Bestselling Book Ghostwriter George McNeill 

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By George M., bestselling book ghostwriter. And all-around Southern gentleman.

Two million plus copies of Rafaella and The Plantation sold. So far! Night of the Hellebore was a bestseller a few years ago. And still doing well on Amazon. 38 novels and dozens of ghostwritten books later, George is going strong. Horror novels, antebellum romances a specialty. Memoirs released in 2018 too.

Quote: “The short version of my story? I went to bed sober one night when I was 15. Woke up drunk the next day – and I was 51!”

Meet yourself one hell of an excellent American South bestselling book ghostwriter!

He was a million copy bestseller in the 1970s. With his rich, deep and provocative series of books about the Antebellum South. Later on, he wrote “other” horror, masking and matching with Stephen King.

George has worked as a novelist, journalist and editor for 40+ years. For the past 16+ years, he’s specialized in ghostwriting. For 13+ of those years he’s been with Ghost Writer Inc. Because of the way I run our agency. And also because of the understanding and care GWI gives its clients and writers.

Bestselling book ghostwriter George is successful in fiction and nonfiction. His famous novel The Plantation (Bantam), sold a million copies. Plus this, its sequel Rafaella (Bantam), sold 700,000. His other novels under his own name include a variety of major fiction and fantasy titles. And many nonfiction as well. He’s also a superb biography, autobiography and memoir ghostwriter. But mainly he’s known worldwide for having been a million-copy bestseller. And he’ll always be an expert on the ways of the Deep South in the United States.

Bestselling book ghostwriter – Now in his Youthful Age

As columnist for a newspaper, George was given first place awards for three years. By his state press association. One award cited him as an “extraordinary writer.” He’s worked as a reporter and feature writer for daily newspapers in Louisiana, Texas and Mississippi. And he’s sold some 130 articles to nationally published magazines. Including Woman’s Day and Electronic Learning (Scholastic).

George’s most recent bestselling book ghostwriter projects? They include the fictionalization of the story of an antiterrorism detective. The fictionalization of the life of a drug-ruined boxing champion. A book critical of the pharmaceutical industry. The fictionalization of the story of a teenage girl waiting for an organ transplant. A novel about international banking and money laundering. And a novel about a teenage boy’s relationships. With an anti-war hippie girl and his military experience in Vietnam.

One of Mississippi’s finest, sweetest ghostwriters and authors

George grew up in the Deep South, also living in New York City and Rome. He has spent time in London. Amsterdam, Florence. Venice, Athens, Crete, Spetsei and Cairo. And Istanbul, Casablanca, Marrakech. Essouera. Barcelona, Madrid, Granada, Grand Cayman, St. Croix and Viecas. He has traveled widely by freighter. His first trip across the Atlantic on the Yugoslav freighter Hrvatska took him to Tangiers. And then across Europe. Some of these experiences are recounted in the many articles he has sold to magazines.

What does a bestselling book ghostwriter read? George’s preferences range from Faulkner to LeCarre. Including from Yeats to Lewis Carroll. He’ll always be a bestseller, no matter his increasing age. It just means he’s more wise, wordly and experienced. And cute – snow on the roof, fire in the kitchen you know. Hire him through us! – remember, only use one “w”

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