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Running ghost writing services has its advantages

A ghost writer may run a ghost writing service agency or ghost writing services.

What is a ghost writing service? Ghost writing services for authors, screenwriters and musicians. As well as for many other freelance writing jobs.

By Karen S. Cole – Ghost Writing Service Executive Director – GHOST WRITER, INC.

You don’t have to worry about writer’s block when it comes to ideas; your ideas are supplied by your ghost writing client. It allows you to hone your editing skills and your proofreading talents. Finally, you get immediate pay for your hard efforts and the satisfaction of publication in many cases as well. A ghostwriting service fits the bill for so many people. So there is immense job satisfaction, too.

At our company, we supply experienced professional ghost writers and also expert book, screenplay and music marketers and promoters. You may well see your work published, optioned or produced. It’s true that ghost writers usually don’t get to see their names in the credits. In the case of a book ghost writer, the ghost writer’s name may appear on the acknowledgements page, or you will see the name somewhere in the credits in the case of a screenplay or script ghost writing service project.

A book ghost writer isn’t expecting to have their name in the credits anyway. Usually neither is a screenplay ghost writer. But it’s always nice to get some kind of acknowledgement for the hard work you have done. If not, you still get paid, and that alone is enough for most ghost writers. It feels like they are being well compensated for their hard work and devotion to a significant ghost writing service job. Nobody likes to work for free; wouldn’t that be slavery or tantamount to it?

Nowadays, ghostwriting has undergone many changes.

It used to be that only politicians and famous celebrities would hire a ghost writer to either write a speech or biography book, and sometimes famous authors would hire a ghost writer to edit or rewrite their books. This is in a continuous series, so that they could retire from writing for a living and just collect residual pay instead. But nowadays, many different kinds of clients hire ghost writers to create or edit their written work for them, not just celebrities and the famous anymore. Ordinary people will hire a ghost writing service just to write the family memoirs, for example.

Due to the increased demand for any ghost writing service, freelance ghost writers can now be rather “choosy” about which ghost writing assignments they are willing to take on, sometimes also being “pricey” about their services as well. But here at Ghost Writer, Inc. we only charge commensurate to our experience as published ghost writers, and we also keep within your budgetary needs. We have only professional ghost writers, ones with published books, optioned works and produced screenplays.

So you can count on GWI to provide you with professional, potentially profitable ghost writing service for the money you spend. Normally, we only take upfront payments, payable in installments during the course of completion of your important ghost writing project. We will only consider “on spec” work for projects where you can show us that the work will be sure to be commercially published or optioned. And only in conjunction with a background, substantial upfront payment as well. GWI wants to offer you completely professional work at all times.

Why should I hire a professional ghost writing service?

Well, a lot of people simply don’t have the time, the inclination, or the professional writing expertise needed to either finish or even begin a writing project, such as a book or screenplay. So these people hire ghost writers in order to perform professional, well-crafted work on their writing. I run a ghost writing service that fills my author client’s need each time for professional, well-crafted work.

Sometimes published authors will hire a ghost writing service just to give their book project pizzazz, a “second set of eyes.” Or they will hire a really great ghost writer in order to polish their work to an absolute gleam of reading perfection. Then they send it to literary agents and publishers. The idea here is that agents and publishers need to review only professionally crafted manuscripts. So if you hire a ghost writing service, you are making a wise investment of your resources and probably your time in order to have a professional writer go over your work and provide guidance or at least thorough editing and proofreading of your precious document.

The agents and publishers need to see that the work is professionally formatted and edited in a lot of cases before they will okay a review. Sometimes they provide their own in-house editors for these services, but you never know if they will approve your unedited work. So it doesn’t hurt to hire a ghost writing service or book editor to go over your writing before sending it out for publication review, and if you hire the right ghost writer, it will be worth the additional cost.

What is it like, to hire a ghost writing service?

When you hire a ghost writer or book editor through Ghost Writer, Inc., you will be hiring a published, seasoned author. One with published experience in ghost writing, editing, rewriting, copy writing, proofreading, manuscript format work and other styles of freelance writing. We do offer you low cost student writers, but even those ghosts are published and can offer you great work samples. So you can trust GWI when it comes to providing you with an established book ghost writer or editor. Ghost Writer, Inc. is your friendly neighborhood professional ghost writing service!

