Book Editor Samples

book editor samples

Hire a Book Coach or Editor, Book Doctor, or Book Editing Services

Ghost Writer, Inc. has some of the best professional manuscript editors online – bar none. And we can release more book editor samples through our ghosts. Upon your individual request!

Edit a Book Manuscript: Developmental Editing

However, most of our work is signed anonymously. Through NDAs. Full credit is given to our author clients. If that’s what you want. We will also do otherwise. But not in lieu of sizable upfront payments.

We sign all copyrights over for your and the ghost’s original material. That’s why we’re ghosts. Book editors, book coaches and book doctors do this too. We have all such levels of service available.

GWI does full book manuscript ghostwriting services. And also professional book editing. Including grammar, color, style, content and developmental editing. Hire a book, screenplay, script, music or lyrics editor. Or any other type of editing services. Through the auspices of Ghost Writer, Inc. We have a professional editor to suit any genre you can name.

Use our expert professional ghostwriting, editing, marketing and publishing services. GWI offers you high- to low-cost professional book editors. You will find friendly, inexpensive editing services here. We also have student writers for less. And affordable ghosts who are midrange. But we also offer bestselling book ghostwriters. Bestseller manuscript editors, and only the finest related workers. Including manuscript editors and formatters, marketers and rewriters. You can’t get better editing services anywhere else on the Internet.

Ghost Writer, Inc. charges according to the levels of service we provide. Don’t expect professional editing work for cheap rates, prices and fees! You will not get what you pay for. Hire an editor by signing our GWI Book Editing Contract. Or your referred GWI ghost’s own private agreement. Then make your payment in several installments. You won’t need to sell your house or car! Just have enough set aside in your budget. Then you will achieve a polished, salable project.

A great, professional editing job may take one month to a year. At any rate, you end up with a formal, completed manuscript. One ready to be presented to the best literary agents and commercial book publishers. Any literary agent worth his or her salt will not consider a poorly edited, amateur quality manuscript.

You’re hiring a professional ghostwriter who’s also an editor. So you will need to pay accordingly. It costs around $500 to $5,000 USD to complete a marketable editing project. Depending on its size and the amount of work. Prepare your total budget for these costs. What are you willing to pay a professional book editor? Also, there are lower cost methods such as book coaching and book doctoring. Not to mention rewriting and other such methods. These are all designed to assist you with the costs of hiring a professional editor.

What are the differences – can’t figure it all out?

A book coach will assist you through the process of you writing your own manuscript. A book doctor will go over your work and edit or rewrite it into better shape. The overall idea is to make suggestions for you to consider. You go through the work in progress, signing off on the changes as they’re made. Also, consider simple grammar, spelling and syntax editing. It might cost only $500 to $750 USD for 100-200 pages.

This is commonly called line editing. Student ghosts often start out at this level. No real rewriting. The line editor goes over your work in a manner similar to proofreading. While actual editing is involved. But whipping your manuscript into professionally written shape is a whole other story. Illuminate your book with us! We have developmental and content editors for heavier editing jobs. Longer, thicker books. Your ghost will supply book editor samples from other projects. Ones not signed with strict NDAs, of course.