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Ghost Writer, Inc. is an affordable ghostwriter services company. We serve all types, kinds, varieties and genres of ethical paying ghostwriter clients.

Located in the US and Canada, and also many other countries. Featuring a wide variety of gracious culturally ethnic ghostwriters, and multifaceted, talented, experienced white, black, brown and regional American ghost writers. Also, coffee table book ghostwriters, for business memoirs, pleasure, professionals, family, whatever. Our men and women’s agency, Ghost Writer, Inc., works with you from start to finish, inception to denouement, to ensure a successful book, book series, or other project. While our ghostwriting rates 2022 are tailored to be affordable, and always signed for via individual ghostwriting services contract.

Find and hire an experienced professional ghostwriter in any genre, type, or style imaginable for your job.

We are an American ghost writing service for books, screenplays, scripts, business documents, music, lyrics, other writing and editing work, plus marketing, sales, and publishing services in 2022, 2023, 2024 and beyond. Continuing far into the future.

We do it All for you! Whether it’s a book manuscript, film screenplay, TV script, literary analysis, statement of intent, or music, soundtrack and lyrics project. We have specific experts with backgrounds in every literary genre. Including fiction, nonfiction, narrative nonfiction, and fiction based on fact. We can ethically copy edit into shape your business, legal, medical and academic documents. Help you self publish or traditionally publish either a book or a whole series of novellas or longer book novels. We offer hundreds of affordable book ghostwriters in every category imaginable, just for our clients, many of whom return to use our ghostwriting and editing services.

Affordable, ethical, cultural and ethnic ghostwriters who offer top-notch work are difficult to find. However, for those who do not have the knowledge, skills, or time to do everything on their own, ghostwriting is an invaluable commodity. You’ve likely found many companies when conducting your search, but rest assured, you need to look no further than GWI. As one of the best in the business, we tailor our work to your individual budget and preferences.

If you can imagine it, hire an experienced ghostwriter to create it.

Simply submit your materials and specifications, and, on request, we’ll sign an NDA, as well as a writer’s agreement or legal contract, which will assign all copyrights to you. Our professional ghostwriting service requires up-front payments, and all assignments are completed in a timely manner. If you hire a ghostwriter on our team, from the time you submit your instructions to the time the project is finished, you can expect a hassle-free experience.

The goal of Ghost Writer, Inc. is to shine in our field, and we offer ghostwriting services for the following:

  • Books – Fiction, Nonfiction, Fiction based on Fact, Ethnic Culture or Cultural ghostwriter services
  • Screenplays – All types, less than Union pricing
  • Scripts – By award winners and TV moguls
  • Novels – All kinds, Narrative Nonfiction, whatever you have
  • Soundtracks – We can staff your job
  • Lyrics – From Rap to R&B to Country to Whatever
  • Music – Etc., etc., etc…
  • Educational and academic materials, Business literature, Sales materials
  • Sports and games, Nutrition coaching, Cookbooks and cooking, Exercise and health
  • And almost anything else!

We even offer editing services for the following professional editing styles: Academic (with citations), Chicago Manual of Style, AP or AP Down, All types of Blog Styles, Line Editing, Color and Style, Developmental Editing, Copyediting, Rewriting, Proofreading or whatever editing style – tell us exactly what you need, we will copyedit your work into professionally edited shape.

You can also hire a ghostwriter to create material for speaking tours and comedy routines. We assist you with all types of videos as well. From black-and-white documentaries to promotional videos featuring a rainbow of colors. Hire a coffee table book ghostwriter today. GWI Ghostwriting Services has done almost everything, and if we haven’t done it yet, we’ll start now! No matter what country, cultural, sexual or ethnic background you come from, GWI has the most expert professional ghostwriters for your needs – and full-scale book marketing, book sales, book cover creation, additional materials, and assisted full self publishing or traditional publishing services assistance, such as top quality professional book proposals, too.

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