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Ghostwriter Resume 2022 / 2023

References, Referrals and Recommendations within our Ghostwriter Resume

Rundown on some of GWI’s ghostwriter resume projects. Only ones I’m allowed to cite. Many of the rest under strict NDAs

As of 2022, several outstanding projects. Some are now clear and off the table. A business book by an overseas client. Another business project “edited” by a Canadian GWI ghost. Action adventure book series, over 30 manuscripts in production, by a GWI ghostwriter living in Finland. The wrap-up of a YA eight-book dark fantasy series. A rainbow historical series by a Black client, ghosted by a Black award-winning GWI writer. It may be made into a feature film soon, through a production company run by a GWI ghostwriter.

The memoirs of a cosmopolitan lesbian entrepreneur. A conservative comedy TV show considered by the President of the United States and other top figures. Screenplays produced and made into at least five movies. Two (so far) about the memoirs of an abuse victim. A nice lady who hired another ghostwriter originally. We are honest, and the other ghost was not. This type of thing happens in the world of overpriced ghostwriting services.

Different company than Ghost Writer, Inc. I run an ethical ghostwriting service!

Our ghostwriter resume 2022 and 2023 includes Christian, gay, Black, and Jewish author client work. A children’s book that became a huge bestseller in the Young Adult category. An Indian history of a doctor who writes Sanskrit passages. A book by a Canadian bartender falsely accused. Two medical memoirs for licensed doctors. An academic novel for lay people about early childhood education. And a fantasy mixing myth and science, ghosted by an award winner. Who has written over 30 such fantasies. Ranging from children’s to erotica.

A Black business owner writing a book, who needs business blogs. Recurring bestsellers about grand ol’ Mob heists, three of which are being made/have been made into movies. Self help book by a mental health counselor and life coach. Native American art book growing into an Amazon bestseller. And a book edited for the Christian inventor of a new way to change tires. Ongoing projects, scope proceeding well into 2022 and 2023. Send us your work today, we will do it all with you!

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Many international best sellers and a wide variety of countries represented. GWI gets plenty of English as a second language clients. And we do translations whenever we can. Urban fantasy Christmas YA eight book series by a South Korean, headed into 2019. Illustrious graphic novel by the ghost who wrote the Phantom comic books. For a Ugandan-American client. French and more Japanese graphic novel work to come.

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I assisted with ghosting an evocative, graphic Holocaust memoirs called “Simon Says” by a ten-camp rare Jewish-Polish survivor of the Nazis, which was made into a brief film. It was commercially published in 2012, with a road-trip style book launch. Since then, the associated documentary has aired worldwide. And in the US, hundreds of times. Winning a major Telly award. I arranged the book and the documentary.

“The Antichrist Version 666” was almost entirely ghostwritten by me. It was published by Arbor Books in 2005 and Port Orchard Press in 2006. It’s a factually based science fiction novel, set to be made into a feature film. When and if those deals come through. Our Pacific Northwest author client was featured on TV and radio shows, locally and nationally. Podcasts, press releases, YouTube videos. Plus this, they sold dozens of copies per day from their book sales websites. For many long years!

When it comes to our ghostwriter resume, I am establishing others. I’ve improved many of our ghosts’ careers. Say, do you do ghostwriting services?

Be sure to apply, if you have writing and editing talent at book manuscripts, film screenplays, TV scripts, music scores and bars, music lyrics in all genres – we are always looking for fresh talent. Experience in any genre or style of ghostwriting, rewriting, writing or editing of anything really helps. I will go over your samples and references, and get back to you ASAP. Simply email me at (only one “w” in rainbowriting) or text me at 425 205 9707 in order to apply with GWI.


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