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Book and Other Ghost Writer Services

By an experienced Book Ghost Writer running an online freelance ghost writer service. Not for peanuts – only for affordable rates. An American ghostwriting services agency. Based in the USA.


Ghost Writer, Inc. offers our clients a great deal of services. You sign for each separately, and only pay for what you need. Book promotions and marketing. A la carte, and in detailed packages with listed pricing. Also book sales websites, book covers and original artwork. Illustrations, interiors, formatting and script optioning services. Music, lyrics and soundtracks by produced, experienced artists. Basically whatever you need. We’ll do our best to provide for you affordably. Ghost Writer, Inc. has your ghost writer services here!

Our group uses the best ghostwriter services. Experienced nonfiction book proposal and fiction package document writers. Great affordable query letters and submissions. GWI puts your work in front of serious American and UK | British literary agents. And similar traditional book publishers. Using our trade book and industry short lists. Through ghost writer service partners and members. By working with newer, indie, self and major publishing houses. And film | TV producers in Los Angeles. New York, London, all over the world.


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Our ideal is to get you decently and lucratively published. Potentially script optioned and/or produced. You will need to spend upfront in order to procure these services, though. Bear that in mind when it comes to our ghost writer services. We don’t do things “on spec” or for free. Not when it comes to creating proper book proposals. Or pitch and presentation services for TV shows, etc. We rarely do percentage work nowadays. Only for affirmed and soundly proven celebrities and events. Also for charitable concerns, but again only rarely. We tend to work for upfront payments solely.

However, we’ll match your work with high-level literary genres of agents and publishers. If that is needed – self publishing is a lot better and easier nowadays. So consider that. But we have access to traditional publishing services. Standard ones based in the UK. And American ones that are just as good. Our ghost writer services have over a 90% success rate with the right kinds of projects! GWI refers you only to the industry professionals you will need. We work with self, boutique, independent and commercial book publishers of all stripes. GWI has introduced your ghostwritten books into The Library of Congress. One was about Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

Ghost Writer, Inc. commits to the best ghost writer services for publishing. Self, indie, boutique or traditional.

Also, we strive to never work with cheap publishers. Not those who charge authors an arm and a leg. Or who use their own ghosts, marketers and editors. Solely in order to sell you in-house publishing. GWI’s ghost writer services strive always to avoid such routes. We tend to help you publish with better self publishers. And the best commercial or traditional indie publishers. GWI often recommends self publishing – it’s faster, better and less expensive.

But we’ve helped you traditionally and discretely publish your books. Penguin Random House, Simon & Schuster, HarperCollins, Hachette Book Group and Unicorn Press are a few examples. For self publishers, Arbor Books, Smashwords and Amazon’s CreateSpace. Plus many famous, A-listed others online, publishers of both ebooks and printed novels.

GWI will guide you through the entire process as needed.

We can get you published in softback or hardcover. Ebooks or print books. Or even on audio books. On the other hand, we do NOT make you any phony promises we cannot keep! GWI has ghosts with produced films, TV shows, series books…it’s an endless list. Sometimes we can’t mention what we did. Strict NDAs (non disclosure agreements) are involved, often.

No matter what, though, we will help get you sold somehow (whenever needed): on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Smashwords, Daedalus Books, – and dozens of other major Internet retailers. Even if desktop or self-publishing is absolutely required…we will find your book an honest HOME! Whether it’s a beloved relative’s life story or memoirs, a superlative fiction novel or a nonfiction business-oriented self help book, screenplay, or even a film’s rewritten music score for a soundtrack – we will go that extra mile for you, always!

What are ghost writer services?

Hi, I’m Karen S. Cole. I am a live human being, usually here to assist you. There are about a zillion ways to contact us at Ghost Writer, Inc. Through our main Contact page, my business phone or email. Those are usually good ways. I’m here most weekdays from 9 am to 5 pm. Can be reached on weekends, just leave a detailed message.

It varies depending on how you access me. Whether it’s through a notebook computer. Or a cell phone. When you call or text my cell, I may direct you over to our main office phone. Or text you our main email address. You can also tweet to me @karencole37 or through Facebook (Karen S. Cole, book ghost writer). Or through LinkedIn, Karen S. Cole of Ghost Writer, Inc.

What is my background when it comes to ghost writer services?

