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Do you need book ghost writing services for an ebook, print book, novel, memoir, life story, biography, autobiography, music score or lyrics, TV script or film screenplay?book ghost writing services

And you don’t have the time, patience or writing experience? Hire a book ghost writer! Here at Ghost Writer, Inc., you will find all types of book ghost writing services, in every style and genre of affordable, ranging through New York Times and Amazon bestselling ghost writers. We also offer you students and lesser lights as needed. And we have plenty of partners to take you through your manuscript, script and music creation processes.

Because we don’t do on spec work in most cases, except for best selling celebrity books, we can deliver every time. Meanwhile, our GWI network is extremely vast on the Internet. Testing the publishing or optioning waters first? Sometimes, this is important before you hire a professional editor for your untried book, screenplay, music or other freelance writing project ideas.

We offer you one-on-one book coaching, nonfiction proposal creation and fiction query letter writing. We have a great track record at getting your foot in the door with literary agents and commercial book publishers, or we can assist you with your self publishing techniques. And for those with book to film projects, including music scores – we can help you arrange your displaying, marketing, publicizing, publishing, optioning, and the production and sales of your ongoing work.



Karen Cole’s work with our book authors has led to an increase in sales, online visibility, and national publishing house interest. I highly recommend her for any project in consideration with your company. She is a talented book ghost writer, critical eye copy editor and savvy guide when it comes to the business of books. I count on her expert opinion when in need of guidance for my literary and SEO clientele.”

-Helene V., Head of JS Ink

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Do you have a novel idea deep within you? We will help you unearth, polish and make it shine! As a book ghost writer who offers you book ghostwriting services, my job is to determine what work I can do for you as an affordable professional ghostwriter. I also run an agency staffed with book, screenplay and music ghostwriters – capable as I am of churning out great written copy. The ones at the bottom end of the scale are student writers, and they are each experienced and published. The ones at the top are NYT and Amazon bestselling ghostwriters, who can help you at reasonably affordable rates. And we have middle of the road writers, editors and artists who have lower pricing for more studied experiences. But nothing comes for free in this world.

It’s a matter of “you get what you pay for.” Our writers are multifaceted, witty, charming and deserving of your consideration, polite devotion and legitimate payment plans. It’s entirely up to you to determine what you can afford. When you hire a book ghostwriter through GWI, you will find book ghostwriting services that cater to your dreams, requirements, needs and desires. You will not find delays, over-payment or inadequate writing – instead, you will be deeply satisfied. And I carefully oversee every job coming into and out of GWI.

The closer you work with us, the happier you will be with our book ghostwriting services. We will hold your hand and guide you throughout the entire ghost writing, editing and marketing process, from start (a book outline, background docs, and a timeline) to finish (published full-color print copies, ebooks, and maybe audiobooks on CD too). We can even help you get running on free and low cost self publishing services like Amazon’s CreateSpace, Mark Coker’s Smashwords, Booktango, or the new – for a small preparations fee each time.

Book Ghost Writing Services – tailored to You!

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With a team of 130+ ghostwriters and book editors

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Why do I think you should hire an affordable ghost writer through us? Because we offer you professional writers for some of the lowest prices in the ghostwriting industry. And we deliver an economical product to you, one which can help sell your business, put across your feelings in your own personal voice, or otherwise assist you in creating decent professional ghost writing for your own private purposes.

A book ghost writer, music, lyrics or a screenplay ghostwriter can help you immeasurably. Our company, Ghost Writer, Inc. specializes in those fields; plus this, we offer you several other freelance professional services as needed. We do everything but ghost writing academic papers, though we can edit or proofread those for you. We will ghostwrite for you for almost any purposes, as long as you are willing to pay us decently in upfront installments during the course of completion of your important ghostwriting project. And we will market, promote and even publish for you, too.

Our book ghostwriters tend to be republished, and our screenplay ghost writers have optioned and produced several screenplays. You can find a ghost writer here with million copy best seller status, and you can find one who has produced films and TV shows as well. We have a wide variety of professional ghostwriters from which you can choose – just be sure to have enough money budgeted towards your project. But we tailor our work to your budget commensurately.

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