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Ghostwriter Resume 2022 and 2023

References, Referrals and Recommendations within our Ghostwriter Resume

Want in The Library of Congress? We wrote the first self-published book to be placed there.

Years ago, one of our special projects was accepted into the Library of Congress. It was a book I researched, edited and assisted with its publication process. Wrote a knockout proposal for it. We’ve had several books selected by the Library for similar honors. One of our ghosts has a dozen or more listed there. Your book created through ghostwriting could be the next one. We can make the arrangements for you, if requested. Only certain books qualify, so be sure to write and edit an excellent one!

Also, many of our books have been New York Times and Amazon Best Sellers. For both print and ebook sales. Not to mention audio books, CDs and other venues. And the New York Times Best Seller lists for the categories of fiction, nonfiction, ebooks, etc. Work with us and you might see your creations go places, in other words. The skies are the limit with your books. Especially with paid marketing done on your part. And also with your movie, TV, video and film screenplays. Potentially with the addition of music and lyrics for a film score.

Who knows how high you could go? I’ll warn you, we offer mainly paid services to assist you in these dreams. Free advice is easy; professional help is harder. But we work for fairly affordable rates and relatively low costs. You might need a book sales website, a book tour through your state, or the entire country or civilized world. Your possibilities are only as limited as the sweat equity, time and money you can afford to put into things.

GWI is number one through ten on Google, Bing and Yahoo.

One of our books was banned by the CIA; “plausible deniability.” Another was touted as potentially the best book about Dr. King. It finally “went timeless” and is in honored status. Several have become international best sellers on Amazon. And otherwise, making their authors and writers some money. While it must be insisted that nowadays, book authors need to be more in control of their publishing processes.

One dying cancer patient, a middle-aged American, promoted her book into a word of mouth bestseller. A Mafia widow used her intricate mobster contacts to promote her GWI client book. I helped her launch a solo editing career. Over time, I’ve helped dozens of freelance writers become newbie editors, ghostwriters and marketers.

It’s nice to be needed. Our ghost writer resume 2022 and 2023 contains some great references. Including five star Google Reviews, all for GWI team members. Give us a great review somewhere soon! At the Better Business Bureau, Yelp, Google, Twitter, Facebook or another online service.


Note: Purchase our team’s ghostwriting service books through, Barnes & Noble, Smashwords and Apple Ipad, as well as other planetary book venues. I offer five ebooks for free on Smashwords. For your perusal, so you can see how I write. I can also send you a zip file of sample memoirs for this purpose. It shows you how well I write in the original author’s voice. Whenever this is needed.

We can’t list most of the books I’ve worked on or helped get published. I ghost wrote them and cannot take any credit. There are high points of my published works I can never mention. Being an avowed and assigned ghostwriter. Also, I’m not a ghostwriter or editor of scripts or music works. But we have plenty of professional screenwriters and musicians on our team. Who can assist you with music, script or screenplay projects.
When I’m not personally busy, I might be available. For ghostwriting or editing something special. I love to take on intriguing sounding, potentially salable projects. By new, upcoming authors with original ideas. Lately, I myself don’t work on book projects often. So the price would have to be right. And I would really need to love the project. In 2021 and 2022, and the coming years as well.


Ghost Writer, Inc. Resume 2022 and 2023