I’ve been a book ghost writer since before 2003. A freelance ghost writer since then. Started freelance writing in general before 1980. So I have over three decades of experience. On and off over the years. Honest, forthright, truthful when it comes to values. Heading a team of 200+ book ghost writers and editors. Marketers, publishing assistants and agents, etc. As a ghost writer services agency, I run a tight ship. Ghost Writer, Inc. is an accredited, licensed and incorporated ghostwriting services agency. Based in the United States, we are A+ and accredited with the Better Business Bureau. The only ghost writer services agency in North America to be so.

How do I arrange Ghost Writer Services?

You simply use one of my methods. I provide you full ghost writer services. If I’m too busy, you can hire one of our other professional freelance ghosts. Possibly, also some of the other workers on our team. We usually sign a binding Contract for whatever we provide you. You may be wondering what this means. What are the details of the steps you and I may be taking together? Really, it’s all quite simple.

Write, call, or message GWI. I will get back to you ASAP. Within one or two business days. (425) 205-9707 is my business cell. Email (only one “w” in rainbowriting). You can also contact me through Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn. Or through my pages and links on this website. Our main Ghost Writer, Inc. Twitter handle is @karencole37 – we also run @karencole61 @karenscole71 and @GhostWriterInc1. And you can input Karen S. Cole into search bars. Such as those within Facebook, LinkedIn or Ezine Articles. Or even on Google Maps, you will find us there under GHOST WRITER INC in Snohomish. You can find our services nearly anywhere online, just google them or otherwise. My Skype handle is karencole37it’s easy as pie to find me!

Book Ghost Writer Services

What do you do exactly as book ghostwriter services?

For a book ghostwriter services agency, we wear dozens of hats! We do book manuscript ghost writing and editing. Also, screenplay, script, music, lyrics, soundtrack and other forms of ghost writing. But what are book ghost writer services, you may ask? Well, our key function is books. We tend to get lots of clients who need some form of assistance with their book manuscripts. Ghost Writer, Inc. is affordable book ghost writer services. This means we charge you according to your budget, and no further – we do not gouge you out or make you pay more.

All of our workers represent decades of accumulated experience in the fields of writing, art and marketing. I have dozens of other people on our team who do marketing for books and screenplays. We don’t yet do marketing for music services, but we may someday. Meanwhile, I have operated a book ghost writer services company that handles nearly everything. We also do small jobs such as 35-50 page ebooks, statements of purpose, white papers, editing student projects (no writing them, that is considered unethical) or anything else you might happen to need.

What does your book ghost writer services handle?

Ghost Writer, Inc. does fiction and nonfiction. Our writers and editors are specialists. Each one of them has certain proclivities and talents. Some of them specialize in book ghost writing, some of them do editing mostly. I have book editors, book doctors, book coaches, etc. So we can outfit your every need when it comes to writing, creating, crafting or otherwise working on your book manuscript. Ghost Writer, Inc. runs the gamut from professional book ghost writing service to simply proofreading your finished manuscript. Not all book ghost writer services give you this Full Monty!

Some companies that think they handle full and complete ghost writer services don’t. They overcharge, then hand you a manuscript that still requires editing. Not on my watch! I have, several times, ensured that a manuscript ghostwritten by other people was completed. So I know the score when it comes to giving you amazing book ghost writer services. I will always make sure you receive a completed written, edited and proofread fully formatted manuscript, every time!

I also stay on top of my script, screenplay, music, lyrics, soundtrack and marketing personnel. My attention to detail is rated A+ by the Better Business Bureau. You won’t find better book ghost writer services anywhere. Ghost Writer, Inc. is the best at what we do, pun intended. You get the credit, and it’s as if you did all the work yourself, once we’ve finished the job.

Hire our Ghost Writer Services!

Why should you hire our ghost writer services? I’ve been in this industry for decades. I know exactly what it’s like being a first time book author. You have to promote yourself nowadays, or hire somebody else to do it for you. Well, here at Ghost Writer, Inc. we can serve all your needs. We have a variety of book, screenplay and other promotional plans to get your work across to the general public.

Ghost writer services can run you deeply into debt. It’s a lot of money to spend. But GWI only offers affordable ghost writer services. We strive to work within your budget, every time. If you require the normal range of book ghost writing resources, you’re talking in the tens of thousands of dollars. That is fine. But if you only have $3,000 to $5,000 USD to spend, what can you do?

You can hire our ghost writer services to edit your partially or fully completed book manuscript into shape. We offer you all types of editing. Spelling, grammar and syntax editing. Color, style and redundancy editing. Fact checking, thoroughly and with few errors – unimportant ones. With your help, we will catch all errors, by constantly contacting each other. By maintaining consistency throughout your project. And we offer “heavy metal” content and developmental editing, too. When you need a thorough rewrite, new characters, plot twists, whatever.