Also, we have optioned and produced script and screenplay ghost writers. Several of them also ghostwrite books and manuscripts. You can get all your needed book and screenplay ghost writing services through GWI. We offer you book publishing support services and screenplay optioning services. Our ghost writing service provides you with book and script marketers and contacts with legitimate, top level literary agents. Also, with independent, boutique, self-publishing and industry worldwide commercial book publishers. We will get you published or optioned! And in the case of music, we have top lyricists, movie soundtrack personnel, people who can work a tune. We can even help your film get produced, under some circumstances.

Our affordable ghost writing service work is for upfront pay, made in several installments over the course of your project. We do certain projects “on spec” or for net pay from the publisher, just like legitimate literary agents. But this is under rare circumstances, when the book is by a celebrity or is about a highly celebrated newsworthy event. You’ll still be paying for our ghost writing service in a manner that’s satisfactory to you. This will also hold true for your ghost writer, editor, marketer or promotions specialist.

What are you looking for in a book ghostwriter?

What do you hope to accomplish when you hire our ghost writing service? Generally, clients hire a ghost writer due to a lack of time, inclination or professional writing capabilities. A ghost writer for hire can write or edit your work, making it sparkle with the special gleam only a professional freelance writer has, in order to give you a finished professional writing project or product. And you can hire an expert editor through us that can bring your finished work completely up to full professional capacity.

Book, music and screenplay writing are our main specialties. You can hire a book ghost writer to help you fill out and finish that manuscript you’ve been putting off for years, a script or screenplay ghost writer in order to get professional attention for your screenplay to film writing project, or a music, lyrics and film score ghost writer to create a few bars or a whole song for you. We can edit, rewrite or create documents such as script treatments in order to assist you. Come to Ghost Writer, Inc. for your entire book, music, screenplay or other freelance ghost writing service needs. I will handle small projects as they come in, when I can spare the time myself!

What is your life like, heading ghostwriting services?

Well, it isn’t easy. It can be quite rugged. I work whenever I want, and I watch TV soap operas five hours a day. Then I nap on the couch another five. While I sleep twelve hours, after reading the latest Stephen King novel with a flashlight under the covers…just kidding. Ghost writers are as hardworking as anyone else, and we love to write and edit more than anything. The one major “perk” about being a ghost writer is you can set your own hours. Thus my joking about lazing around, you see. I can work all night long and sleep all day, if I have to! I run my own business, my own book ghost writing service.

You also take your pay in advance, another “perk” when it comes to being a ghost writer. As to clients, our book or screenplay ghostwriter will work with you closely, and will always be a true professional. So be sure to pay your script or book writer commensurate to the writing experience. It’s best to establish a great working relationship with your ghost writing service from the get-go. This ensures the best possible job of work done on your writing or editing project. Also on your marketing, promotions, sales, illustrations, submittal services, or anything else.

And how do I handle your ghost writing service?

We offer you long-established freelance professional ghost writing service. First we were Rainbow Writing, Inc. in 2003, and we rebranded as Ghost Writer, Inc. in 2011. At any rate (pun intended), people have needs outside of helping you write your books and other projects. So be sure to keep the email and phone lines open, and be ready to weather any small difficulties, “storms” or problems.

Remember, we are all human beings; the spirit is willing, but the flesh is often weak! Be kind, polite and understanding for each other, lean on each other’s shoulders a little. Become close friends with your ghost writing service, and bring your problems to me if there are any along the way.

But the most valuable info I can give a client is to take your time. Take a deep, cleansing breath. Pause a full minute to prepare yourself. You’re entering an awesome, amazing, life-changing experience, involving far more than boringly repetitive words and ideas. When you write, be sure to be original, thought-provoking, and consistent when it comes to your facts and names. Get everything right, be sure your ghost writer does too. Your work could soon be going places, both locally and worldwide!

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    By Karen S. Cole

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