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What is an affordable ghost writer or affordable ghostwriter?

By Karen S. Cole

Our pricing to ghostwrite a short book begins at $5,000 USD, and it goes up from there. Our best affordable ghostwriters tend to charge more, such as $15,000 to $35,000 per 200-300 page book manuscript. For quick ebooks and shorter works, we can charge much less. Depending on how intensive the project is set to become. Business books tend to be costly, but we can try to work something out.

We don’t charge just to charge more. We price based on labor involved. And how much experience, talent and verve your ghostwriter has. A lot of us are best sellers, have won awards, and need to charge more in order to pay the bills. Or to move on up in the ghostwriting field.

Some of us hold at steady rates, and they don’t go up much from there. And some of us charge at bottom prices – which is not my company. We don’t charge garbage rates. However, we will strive mightily to work something out with you. Don’t price us down when you have the money. You will get what you pay for with GWI.

We are honest, ethical and not clairvoyant.

Needing you to discuss matters directly with your ghostwriter. I will set things up right away, so be prepared for one of our ghosts to jump into your job and work it.

And we will sign a valid legal contract with you, setting the price. This can be flexible for you later on, if you want more work from us. Our ghostwriting price varies from writer to writer. It’s up to you to select your writer, but if I think I know what you need I will send you a particular one. I have over 30 years of experience in this business. And I’ve been ghostwriting myself since January 2003, so I know pretty much what I’m doing.

Email me with the specifics of your project, whatever they might be. Calling is okay, but I will ask you to email me. Due to the fact texting has to be brief, and I have nothing in front of me during phone calls. We can discuss matters at 425-205-9707 PST west coast time USA. But it’s always best to email us the details of your project and any other information about your ghostwriting needs.

I used to ghostwrite on a regular basis. Nowadays, I send your job leads to expert ghostwriters on our team. Ghosts with experience in your particular specialty. If you need a sports ghost, we have that. Or a nonfiction romance/marriage ghost. Or an economics or legal ghost. We have an affordable ghostwriter for you. One who will work hand in hand with you, throughout your project.

I can staff any type of ghostwriting, editing or related marketing or publishing job. We can even get your screenplay produced and made into a film, if you have enough money. Making a movie is expensive! But we have contacts with major Los Angeles and New York City producers. You have to have the resources, though. Nothing comes for free in this life, although we offer affordable pricing for all our specialties.

I’m what they call a “name” book ghostwriter, but one who charges highly affordable rates. Why is that? Is it due to inexperience, lack of ability to land clients without making a painful compromise, or some such thing? No, it’s because most of my clients are ordinary people – with ordinary budgets. Ghostwriting services should belong to the people, not merely to corporate heads, celebrities and other rich folks.

You mean an affordable ghostwriter is for the masses?

Yes, not just the famous types such as politicians, rock stars, media figures, or someone idiotic you’ve heard about far too frequently in the news. Most of my clients are ordinary people and companies, like you might be. But they each have a terrific story and no means to get it across due to lack of time. Or lack of resources such as $50,000 to spend on ghost writing a book.

So I’m primarily here to help those who need the services of an affordable full services ghost writer and book editor. I charge upwards from $10,000 USD to ghostwrite a whole book for you. This usually includes all the editing and proofreading. Plus a professionally formatted book manuscript. And I set all my prices according to your budget. What you have set aside for your project. And the time length required to produce the book and to put it on the shelf. Finally, how much work is involved in the project. I don’t charge $10,000 to work on a 400-500 page book, though. For that low of a ghostwriting price, the book should be 150 pages or less, or around 35,000 total words.

Affordable ghostwriting – what do you cost?

Currently, my affordable ghost writer flat rates go up to $35,000 USD. Much less for short ebooks and shorter works. Half upfront, half upon delivery is one type of payment plan. And we can charge by page, by word, by the hour or by monthly payment plan installments, too. Most book ghost writers with my level of experience charge from $50,000-80,000 per each ghostwriting project.

I understand how an experienced professional book ghost writer nowadays costs as much to produce as buying a new luxury car, or even purchasing property. I can’t see how that’s fair, as the book might not ever recoup all of the associated costs. Also, I have been ghost writing since well before 2003, and thus I have the experience level of a thoroughly professional book ghost writer, editor, rewriter and proofreader. I can offer you a complete package of services without strapping you or putting you in debt for life, in other words.

So you do indeed get what you pay for when you hire GWI.

We will not charge you good money for a poorly written manuscript. One churned out by a ghost writer who’s part of a machine-like “paper mill.” Or from a Third World Country, where you pay $250-500 USD for a ghost written book and get a piece of you-know-what instead of a properly written, researched, well-formatted book manuscript.

Not that some ghosts from those countries aren’t excellent workers. We have writers from around the world on our team, in fact! However, with our ghostwriting services company you will hire personalized work through an affordable ghost writer. We work hand-in-hand with you to deliver a timely, provocative book. It may even establish you as a reputable author worldwide.

How do you become an affordable ethical ghost writer?

Join our team to become a valid paid book author. The progress you make will amaze you! We have helped people become best sellers on Amazon and the New York Times lists, among other places such as Smashwords for eBooks. Through email, phone, Skype and possibly personal interviews, although those are not necessary, we will provide you with personalized, up-to-the-minute affordable ghostwriter services.

You are getting a great deal by working with us! We will help you get published. As well as assisting you with promoting, marketing and getting the word out about your new book. GWI with its 200-plus ghost writers, editors, marketers and others has been cycling around the Internet since early 2003, with an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau, and we know how to assist you in a style you’ve never seen anywhere else. – remember, there’s only one “w” in rainbowriting.

425-205-9707 – West Coast USA, PST – normal office hours, text me anytime. I usually respond to text, phone call or email within one to three days.

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    By Karen S. Cole

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