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The Ghost Writing Process

What are the steps in the ghost writing process? 

In short, a good professional book ghost writer helps you throughout your entire book ghost writing process, straight through to commercial publication. How? Practically by holding your hand each step of the way. In a way, it’s a simple job, with your ghost writer only editing or rewriting your notes. But it can also involve you sending the ghost writer just the basic outlines of your ideas.

Creating a book outline and a timeline, which delineates events chronologically for the book ghost writer, book editor or book coach is the business of the book author client. The more work a client does, the less work the book ghost writer or editor will need to do. It’s a matter of getting what you pay for each time. And so, you will want to deeply consider this salient fact. Do you really want or need to hire a professional book ghostwriter?

It’s far cheaper to hire someone to edit an already existing book manuscript. Or a book coach, who will talk you through writing your own book manuscript. Cheaper than for you to hire an official ghost, who has to come up with everything from “scratch” depending on what you hand them. In other words, we will work on your manuscript closely and thoroughly with you. However, the more work we do, the more we need to charge for our professional labors.

The ghost writing process involves time, financial and other commitments from you.

A lot of potential clients seem to think that book ghost writers work for free. In other words, that they are like literary agents, and only take a percentage from book sales. This is far from the case. Book ghost writers typically work with advance payments, made over the course of completion of the manuscript, not for “on spec” wages.

It’s tricky splitting up the pie of the book’s net profits in too many ways. So the literary agent and the book’s commercial publisher will work with you “on spec” or for percentage payments. But the professional book ghost writer or ghostwriter does not, 99% of the time. He or she ghostwrites for upfront payments alone.

That is the rule in this industry. Other than that, we would be receiving most of your net profits, sooner or later, on down the line of people you hire to get your book in front of the public and sold. Whether this is in batches, single copies, through your place of employment, online or wherever.

How the Ghost Writing Process creates better Book Sales!

Due to charging you upfront, the book ghostwriter is more motivated than an “on spec” writer. When paid directly for the “work on hire”, on a per job basis, the ghostwriter doesn’t need to wait. Your ghost’s or book editor’s professional services are duly rendered. It’s often a whole other story with some of the marketing professionals. That’s why I have marketers on our team.

However, our best marketers work for upfront payments too, such as Bonnie H. She charges anywhere from $3,000 to $8,000 to prepare an eye-catching, professional query letter and thoroughly documented book proposal. For the clients she specifically chooses to work with, she has a 90% success rate at landing you a literary agent with contacts with Los Angeles and New York City book publishers, also worldwide book publishers such as Penguin Books.

As a book ghostwriter, my time is limited and in great demand. If you land me as your book ghostwriter, I charge you anywhere from $5,000 to $25,000 or higher, depending on the nature of your book. It also depends on how many pages and the total word length of the manuscript. A typical book project nowadays runs from 50 to 300 pages in length, so it’s anywhere from 12,500 to 75,000 words or more in length.

If you hire my own individual services, I will ensure that your ghost writing process leads you to a finished, polished, colorful, well-written professional book manuscript, ready to be presented to industry specific literary agents and publishers. Come to Ghost Writer, Inc. by emailing me here:

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