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Our prices proceed according to the nature, genre, scope, type, and amount of work involved with your ghost writing project. How many total words, pages, paragraphs, or blocks of copy do you already have completed? What are your overall budgetary needs for the entire job, what exactly have you set aside for it? Can you pay in advance during course of completion of your ghostwriter project? And in what manner: half upfront, half upon completion and before delivery; or per page, per word, or per hour of proven work?

This will be arranged in order to pay someone decent, ethical, and honest, who works for ghostwriting services online in the USA. And it will encompass the experience levels of your particular GWI referred ghostwriter, encasing their types of expertise in all the related subject matters. You will find guidelines to our rates, prices, costs, estimates and fees on our Ghostwriter Rates page. We also feature many Ghost Writing Topics and Ghost Writer Content as blog posts, which explain about the working circumstances of book and other forms of ghostwriting, editing, marketing, publishing and our other writing related services.

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Hi! I’m a real person, and I’m here for your needs. Ghost Writer, Inc. is online, and only available for paying clients. If you need a low cost ghostwriter, check out – you can get a free listing there. But in the case of our professional experienced ghostwriter company, Ghost Writer, Inc., we sign with you for the best possible services we can give you. Which means that largely you get what you pay for, within reasonable limits.

Ghost Writer, Inc. will assist you, throughout the entire ghostwriting process. For books, scripts, music, business documents or any other such ghost or editing project. It will be between you as the author client and your ghostwriter, editor, marketer, or publishing assistance agent. Also regarding any other ghostwriting services we offer. The contract will include language releasing all copyrights to you as the author client. And other clauses legally outlining your and the ghostwriter’s or other worker’s rights and responsibilities, such as indemnities, total number of revisions, dates of delivery of milestones, payment schedules, etc.

In each case, the job is considered work for hire. The ghostwriting project involved will belong to the author client and not the ghostwriter or other worker you hire through our ghost writer agency. Which means you sign off on it once, for one particular job. Which can vary broadly, according to the circumstances of that job. The pricing for it ranges anywhere from hiring a beginning student ghostwriter, at much lower rates, through midrange experienced ghostwriter rates via writers and editors with ten or more years of experience in a wide variety of genres, styles and types of projects, to New York Times bestselling ghostwriter rates by talented, high-end book authors.

Ghost Writer, Inc. Contact and Basic Background Information

Ghost Writer, Inc. –
Email: (only one “w” in rainbowriting!)
Cell: (425) 205-9707 (Seattle area, West Coast Time. Leave a detailed message if I don’t pick up, with a great date/time to call you. Best times to call me are normal office hours West Coast time zone, any day.)

Statement of Purpose

GWI is on the Internet since 2003 as an affordable, expert, experienced and efficient ghostwriting services agency. We aim to offer our clients a full package of services, starting from inception or creation of a book, manuscript, music lyric or other writing work to publication, sales and promotion of the work. We have an experienced ghost as our President, and offer over 200 other published, optioned and produced ghost writers and editors, as well as professional book, script and screenplay marketers and promoters. Recently, we have also begun offering experienced, affordable ghost writers and editors for music and lyrics in several modern genres as well.

    About the President

    Karen Cole has forty-five years of freelance writing experience, involving ghost writing and editing some 50+ books and other materials, working for a New York City publishing company, writing book reviews and news articles and doing other related writing work. For the past fifteen+ years, she has been assisting clients with books and screenplays, and has helped with several such works in progress. She has many contacts in the literary, music and film industries, and is open to new projects herself when she’s available.

    She prefers to hand over the work to her professionals nowadays. We will ghostwrite manuscripts nowadays for affordable pricing: $5,000 to $50,000 USD for a 50 to 500-page double-spaced book manuscript, over two to six months of time. We have experience in every genre, style and type of writing and editing, both fiction and nonfiction, while specializing in memoir, life story and autobiography ghost writing. We have won several awards for editing work, especially on men’s and women’s fiction and nonfiction. We also offer full book marketing and promotions services, plus all types of publishing assistance services, all at affordable pricing. GWI often works with a variety of outside partners, other writers and editors, to whom Karen sends out work on a semi-regular basis.

    About the Team

    GWI offers you 200-5,000 freelance writers, ghosts and others, as well as our partner companies which offer you book, music and screenplay marketing, promotions, publishing help and other related services. Our team is radically diverse, with a variety of skills and experience in every conceivable writing genre, style and type. We have a wide range of writers and editors at a wide range of prices, from inexpensive students to top-dollar New York Times and Amazon bestselling authors. Most of our writers and editors are multiply published, optioned and/or produced. Some are student editors, and those work at somewhat lower rates.



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    By Karen S. Cole

    Karen S. Cole runs Ghost Writer, Inc. The best online since 2003. Affordable ghostwriting services. Freelance book editing, professional ghostwriting. Marketing and publishing services. For books, scripts, screenplays and documents. And music, soundtrack and lyrics ghostwriting and editing. GWI has 200+ published, optioned and produced ghost writers, editors, marketers, illustrators, photographers - whatever. Our motto is: You name it, we do it! GWI offers A-list literary agents, self publishing, independent and traditional publishing services. Including nonfiction book proposals, fiction package documents and business book related documents. Whatever you need for affordable ghostwriter rates, inexpensive fees and costs. New York Times bestselling authors, Amazon bestsellers and other award winning ghosts of all kinds. GWI offers a wide range of services, from student ghosts and editors to Amazon bestselling authors, ghosts and Academy Award winning screenwriters. Top level Los Angeles and New York TV and film producers who do pitch and presentation services for pilots and scripts. Independent film producers. Coverage services for scripts. Book coaching, developmental editing, rewriting, book cover creation, illustrations, website copy. Comedy routines and speeches. Wikipedia entries and grants. The skies are the limits!