What all does Ghost Writer, Inc. have to offer me?

Book ghost writer services, including book editor, book doctor and book coach services. This is what we offer you, what we specialize in at Ghost Writer, Inc. You won’t find higher quality ghostwriter services or ghost writer service anywhere else. At rates that will always fit a reasonable budget. Ghost Writer, Inc. charges you during course of completion of your project. You won’t have to worry about paying us anything “on spec” or wiping out your percentage payments. Our pricing is negotiable. But we won’t let anyone use us to their advantage; you shouldn’t, either!

When you hire our ghost writer services, you’ll be getting an experienced, discreet professional ghostwriter and book author. We offer you student writers, mid-range ghosts and editors, each at lower cost. But we have multiply published professional book ghostwriters who ordinarily command high figures. These are Amazon bestselling ghostwriters, and New York Times or NYT bestselling ghost writers as well. But GWI will arrange jobs through them that come at lower pricing, through our affordable agency.

It all depends on how serious you are, how much time and effort we exert together, and how wonderfully created your material becomes. The better your ideas, the more likely your finished pieces will sell!

What does a book ghost writer charge?

The best book ghost writer gives you more value for your money. I strive to fulfill all of your stated, observed, and implied needs, whether it involves a lower budget, mid-range services, or a high end budget. With the ghost writer services here at Ghost Writer, Inc. it is always a matter of you get what you pay for. So please, do not try paying us less than we are worth. I will get you an individual, specialized deal on a great, bestselling book ghost writer. GWI will provide you with fantastic ghost writer services. But we cannot work for peanuts, any more than we’ll ever “gouge you out” for more money than we’re worth.

Our top ghostwriters, the name ones (except for me) charge upward of $50,000 USD to ghostwrite. These are top quality, best celebrity ghosts. I used to be one, but got tired of playing the game with overly strict publishers and agents. So I now only work for newbie or previously published clients with great ideas. I help them put their universe into a book each time. Enjoy handling author clients who need me the most.

So I tend to charge only $10,000 to $25,000 USD, depending on the amount of ghost writer services needed by the client. This depends on the nature of the book. I assist you according to how much overall hard work is involved. And we help you when you don’t have the talent, skills or absolute dedication to become an author entirely by yourself.

Book Ghost Writer – I learn as I grow!

The primary reason for my becoming a book ghost writer is simple. There is money to be made, vast career potential, and the capacity to teach others how to become a book ghost writer. It’s a job that assists the American economy. But furthermore, I’ve gotten to read and write the wonderful stories of other people.

The clients who come to Ghost Writer, Inc. are a cavalcade of wonders. They have brought me books, screenplays, music and other projects that a book ghost writer like me finds to be highly individual. There is always something new to learn, for each book ghost writing project is something new to me. My ghost writer services accommodate all needs, but as they vary individually, it’s a new situation each time I’m a book ghost writer.

I am fascinated every day by the oncoming turns and twists of events. As for the book ghost writing projects themselves, they have run a wide gamut. Therefore, I “edited” the first book that told the full story behind Dr. King’s assassination investigation. Another book, I helped “polish” the writings of a Yiddish-speaking Polish Jew. As Simon Says, he lived through ten different concentration camps. During the Holocaust. Also, I edited a book for Russian schoolchildren needing an enrichment program. And so they could outperform previous generations. Offering book ghost writer services has led me to understanding more about the world around me!

What all have you done? And what has your Ghost Writer Services done? For author clients like me?

I ghosted, edited and rewrote a book about the Science of Yoga. Stripping the materials I used completely of their copyrights. By performing heavy substantial rewriting. Learned so much about yoga that I apply some of those techniques today! Running a book ghost writer services company has brought me tons of info. GWI and I have co-worked on 50-350 such books myself. Especially, I’ve been a ghostwriter, copy editor, proofreader, manuscript formatter and professional book agent.

We have recommended books to be published everywhere. And I’ve made arrangements in the background. For other writers and editors on our team. But the thing I enjoy the most about being a book ghost writer isn’t the money. A secondary reason for my profession? How much fun, learning and growth comes from being a book ghostwriter. Running my own ghost writer services! What I’ve achieved exceeds my financial needs. I’m a happy camper. And I’m planning on serving your affordable needs for years.

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