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A brief list of questions to ask your Book Ghostwriter

By Karen S. Cole – Bestseller and Affordable Book Ghostwriter

The author above is Ghost Writer, Inc.’s own Daniel Simone. Co-Author of two bestselling Mafia books. And counting!

Why should I hire a professional book ghostwriter?

BOOOOOOK GHOSTWRITER – nah, it’s not Hallowe’en. You’re surely looking for a BOOK GHOSTWRITER! End your search right here. Because we offer you professional editors and writers for some of the lowest prices in the ghost writing industry. And we deliver an economical product to you. One which will help sell your business, put across your feelings in your own voice, or otherwise assist you in creating professional ghostwriting for your private purposes. We don’t tell anyone anything you don’t need or want them to know! You are hiring a true book GHOST writer.

A book ghostwriter, music, lyrics or a screenplay ghost writer can help you immeasurably. Our company, Ghost Writer, Inc. specializes in those fields. We offer you other book ghostwriter professional services as needed. Nearly everything but ghostwrite academic papers. GWI can edit, rewrite and proofread those for you. We will ghostwrite for almost any purpose, as long as you’re willing to pay us decently in upfront installments. This is during the course of completion of your book ghostwriter project. And we will market, promote and get you commercially published.

Book ghostwriter – what are you and your company about?

I am a professional, experienced book ghostwriter. I run a company chock full of spooky, bestselling ghostwriters. All our ghosts and editors tend to be republished, and our screenplay ghosts have optioned and produced scripts and screenplays. You may hire a book ghostwriter at GWI with million-copy bestseller status. You can find a book ghostwriter here who has produced films and TV shows as well.

We have a wide variety of genre specialist ghostwriters from which you can choose. Just be sure to have enough money budgeted toward your project. We will tailor our work to fit your budget commensurately. And we usually don’t do “on spec” work. GWI creates a fully formatted, professional book manuscript. Then we help you when you need to find a book publisher, through our publishing assistance services.

What exactly is a book ghostwriter?

Well, we ghostwriters of books and screenplays are online professional freelance writers who create and edit scripts, screenplays, documents, manuscripts and books for our author clients. We do this under federal and state work for hire laws which allow people to hire professional ghost writers in order to complete their writing projects. There is nothing illegal or “wrong” about ghost writing. Every day, author clients all over the world hire ghost writers who do nothing but help them. It’s a common, daily practice nowadays. So carefully consider whether or not you hire a professional book ghostwriter. You can also hire a book editor, to keep costs down.

This is because you will be paying for our hard work, of course! At Ghost Writer, Inc. we charge in advance on 95% of our projects. We seldom take “on spec” work. Unless it is totally clear that a book will be published commercially and be lucrative for its author client. Other than that, we charge in multiple installment payments during the course of completion of your book ghostwriter or screenplay project. Budget for your project month-to-month, and sign a solid contract with your script or book ghostwriter. GWI lately also offers you music, lyrics and soundtrack services as well.

So if you have a decent amount of money budgeted, and you’re willing to work with a ghostwriting professional in order to assist you in completing your work, hire a ghostwriter through Ghost Writer, Inc. We will work closely with you to get your writing accomplished. We have enough ghosts that we will always be able to find you an available writer. And if your first book ghostwriter doesn’t work out for some reason, we have others who will be sure to help you achieve your goals.

Who are you, and what do book ghostwriters do exactly?

Well, a ghost writer does “work for hire” on books, screenplays and other works where the client desires the anonymity of the actual writer – or in some cases the editor – of a written work. Ghost writers are on hire as freelance professionals, so you can hire a ghostwriter to do almost any type of written work imaginable. A book ghost, even in these days of rap music ghosts, is still one of the most common types. Possibly with the exception of ghost bloggers. Also, the most accepted type of ghostwriter. Possibly with the exception of political speechwriters – those are highly frequent.

