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Book Ghostwriter Service

book ghostwriter service

What is a Book Ghostwriter Service?

Ghost Writer, Inc. is a book ghostwriter service freelance agency.

We serve book authors, and work on manuscripts, scripts, screenplays, music and lyrics (especially rap and hip hop), and all forms of business documents such as academic docs, legal docs, medical docs and general business docs. And we perform all of our ghostwriting services at highly affordable rates.

By Karen S. Cole – book ghostwriter service agent and representative since January of 2003

You can hire freelance writing and editing services here, plus copy writing for anything whatsoever. Our book ghostwriter service agency is among the best in the world, I think! Anyway, at our Book Ghostwriter Service…we will always have your ghost or editor ready, whenever you are.

We also offer you marketers, promotions, sales and publication assistance service. Among many other related services, including illustrations, digital photos, book covers front and back, etc. Finally, we do screenplay, script, music and lyrics work – and movie soundtracks!

Book Ghostwriter Service…what exactly are these services?

When you need to write a book, you might find yourself facing some dilemmas. Both moral and immoral. Well, think amoral. That means nobody needs to sit in an awesome Seat of Judgement. And then decide that because you’re hiring an expert, something’s wrong with that.

So we run Ghost Writer, Inc. just so you can relax, have a good time, kick back and work with us on creating just the right book for you. A good book ghostwriter service should offer personalized services, not cookie cutter or “what’s your problem?” type of services.

Writers who work professionally are special people. They know how to concentrate on what they are doing, and it can be a hard, demanding job at times. Some projects you just said through, because the client is great about supplying notes, giving you a fair deadline.

Possibly, they may even be fully cooperative with your needs, and somewhat forgiving of minor errors and slight delays. Some clients, however, complain incessantly about the project, create major delays themselves, and otherwise can become “Our Cat from Hell,” so to speak. You want to pick them up by the scruff of the neck and boot them out of your house.

A book ghostwriter service must handle things wisely and well. And hang up, sometimes.

Clients like this do things like lead you on into believing you will be signing a sold contract with them and the day before you are ready to sign, they suddenly…“found someone else. I got this lady who lives up the street to edit my book, free of charge, yadayadaya…” And then you listen to them go on about it for twenty minutes on the phone. As they string you along, saying things like, “In the future, if that lady doesn’t work out…”

I’ve hung up on the middle of such phone conversations. Giving you book ghostwriter service shouldn’t be painful. This is a relationship we create and foster with each other. So sometimes you get a broken heart. And fulfilled climaxes, LOL! I am the mother of one grown-up girl, just barely, and she is smarter than me. I don’t like it when people are smartasses. But I do love it when those smarter than me can properly advise me.

What’s an honest, affordable book ghostwriter service to do, sheesh!

Indeed, there are worthwhile client contacts and worthless client contacts. And of course, as you’ve probably guessed by now, there are the ones in between. This group tends to have potential. But they may be either excessively demanding.

Although you may finish the project for less than it’s worth for all your hard work. Or they become suspicious of you for some reason because there’s a “Head Butt.” You won’t do things their way, and they won’t do things your way. The latter is usually the best professional ghostwriting advice you can give, in most cases.

So it comes down to being as polite as you can, all of the time, to a sea of good, even great honest paying clients. They may pay in advance or through “on spec” when they have money available to pay you through the book publisher, for example.

And also you have to be professional, polite, and normal to the sea of misfit losers who play games with you, stringing you along for months at a time. While breathing into the phone: “I found somebody who worked for a year at Marvel Comics, and they are so much better than you (although I have contacts over at Marvel myself) so wonderful we don’t need you anymore.”

Then that type of client keeps calling you to pick on you for no reason. Those so-called clients gang up you, often by enlisting one of your ghost writers (whom I’ve subsequently had to fire and let go from our company) and seldom hangs up on you, pestering you with middle of the night phone calls, to the point where you want to scream…period.

Ouch! Well, what can you do as a book ghostwriter service about “bad” clients?

What’s my problem with this? I say “bye bye” to clients like that, and hope for the good ones instead. Ghost Writer, Inc. aims to please everyone involved, each time! I offer book ghostwriter service, but not slave labor. We work on an honor system, where the writers and others I send work out to pay me a small percentage for my job offer referrals.

