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By Karen S. Cole

Nobody gets too much hire fiction ghostwriter work anymore. As in our love relationships, we tend to go for nonfiction. Alexa hire fiction ghostwriter means what you do when you need one of these. Using Alexa isn’t fictive, however, and involves keyword usage. This is about fiction ghostwriter work, both by the ghostwriter and by you, the author.

It’s as high as a mountain and harder to climb. Fiction is our relaxing escape valve to a Land of Wonder. But you can find that it’s difficult to come up with or cop new ideas. You have to create something new under the sun and original material in order to write fiction that sings loudly enough for the world to hear it. A series of fiction novels you have ghostwritten is a great idea in order to establish yourself as a fiction book author. But you may feel discouraged, thinking that nobody gets published enough to count. It’s not the whole cloth or the truth, although I am gone often enough to take breaks occasionally.

Actually, people are waiting in line to hire Ghost Writer, Inc. to work on their fiction novels, movie scripts, TV shows and animated films. The below is some instructions on exactly how to go about putting together a proper fiction novel. This applies to any kind of fiction, including fantasy, urban, science fiction, adventure, humor and many other genres.

For now, for hire fiction ghostwriter, I’m doing a Character List and a Character Outline. Review the below in order to stimulate your creative mentality for New Ideas. I come from a long line of genetically creative types, and also I work very hard on figuring out how to puzzle in realms of complex thought. There is a TON of material for YOU to work with online, and you don’t have to be Sherwood Schwarz, Stan Lee or even little middle-aged me to do this fine artistic playtime stuff. Just willing to hire help if needed, and to work on your own at length as well. It takes two to Tango in Paris!


Character List of a Cast of Peculiar People – to help you hire a fiction ghostwriter

The Halcion Times of Gabe “Beau” Sancto and his Townie Crowd

The Those who are Sent Forth into Time Character List:

Gabe “Beauest” Hooter: 5’7”, 24, Latinofine | Chicanoesque | Hispaniman, collects insects, sci-fi blobs and condoms; laborer

Saragina DeSoto: 6’3”, 22, Hispania and Afribibble, often wears last year’s cornrows; nutritionist

Artie Blend: 6’1”, possibly taller as he slouches, 42 white “MF” years of age, a worrisome drunk; multi-skilled laborer

Casa Zooweiler: Caza, the Unknown and unknowable, 36, “like Babylon,” hippie; bookskeeping seamstress who’s certainly dying without really trying

(Correct spellings now. The people in this book are all ethnic Americans, and sometimes as in the Philippines, they blend into each other. They are also all secretly Black and Armenian. However, they are anything you want them to be, within Dire Wolf limits.)

Robert Goneschlaw: he’s not deaf, he’s Jew Polish; “maybe a bit dumb—you’ll see”; mouthless Ameslan-wielding bartender, excellent with a sword

Ned England: The Queen is dead—no, it’s his mum; black, 17, looks it; prep waiter, watches horror movies, Mom was one herself

Jeannie Ontermeyer: an adult of the café; teenaged, redheaded, an able waitress

Cloadia Tager: wears cowboy boots daily, plays “helicopter pool,” 31, strawberry dishwater happiness, prays to Poseidon; waitress from out of town and cocktails

Sharone Bitters: has an important parent, is black-thin, 5’6”, “a slip of monetary poetry”; registered nurse with non-imaginary brothers and sisters

Harmin Boole: 79 and looks that, widower, owns several local children; retired

A plethora of non-human animals will be groovy in this book too.

There are also appearances by: Gabe’s divorced parents; Artie’s Montana relatives; the mental patient Gabe rescues; Suzette, a fairy child; Phoebe Sommers, an earlier elder passionfruit of Gabe’s; the so-called Mr. Jones, a man in an address with a deadly story to tell; Chandover, a French composerary of Beethoven’s; Emilia Bitters, Sharone’s mom and a Krakatoan on weekends, bartending; Ed Bitters, a litigant itinerant for a hopeful cause; and the other weekend ‘tender, a young man named Dan Nuts who thinks he’s gay.

In addition there are: Gramma HeLouise, “Beau’s” gramma; Dame Gretchley, a character/minister with brown hair, blue eyes, a Viet/Korean face, and a bulldog mentality; Thomas DaLieken, an Italian, sympatico to the severely impressed and OTHERS; Mabel “School” Jones, a nice middle-aged plump auteuse who writes history novels “pretty good, for a boat-owner,” also tending bar: Dave Velasquez Velasquez, a handsome young Latino man, “dead” at 29, temporary Prince of the Air; and one Fred, of Wabash, WA, whose major life’s goals are to walk and drive fast again without another accident—and to eat Rocky Road.

He’s a drinker, like Artie he needs a good woman to date, and better housing. Habitat for Humanity has nothing on Fred and his dark-hued designs, which will all be fulfilled someday, if things go naturally right and not infernally wrong.