You can find and hire a book ghostwriter here for any type of genre, including memoirs, business work, self-help, fiction based on fact, fiction or nonfiction projects. We do it all, from Christian children’s writing to erotica, and hardcore professional academic writing and editing. I personally prefer to work on flat out fiction, but we have ghost writers who specialize in every specific type of writing genre, and several editors and marketers to assist you with your important work. Every day we get new leads which I match with members of our team who can handle your specific type of idea, be it script, manuscript or song. Or, a shorter writing project.

I have been freelance writing since before 1980, and we have equally experienced book ghostwriters and less experienced student writers who can help you swiftly finish your project in a few months’ worth of time. Just email me or fill out one of our contact forms – we are your professional ghost writers, editors and marketers.

What do you think about book ghostwriting in general?

Is it something you would care to pursue? This should be a carefully thought out decision on your part as our client, because hiring a book ghostwriter is an appreciable expense. Ghostwriters do not come cheap, at least not the good, professional ones who deliver their work in a timely and responsible manner. You must hire a book ghostwriter who will work for you under your decision making process, needing ample time and resources to complete the work involved in your project.

Also, you must be aware that ghostwriters are people with lives of their own, and they need enough of a payment structure to assure that they are being paid commensurate to their talents and abilities. You will also need to dedicate some time and resources to your project. Understand that you hire a book ghostwriter as a “work for hire” project, and that it is a totally legal and aboveboard process.

However, realize that no matter how you want the job to be performed, copyrights on published materials are important – plagiarism is not allowed. And know that your book ghostwriter can write in your own personal “voice” if needed, so that the work can be seen as yours primarily and not as that of your ghost writer instead.

Is it always appropriate to hire a book ghostwriter?

You may hear “scare stories” – appropriate for Halloween – about how ghostwriters are being used for plagiarization or something. For student term papers, famous author’s books and every word a modern politician says. In reality, ghosts are strategically useful for author clients who are pressed for time. They also don’t have the professional writing skills needed to create their own work. That is, in a manner suitable for the heavy demands of literary agents, publishing, optioning, etc.

Any book ghostwriter worth her or his salt will supply samples and references that delineate the needed experience and credentials. But it is entirely up to you, deciding if you want to hire a book ghostwriter. I myself have a backlog, hundreds of professional ghostwriting samples. Sometimes it can be difficult to give you references due to the nature of the work. But in general it’s not hard to provide you with solid, published samples and examples of our work.

Also, book ghostwriters and screenplay ghosts can send you to Amazon, IMDB or other sites on the Internet showcasing their works and careers. And music ghostwriters can often give you video links on YouTube or other samples of their work too. You can question the legitimacy of ghostwriting, but it’s normal, not an anomaly. The debate rages back and forth, while ghosts work for their clients every day.

Are book ghostwriting services a good idea?

The days are pretty much over when authors submitted their books to publishing houses, where they rejected them outright. This was if their books were poorly written and edited. Nowadays, publishers hire book ghostwriters to fine-tune submitted books that have useful and saleable information in them. So a ghostwriter of books often saves a marketable manuscript from the infamous “slush pile.” This is to the benefit of the reading public, the book author client and the publishing house.

To be a book ghostwriter is also a continuously changing profession. Ebooks are now the cornerstone of the book market. Even experienced book authors need book and screenplay ghostwriters to polish their works on a continuous basis. This is done by all the major commercial book publishers and screenplay agents or film producers. Due to the growing high demand for ghosts, it can be hard nowadays to pin down a ghostwriter or editor for any project. You may have to get in line!

The supply of book ghostwriters is barely keeping up with requests for their professional ghostwriting services. In the old days, you’d only hire a ghostwriter to edit speeches, take over from a famous or dead book author, or for books by celebrities who knew nothing about writing. But now people from all walks of life hire ghosts to create and edit their books, music, blogs, small projects such as whitepapers, stage play scripts and screenplays. You name it; we ghostwrite it! So the skies are the limit for using a professional ghostwriter to prepare your book project. Or almost any other style, genre or spoooooooky type of writing, too!

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    By Karen S. Cole

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