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Affordable ghostwriting services by American ghostwriters.

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Ghost Writer, Inc. offers you every type, genre, and style of ghostwriting, editing, marketing, and publishing services. For books, screenplays, music and lyrics, all kinds of business, academic, legal, medical and other documents…we do every form of ghostwriting imaginable.

We are located in the US and Canada, and also many other countries. Featuring a wide variety of gracious culturally ethnic ghostwriters, and multifaceted, talented, experienced white, black, brown and regional American ghost writers. Serving every type and variety of client, from children’s book authors through rap and hip hop music artists to adult book writers.

Also, we have coffee table book ghostwriters, for business memoirs, pleasure, professionals, family, whatever. Coffee table books are large, hard-bound picture books meant to grace your living room and pass the time.

Our men and women’s agency, Ghost Writer, Inc., works with you from start to finish, inception to denouement, to ensure a successful book, book series, or other project. While our ghostwriting rates 2023 and 2024 are tailored to be affordable, and always signed for via individual ghostwriting services contract.

Find and hire experienced professional ghostwriters in any genre, type, or style imaginable for your job.

We are an American ghost writing service. Ghost Writer, Inc. will ghostwrite books, screenplays, scripts, business documents, music, lyrics, and other writing and editing work. Plus, we do marketing, sales, and self or traditional publishing services in 2023, 2024, 2025 and beyond. Continuing far into the considerable future.

We do it All for you! Whether it’s a book manuscript, film screenplay, TV script, literary analysis, statement of intent, or music, soundtrack and lyrics project. We have specific experts with backgrounds in every literary genre. Including fiction, nonfiction, narrative nonfiction, and fiction based on fact. We can ethically edit into shape your business, legal, medical, academic, and other professional documents.

We will help you self publish or traditionally publish either a book or a whole series of novellas or longer book novels. We offer hundreds of affordable book ghostwriters in every category imaginable, just for our clients, many of whom return to use our ghostwriting and editing services.

Affordable ethical professional ghostwriting services

Affordable, ethical, cultural and ethnic ghostwriters who offer top-notch work are difficult to find. However, for those who do not have the knowledge, skills, or time to do everything on their own, ghostwriting is an invaluable commodity.

You’ve likely found many companies when conducting your search, but rest assured, you need to look no further than GWI. As one of the best in the business, we tailor our work to your individual budget and preferences.

Simply submit your materials, background notes, outlines, and specifications. On your request, we’ll sign an NDA (non-disclosure agreement) as well as a writer’s agreement or legal contract, which will assign all copyrights to you. Our professional ghostwriting service requires upfront payments, and all assignments will be completed in a timely and thoroughly reasonable manner.

Imagine it, then hire an experienced ghostwriter to create it.

The goal of Ghost Writer, Inc. is to shine in our field, and we offer ghostwriting services for the following genres, topics, categories, and specialties:

  • Books – Fiction, Nonfiction, Fiction based on Fact, Ethnic Culture or Cultural ghostwriter services
  • Screenplays – All types, less than Union pricing
  • Scripts – By award winners and TV moguls
  • Novels – All kinds, Narrative Nonfiction, whatever you have
  • Soundtracks – We can staff your job
  • Lyrics – From Rap to R&B to Country to Whatever
  • Music – Etc., etc., etc…
  • Educational and academic materials, Business literature, Sales materials
  • Sports and games, Nutrition coaching, Cookbooks and cooking, Exercise and health
  • And almost anything else!

We also offer editing services for the following professional editing styles: academic (with citations), Chicago Manual of Style, AP or AP Down, all types of blog styles, line editing, plus color and style.

Show not Tell, developmental editing, copy editing, rewriting, proofreading, or whatever type of editing style or format – tell us what you need, and we will ghostwrite, edit, proofread, and polish your work into the needed professional shape.

No matter what country, cultural, sexual orientation, or ethnic background you come from, GWI has the most expert professional ghostwriters you will need. Plus full-scale book marketing, book sales, book cover creation, additional materials, and assisted full self publishing or traditional publishing services assistance. Such as top quality, sales-oriented full book proposals, scoring our author clients $50-500,000 USD in professional book advances from high end industry book publishers.

About the President of Ghost Writer, Inc.

I began Ghost Writer, Inc. online as Rainbow Writing, Inc. in January of 2003, so I’ve been in business as of now for 20 years. I started out as a freelance writer, writing for Stars and Stripes the US Armed Services in-house magazine back in 1972 when I was all of 12 years old, serving as an experimental child soldier, nurse, and farmer in Vietnam.

While keeping up my schoolwork, I was able to contribute letters to the FBI regarding books by service personnel, and also plenty of background office notes for the military. Thus began my freelance professional ghostwriting and editing experience, so my writing career has actually spanned over several decades.

I wrote other articles for our Armed Services, including a poem about the sadness of the blood-drenched body bags. Very nearly, I expected to come back in one of those myself. But the adult fellows and gals protected me, keeping me safe from the Viet Cong.

I also wrote around that time frame for Variety Magazine of Hollywood fame. Pieces on my Hollywood friends, such as the Marx Brothers, the Three Stooges, Marilyn Monroe, Louis Armstrong, Rod Serling, Bruce Lee, and many other film stars whom I knew – though I’ve been less an onstage presence and more an offstage writer.

I wrote articles and blog posts from an early age.

I gained some background experience while working as a freelance writer for my day job. I mostly worked odd jobs and as a home health care aide through the Eighties, finally launching my career as a book ghostwriter in 2003.

Two years later, as I was getting more work offers than I could fill, I began farming jobs out to other interested ghostwriters. Most of these ghosts had more genre-related experience than me, as I was a general ghostwriter for fiction, nonfiction, memoirs etc.

Nowadays I am running a team of over 250 experienced genre-specific ghosts, editors, marketers and publishers who offer a wide range of services. Illustrators, book layout specialist, photographers, cover artists, legal experts, and others. These people are not employees, they are work for hire specialists whom I send warm job leads to as they come into my email account and other places.

I call them the Ghost Writer, Inc. Outsource Team, and they all have Ghost Writer, Inc. listed on their professional ghostwriting resumes. They have brought in many a great reference for our listed services. And you can hire a great book, script, screenplay, music, lyrics, business documents, or almost any other type of ghostwriter, editor, marketer, or publishing services agent through our company.

Contact me through the links on our Contact Ghostwriter page. I usually answer back in one to three business days.

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