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My friends,

I have been successful many times over throughout my lifetime…

You see, I created and ran the largest youth ministry in the United States, and I won three Emmy Awards for television. I founded a national arts ministry, I trained the entire high school staff of Campus Crusade for Christ on how to present the gospel in public school classrooms, I have published over 50 books and I have spoken to more teenagers, 7 million, than anyone in American history, save for Dr. Billy Graham. If you will, I am one heck of a Christian ghostwriter.

My source of creativity and power?

The Holy Spirit of God: being a Christian ghostwriter!

Without His insights, perseverance, guidance, ideas, methods, strategies, content and patience I would be a nothing burger in life.

I am not being humble here. I am being honest.

My newest career, GHOSTWRITING, came about three years ago. It was going nowhere for a while with an author here and an author there as I learned my craft under the Spirit of God who began to open up doors and expand my expertise.

Last night, I totaled up my book deals for the first TWO MONTHS of 2018. I was shocked by the numbers.


And, February is still young…

You can make money as a ghostwriter. You can also make money as a Christian book ghostwriter!

In automobiles there are six cylinders and eight cylinders. If the Holy Spirit was a car it would be a 1,000 cylinder powerhouse.

No wonder Jesus blew everyone’s mind when he walked the earth in the power of the Holy Spirit!

As a man, he did nothing. He had emptied out his deity, remember? But, filled with the Holy Spirit he had the most remarkable life of anyone in history.

I am no different than any of you, no more talented or intelligent. In fact, I have more flaws than all of you combined.

I am not exaggerating here.

The only area I didn’t give the Spirit control over were my marriages and relationships with women and look what happened there. Even as a Christian ghostwriter, I had no real control over my own life.

What is a good, God-fearing Christian ghostwriter supposed to think?

One unmitigated disaster after another. In my own power and selfishness I continually hit rock bottom.

But, when I fall to my knees and call out to the Spirit of God, the most important Person of the Trinity when it comes to our individual life, I am a vessel that is prepared for greatness.

Or, as one of my mentors, the late great Jim Craddock loved to say, “I am a Candidate for a Miracle.”

The facts of my achievements speak for themselves. All of my accomplishments are there to see.

Now, I am a successful Christian ghostwriter with very little previous experience before 2015. Being a motivational speaker is hard. Being a good writer is even more difficult.

But, being filled with the Holy Spirit is an act of the will and it gives you and me the power to trump any endeavor.

Is the Church full of the Holy Spirit enough for a Christian ghostwriter like me?

The church and most Christians love talking about the power of Almighty God and Christ’s death on the cross, and rightfully so. We Christian ghostwriter types also.

But, too few people discuss or depend on the Holy Spirit and it is the greatest mistake of their lives.

I know. I have lived it.

My life was going NOWHERE until I met Him personally.

And, my life was buried in sin twenty years ago when I went back to Him and followed His lead.

With Him, I am everything. Without Him, I am lost.

Believe it. I am a Christian ghostwriter and this is my humble story.

—Patrick Hurley.

Pat also pens great murder mysteries, and has won Emmys for his TV scripts. And we have several other available Christian book editors and ghostwriters, both male and female, ready to serve your needs.

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