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Ghostwriter Rates

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Ghostwriting Fees, Rates, Costs, and Prices

The rates or pricing for our online open ghostwriting services depend on the experience levels of your GWI ghostwriters. And the nature and details of your specific individual jobs. We may charge by the hour, the page, amount of words, or periods of time such as monthly installment payments. One of our first questions when beginning a project: what is your overall budget? One of the better methods of charging our clients is half upfront, half upon completion. This is before the final project delivery, of course, so you would pay half upon inception, and the other half upon receipt of your finished ghostwriting project.

To help us set the rates or costs for your particular projects in 2022 and 2023, please contact us. We are planning on being here well into the future. The list of what we can do includes ghostwriting, rewriting, copy editing, proofreading, book coaching, keywords optimization and other related services such as promotions, marketing, sales assistance, and self publishing. We can also prepare stellar, selling book proposals for traditional publication.

Our figures may be estimates at first, meaning that they are negotiable. This is before signing a valid legal contract directly with your work for hire ghostwriter. We will set affordable ghostwriting prices within reasonable outlines and guidelines. You will acquire all of the services you need cost-effectively. Our three stages of writing, editing, and proofreading services take everything into consideration, such as the different spellings of keywords.

The Importance of Editing

Novice authors in particular need book editors to double-check their work. It is always best when a second set of eyes is available to edit. Both the publishers and the literary agents need to see well-written, polished, professional work. You should not place your cherished family memoirs, life stories, scripts, music, business documents or books you’re working hard and carefully on in the hands of free or low-cost amateurs. Instead, hire a professional book editor or ghostwriter. We will work closely with you and help you get it properly done.

We regularly work on autobiographies, biographies, narrative fiction, nonfiction, fiction based on fact, and traditional fiction. In addition, we ghostwrite life stories, memoirs, or family keepsake books. GWI services do not end there, however. Soundtrack, lyrics, and music services are available, too. If you need a book review, poetry, jokes, speeches, business papers, or academic works written, edited, and proofread, we can offer you those services at our current affordable ghostwriter rates and pricing. These of course vary from job to job and ghostwriter to ghostwriter. It’s always an individual matter, specifically tailored to the details of your writing and editing job or project. Just make the arrangements directly with your GWI ghostwriter, through the auspices of Ghost Writer, Inc.

Because we have been in business for a long time, we know the best approach to take with each project. Ghost Writer, Inc. simply offers you the most affordable professional ghostwriting services online. Our ghostwriter fees are to be payable in advance, then your projects will be swiftly and timely completed.

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Upfront payment assures that we will deliver the best ghostwritten screenplay, manuscript, or novel. We do contractual work and smaller freelance writing projects, too. Short ebooks are the latest type of ghostwritten works in many cases. They are cheaper and easier to write, accomplish, and read by your targeted audience. Our GWI referred editors, writers, ghostwriters, and even most of our student ghosts have published and sold multiple works of their own and others. And you will sign to keep the copyrights to your own and the ghostwriter’s original work.

GWI does not typically accept a percentage basis, or on spec work. For the right types of projects, including charities, celebrities, and causes, we may be able to get one of our available best selling ghost writers to work that way. However, this is not the usual way we do our billing. Our editors and ghosts will create a monthly installment plan for certain projects during the course of completion. Or we will charge half upfront, half before delivery of the finished project. Or the entire amount upfront, sometimes at a discounted rate.

Some projects we can complete by the word, the page, or on an hourly basis. Fortunately, you can review the ghost’s work in advance via a complimentary five-page sample of the requested project. Alternatively, you can read the ghostwriter’s earlier works to get an idea of their talent and level of professionalism. There will always be something they can share with you for background info.

Ultimately, there is no other place in the world where you can find better quality ghostwriter rates, fees, costs, and services. We offer only affordable ghostwriter prices for 2022 and 2023 and provide reasonable fees for American ghostwriter services too. Because we work case-by-case, give us the budget for your project. We will strive to stay within it, and will sign with you directly for anything further.

GHOST WRITER RATES 2022 and 2023