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In 2022, 2023 and further. Our site contains ghostwriter music samples. Not only rapper music a la Capital Punishment. This page orients to changing times. Hire one of our Great Caesar’s Ghosts, and enter your musical future.

GWI will professionally ghostwrite you a few bars or an entire song. Or edit what you have. Into shape so worthwhile, even Big Pun himself would have admitted it.

We have Mic Savage on our team!

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We have plenty of rap and hip hop ghosts, country artists, traditional folk, rock, classical, funk, rhythm and blues, all kinds of ghosts quite alive and well to serve your needs. Just ask for our ghostwriter music samples. We will supply you online with any needed previous work. Sometimes as a link to a portfolio, Facebook or YouTube page. In the genre you want us to be working in. But you must stick with your music services provider to get things accomplished. So be sure to show up when you contact us, and keep on!

Ghost Writer, Inc. offers: film and TV score writing and editing. Weed music, classical, rap, hip hop and urban sounds. Country western, 70’s ballads and more. We can arrange for any type of music ghost or editor you need. Just send us a few bars; we’ll complete your score. Possibly, starting with a brief sample! Based on what you already have. Depending on the amount of work involved.

Then we sign a contract, if the job warrants it. We are GWI’s professional music and lyrics ghosts, writers and editors. We take ONLY upfront payment during course of completion. This includes musical scores, bars, original lyrics and rewrites.

Ghost Writer Music Samples – Brief spooky fun!

Mic Savage, rap music and lyrics ghost writer and editor. His music is sweet, transcendental and symbolic of the urban ways of the rap community. His rates are affordable, the music is sophisticated street poetry at its finest. Hire him to make some bars happen! Immediately below, find three GREAT sample songs:

This is Mic, and I am here to offer you the most affordable and best quality ghostwriting in the world! I’m an industry talent scout / artists and repertoire who can assist you with your project. I can duplicate any style, from classic like Tupac, Biggie, Nas, and Jay-Z to contemporary like Drake, Rick Ross, Gucci Mane, or Kendrick Lamar, etc…I can even write female styles like Cardi B, etc…My prices are aggressive compared to anyone else online or in the industry, reach out to me for a quick turnaround time for your project!

With my experience in Artists and Repertoire and selecting acts for the majors, I will write and create songs that have the exact sound the labels are looking for (lyrics, production, catchy infectious hooks, etc.) to select their artists to sign to contracts. I will show you all the details the decision makers are seeking (how to create an introduction on the track, etc.). Countless numbers of artists are always vying for these advances, and you will stand out of the crowd of thousands of independent artists looking for a major record deal. Don’t be concerned with paying for streams, you need the right song for a label to invest in you in 2022 and 2023, stretching into 2024. Other ghostwriting sites will write your project, but do not have the formula to break an act into the majors. We are the premiere site that offers this, choose Ghost Writer, Inc. as your go-to service to advance your music career, especially in hip hop, rap, and rhythm and blues…and more! (only one “w” in rainbowriting). Call us at 425-205-9707, West Coast Time, Seattle area. Weekday mornings and evenings best to call. Leave me a message or text anytime!

And here’s JayeDaGreat, one of Mic’s producer partners:

Need a beat for your lyrics? Showcasing JayeDaGreat, famous hip-hop producer willing to create custom beats for your new song and complete your track! Competitive Pricing! Contact for details! A sample of my work is directly below:

And this capper video was made by me personally (Karen S. Cole) in my “home studio” on YouTube:

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