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PAUL B.: “GWI is fast to respond and has a great pool of writers to help with any project. They were very willing to work with me to get the exact structure that worked best for my project.”

Wrap-up of Ghostwriter Resume 2022 / 2023

I edited, proofread, and rewrote a book about a Haitian upper-class woman that made the New York Times nonfiction bestseller list – its university professor author promoted the book widely in Europe, especially France. He has since come back to me with much more editing work, the highest compliment I can hope to attain.

Another of my authors podcast some radio interviews, selling book copies through library and bookstore show signings, for a book about how a prominent social figure was finally captured. I also helped to edit a formal political letter to dozens of Nobel Laureates for the Save Ashraf Campaign of both Iraq and Iran.

I worked on a nonfiction memoirs by a Mafia widow revealing how nearly the whole Italian-American Mob was brought down by two “made” men. I also worked on a book by a Swiss hydropower specialist who wrote a self help fiction novel about a magical polar bear and global warming. And I did the preliminary work for “A Life Less Ordinary,” editing the book version.

GWI referred a juicy book about political cover-ups, the CIA and money laundering to one of our ghostwriters, which I helped to copy edit, format and proofread. One of our client book authors and her coauthor, a ghostwriter on our team, have gone TV national, local and Internet viral with their book, “Joshua’s Missing Peace.” The book was commercially published in early 2012.


“I give thanks to Karen Cole for her hard work on my manuscripts. I’ve been working with Karen for a while now. She’s edited two of my books and a short story. The woman does wonders with words and knows how to polish without losing my voice. I can’t wait to get my next novel into her hands. I highly recommend her; she’s devoted and excellent in her craft.” Claudia San Luis, three books returning client

“I have turned to Karen Cole more than once in bringing my book to publication. I have always found her to be a woman of integrity and vision for her clients. She understands the needs of we who write, and supports the writing process with her recommendations and referrals to those who can take our words higher.” Morgan Rose, author of “On Becoming NaughtABimbeaux”

“Working with Karen has afforded me great opportunities to develop as a professional prose and screenwriter. She is
interested in building not just a strong pool of writers for her clients, but far stronger writers.”
Erick Mertz, script and screenplay writer and author of several great books

“Karen is a total professional. Detail-oriented, always updating and improving her procedures. Honest to a
fault. Extremely fair to clients as well as colleagues. Responsible and responsive.”
Kerry Zukus, author of a bestselling book on Rwanda, editor of the award-winning inspirational book Miracles from Heaven

“In your Internet search, you may find Ghost Writer, Inc. This one is different…I’m so certain because I know its Executive Director, Karen Cole. We’ve worked on several projects before. Karen is a friend. She is honest, punchy—what every writer looks for—and her company is reasonable. Ghost Writer, Inc. has been in the business for over 10 years…Karen edited my critically acclaimed book, Alicia Maldonado: A Mother Lost.” Prof. Ardain Isma, Haitian author of academic literary books.

“When I first decided to write a book, I was unsure of everything. I had a story to tell but was unsure of how to even begin. Laura S. gave me direction and created a “flow” to my book, helping me to fill in what was needed and editing out what was not. I can honestly say I would have never stayed on track to finish it had it not been for her guidance and support. I felt I had full control. If I have the opportunity to write another book, Laura will be the first person I call!” Lori Suthar, author of “Joshua’s Missing Peace”

“When my partner and I decided to write a book, we interviewed many ghostwriters. Some were inexpensive, while others were too pricey for our budget. Laura S. wasn’t the least expensive writer, but we chose her because she was so passionate about writing. She made it clear that as long as we cooperated, she would finish the book on time. Laura went above and beyond our expectations. She included her business experience into various chapters, giving us the informative book we wanted.” Edwin Carrion, founder of Infinity Jewelers

“GWI responds very quickly to your requests and puts you in touch with what you need. I have used services for a writer and an editor and both instances were hassle free. I was pleasantly surprised by the high quality of work provided. You will not be disappointed!” Elijah Jackson, author of ongoing works of science fiction.

“I am proud to say it has been worthwhile finding Karen Cole, and using her for the creation of my number one bestselling suspense novel. I am also pleased to write this letter about Ghost Writer, Inc.’s Linda L. and all the great work her team has done to help with the success of my book. I was really happy the way she always broke everything down in the simplest form for me to fully understand. As for those who don’t know Karen Cole, I want to be the first to say that she sets the standard of what a Ghost Writer is supposed to be.” Farid Hotaki, author of a U.S. Marines memoirs

“You are an absolute LOVE! It’s always great to hear from you and it’s always so refreshing to know that there are people like yourself who are so honest, open, caring and willing to share. You are a very rare person, Karen — someone who has been very special to me.  And you’re a terrific writer, too!” Larry Leichman, publisher at Arbor Books and The Floating Gallery

“I worked with Karen to co-author a manuscript on my father’s life which is being produced as a book,
documentary and later a feature film. I consider Karen a partner in this project. Her work was exemplary and
her ability to convert information into a well-written and fascinating story was remarkable. Karen is a woman
of high standards, excellent moral character and she is easy to work with. She is tireless in her efforts to turn a
concept into a marketable project.”
David Lyons, Los Angeles film producer and GWI client

Finally, here’s a video about two of my own books:

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