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Our online and mostly anonymous portfolio for 2023 and 2024. Bonnie, bestselling fiction and nonfiction writer. Crime, thrillers, science fiction and others. Sam, best selling ghost of six plus awesome book. And the author of copious more. Chris, top science fiction, fantasy author and bestselling ghostwriter. Kerry, NYT best selling ghost writer of memoirs. And nonfiction celebrity works. Jake, NYT bestselling rock music memoirs author. Carmen, NYT best seller women’s author. Featured on Oprah. Mike, bestseller graphic novel writer and artist. With his own Wikipedia listing. Pat, five Emmy nominations. And at least one win, for a well-produced TV script. NEW: Arianna, Brandon, Gibran, Karen, and Mic Savage have joined our team in the past few years. Mic knows the rap scene inside out, runs his own studio and equipment, and has big-time high end music industry contacts.

Continuing our GWI ghostwriter portfolio:

In 2023 and 2024 – David, Los Angeles leading TV and film producer;Maya, award winning science fiction ghostwriter. Carol, best selling business book ghostwriter on Amazon; Al, award winning Middle East journalism Canadian business writer; Robb, retired lead editor of Stars and Stripes for our ghostwriting services; Kripalani, business copy editor textbook writer; Jonathan, content and developmental copy editor; Tony, print and ebook commercial publisher; Joe, fiction writer and commercial book publisher; Christopher, David, Art – award winning optioned and produced screenwriters; Linda, Vicky, Eric – film, video, media, documentary and TV producers . . .Wendy, award-winning academic writer, remunerative grants writer and able website developer. Anthony, bestselling self, indie or independent book publisher. And also featuring Gary, family man and gay ghostwriter in Canada.

To apply, if you’re an experienced and/or bestselling ghostwriter: – only one w in rainbowriting

Nowadays we’re looking for Seattle area, Western and Eastern Washington ghostwriters of all kinds. PACIFIC NORTHWEST GHOSTWRITERS NEEDED! Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Montana, other states. If you’re talented, experienced, best selling or even just a hard-working student ghost, apply at Ghost Writer, Inc. Put your best ghostwriting services foot forward!

GWI Portfolio of our Books on Reedsy

JUST A FEW allowed legitimate samples. These author’s works, many with the ghost’s name on the cover, are among what we can show you. Due to NDAs or non-disclosure agreements. Worked on by Ghost Writer, Inc.’s Writers, Editors, Artists, Marketers and Publishers. A sparkling mix of light, dark and genre fiction. Memoirs and nonfiction. AUTHOR CLIENTS, your work belongs! If it’s okay, we can state we were your editors, consultants, whatever you’d like.

Business books, self help literature. And stories of abuse, science fiction tales and series. Children’s, YA, chapter books and middle grade. Christian, Jewish, Muslim and other religions. New Age, philosophy, psychology. Every type of fantasy including urban. Gram-lit, cozies, crime, women and men’s fiction. In conclusion, the latest in supernatural, horror and mystery thrillers. Plenty of action adventure novels, serious family memoirs, all fiction and nonfiction formats. We’ve done it all, and what we haven’t done, we will try.

Our motto is: We do it All for YOU!

GWI does far more than just Book Ghostwriting. Talk to us about your TV scripts, movie and film screenplays, music, lyrics and soundtracks needs. We can write you a few bars to start, by our music experts who do in-house major studio work. Our script and screenplay ghostwriters have won Emmy Awards, Tonys too, and been promoted and aired. We do script coverage as needed, and all background support work. We can’t guarantee your script or screenplay will air or be produced, but we can help you get both your feet into the right doorways.

Sample Produced Screenplays

Sample Black and White Documentary

HERE’S A VIDEO made in early 2023 on Short Stories by Erick M. He does scripts, screenplays, books, stories and memoirs, plus script treatments, coverage, formatting, loglines and taglines, all with his award-winning West Coast style, adroitly, affordably, ably and sufficiently. Within the Screen Writers Guild guidelines, with over a decade of experience.

THE VIDEO BELOW outlines just the basics concerning the process of ghostwriting a book – featuring many beautifully designed covers of the remarkable books our Ghost Writer, Inc. outsource per job ghostwriting team has worked on since 2003 and counting:

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