it is also up to us, and what we can do for you for the amount of money you lay out, the time you spend, and how often you want to get involved in your book ghost writing project.

Book Ghost Writer | Author Karen Cole

GHOST WRITER, INC.: Karen is an expert, published, widely experienced and affordable book ghost writer, editor, proof reader, rewriter and author with a team of 130+ ghost writing experts and music, screenplay and book affordable ghost writers and editors.