I take the rest of the work on myself, if it isn’t another case of it falling through. I’m very careful how I select my clients, but sometimes you get cheap shot surprises. I’ve had few complaints, though (through the BBB, only two) over the years about our ghostwriter services.

Shafting your friendly, professional ethical book ghostwriter is neither good, wise on your part, nor is it ever productive.

Some of these people are heartbreak cases. They have horrible stories of serving common decency on their parts, while suffering nothing but rank physical and psychological abuse by others. Somehow they made it through, and they want to take the time to write a book about the awful experiences they need to share with others.

But too often, 90% of this crowd doesn’t have any real money to pay either a book ghost writer or an editor – which comes much cheaper if you have a manuscript already written out.

Gasp, some of them want to pay you the Vast Sum of One Hundred Dollars to ghostwrite an entire 300-page long, 75,000+ words book manuscript! Regardless, a book ghostwriting service has to be run by, as, and for only professional book ghostwriters. There is no room in working for peanuts with this profession. Sometimes, you may be able to negotiate an “on spec” or percentage payments job.

This always has to be for a book with nearly guaranteed sales power. Half the book advance, which for celebrity books generally run $50-50,000 for just the book advance, goes to the ghostwriter. But while lots of clients delightedly breathe at us that they have “the absolute next international bestseller” most of these people don’t have an original or selling book idea, let alone a marketable book.

Meanwhile, proffering a mere hundred dollars to ghostwrite a whole 300+ pages long book manuscript, which is often difficult? We are talking 75-85,000 total words here. This is simple human ignorance.

A completely professional, potentially camera ready book manuscript can take anywhere from two months to two years to accomplish. Working solely from someone else’s notes, their ideas or tape transcripts, which take a while to arrange, or even from personal interviews alone (which may involve travel costs) – it’s scary how much costs for the book ghost writer can add up.

How much does it really cost to hire a book ghostwriter service?

So you need to be prepared. Have something real in the nature of a few thousand dollars at least if you want to have a book ghost writer work for you! One who will stay at your back, and keep you heading in the direction you really want to go in. Namely, getting your book written and polished by an expert, and traditionally or self published.

Have something set aside and ready to spend, in the five to tens of thousands of dollar range. That is, if you’re willing to hire a seasoned, professional, experienced freelance writer and book ghost writer. One who may have several NYT bestselling book and ghostwriter credits under his or her belt.

Once again, I must remind you that we are a paid professional book ghostwriter service. We don’t cut corners. We go all the way for you, as far as possible.

Our pricing may be as low as $1,000-2,000 USD to edit an existing short ebook manuscript. One which only requires “tweaking,” grammar and spelling corrections, and is under 100 pages long. Also, we can assist with grammar and syntax editing and color editing for style, plus redundancy and fact checking. Really, for $500 you will get decent basic editing, but it will not be flawless, especially if it’s a “rush” job.

Also, we can work on any size of book or manuscript, for any length as needed. We do longer books such as 500+ pages; but be prepared to spend a good deal of time, effort and money, your own resources, working with us to get the book completed in a suitable time frame and the manner of your best choosing.

Ghost Writer, Inc. advertises as Affordable Professional Ghostwriting Services, and we do whatever we can to live up to the premise that ghostwriting is for everyone.

Offering book ghostwriter service – it’s a flexible job, with flexible pricing. But an excellent, experienced, affordable ghostwriter doesn’t work for peanuts. And we have been disappointed when a book author client offers “on spec” payment (payment in the future, when the book starts to actually sell).

This is when either the book publisher or the author client (or both, and other related parties may figure in, too) refuses to honor our “on spec” Ghost Writer, Inc. Contract and thus refuse, renege on the contract, or otherwise dispute about paying our ghostwriter.

Remember, we are a book ghostwriter service. We exist solely to perform honest ghostwriting work for reasonable ghost writing pay, no matter how it’s spelled. Whether you hire a book ghost writer to edit or create / craft a seamless, sophisticated work of prose, or a business book designed to launch you into the global business community.

GHOST WRITER, INC. (c) 2023 – Book Ghostwriter Service 2023 and 2024

By Karen

Ghost Writer, Inc. is a full services book ghostwriting agency.