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How to become a ghostwriter and editor

By Karen S. Cole – This post gives you a brief rundown on how to become a ghostwriter.

Ghost writers face challenges when they enter the field of ghost writing. There is a lot of competition, especially on the Internet. You can Google nearly any search term related to ghost writers. And there you’ll find a plethora of entries advertising ghostwriting services. In order to become a ghostwriter you need to get ready to compete.

A modern ghostwriting service must come up high in the search results on Google, Bing and Yahoo. In order to get enough Internet business, and it also helps to be on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. It’s best to get plenty of Facebook “Likes” and a lot of Twitter followers. Plus this, to build a great page and reputation at LinkedIn and other Internet business social networks. Social networks, a website and word of mouth involves you in how to become a ghostwriter, in other words.

Ghost writers must gather some published credentials before embarking on a professional career. Getting your work published may mean working for sites such as and You do this to amass references from clients and some published credentials. And also you can get several professional articles published on the Internet under your own name. Which show off your ghost writer capabilities. To become a ghostwriter you will need plenty of published experience, too.

What steps can you take to enter the field?

Put together a portfolio of published work, both under your own name and the best writing from your ghostwriting jobs. You can show all of this off on your website. But remember first to always get written permission from your ghostwriting clients. To use excerpts from their work, to show to potential future ghostwriting clients.

You will also need a professional website to refer your ghostwriting clients to view. And of course, this needs to have a great, eye-catching template. Plus adequate search engine optimization, and your contact information extremely prominent on the site. A good professional ghostwriter will also have the needed resume, portfolio, recommendation and reference listings on the site.

You want to get as much word of mouth out about your services as humanly possible. So get listed as much as you can on the Internet, in order to become a ghostwriter. Plus this, it’s best to create a number of published articles about ghost writing services in general. With links back to your ghostwriting website and email address.

What equipment do you need in order to be a ghostwriter?

One thing a good ghost writer needs the most is a decent hi-speed computer connection. Preferably a fast one, and steady access to the Internet so that emails can be checked. And so that the ghostwriting services website can be updated. Preferably on a daily basis, for proper search engine optimization. Also, your returning clients should know exactly what is going on lately with your ghost writing services. An email newsletter comes in handy for this, to assist you to become a ghostwriter online. With a growing base of clientele.

As a ghostwriter, you set your own hours and don’t have to work on holidays, weekends or whatever. But you need to put in steady time as often as you can. And it also helps to have a printer/fax/copier/scanner machine attached to your desktop PC. For important documents such as ghost writing contracts, illustrations for books, etc.

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