Fred is the heart of this Entire Matter…him and his Manual Wheels.




It’s your basic countryside plotisimo, the small, isolated locale hosting a quartet of primary types, especialmente dos guys; over time, it is discovered that drinking destroys – but marriage saves. In essencia, it succeedes with our fair young, modern, but 1980s oriented protagonists.

MEN—one’s short and dark and stocky, the other, tall and blonde and WASTIN’! They each have a girl-fiend–both are gals of color and mystery light. They are all drinking buddies, borderline broke on the barricades of daily trades. Gabe tipples. Saragina is Gabe’s career-minded lady, Caza is Artie’s hippie soulmate. Sarah is serious and surging forward, while Caza is playing it slow, living life for itself, for art and for Artie. But not for drink. She pees too much to bother with it.

They all live very near each other, in three separate homes—a cognomen for tidy one-bedroom apartments. They are, shall we say, “getting by”?

Saragina DeSoto is bright, charming and maturely beautiful for her age. Her parents are deceased. No one knows why yet. She loves to “wake people up” by smiling in their faces, up close, and she likes to buy folks a drink–if they promise to drink only two. The one she buys and the one they buy. If they drink more after that it’s their problem. “How can I stop you?” She sighs, and moves on. She also likes to hang out at the Krakatoa, chewing the gum, and is on the bar’s bowling team, The Crackling Roses.

Artie Blend is a Genuine Drunk, “sailed wi ‘approval,” many years long-standing and often found sitting.

“Burrup! is a not infrequent, comment on his lanky-tanker part. He don’t hold reg’lar work but keeps “afloat”. “Been drankin’ since height, wan’ be strai-yate!!!” Gabe is younger, less stuporous and has worked only three low-skills jobs. He just doesn’t wanta fit into “society as it stands” yet. It’s “more fun” to hang-out, be selfish and sit down to shallowly vegetate and wait for work with Artie. For a while…

Single, Latinate, currently making friends with Norwegian Artie, he’s a loner with and an Indian grandma who loves him dearly thousands of miles away. She may need his help someday. Gabe’s parents are divorced and live back east too. So true. It’s note. Who’re you?

Artie’s galfiend Caza Zoo drinks a bit, not near so much as Art. She’s got an illness. Art’s still “good” physically, not too desiccated, but he’s starting to hurt. An alkie’s alkie who puts two down “fust thang in the moanin” and whose long stringy yellow hippie hair matching scraggly beard makes him resemble a Scandie Christos. Throws his head back, and laughs explosively. This fascinates the heck out of Gabe, who for some reason can barely manage a slight snicker.

“Beau” is quiet and reclusive. Reads a lot. Works out. Saragina loves books; she reads mostly women’s lit, black lit, anything lit, etc., and books on nutrition. A lot! Ask her what’s good to eat nowadays. SHE knows.

Caza the Zoo is indescribable. She dresses as filmily as her health is frail. Her face is lovely, unpeaceable in time or space excepting the indefatigable brown of her barely beginning to wrinkle countenance. She has a very few spotty freckles until you look closely, and in addition should be leading a much more sedate life. But she’s fine now, except she’s dying. That’s what they say.

She loves to sew, especially stuffed toys for kids.

Artie seems to be having max fun roaring around, but at 42 he’s burning out from years of yeast abuse and internal neglect. Heck. He’s worse off than Gab, which they both know, and are currently learning. It’s mostly Artie’s fault. He had some good chances but let them slip through his macro digital fingers. Life, could You e’er have held Your cares heartmost for this world?

Gabe is smarter than that or thinks he is, like Artie once was. Art is almost just a bright and shining example of how not to live your life. Somehow he’s not dead yet. Meanwhile, Gabe is starting to imitate him. This’ll have to stop, and soon.

“Beau” reads fluently in Spanish, English, and Algonquin, which he’s studying enter interminably with Sarah. He rents a one-bed apartment he can almost keep clean, and it is daily strewn about with paperbacks, ten years work. There’s a soda and wine bottle collection, plus a knife collection begun by his Spanish father Donio. He also speaks a few hundred words from each of the Algonquin dialects, descending into e’en a little New Yorker Round-Tablease when Sarah and he get together, making it up. Lo tocas por oldos.

Ademas, he has an option against “retail” society; he contains enough recently poetically numerical heritage to qualify for permanent residency on a 950-acre native “scion” reservation. With option to buy future acreage. But he’d still need to seek trouble, he thinks, and the dang thing might get sold to instantaneous developers. He wants to make it, by and by, on his own, albeit under duress. Right. So far, he rents, owns a $5000 and dollars security bond, and keeps an antique book his grandma “gifted” him as when he was a lad. He has time on his side and his hands… for now.

“Happy to harpy, Harpo to Oprah for you. Hap-hap-HAPPY!”

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    By Karen S. Cole

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