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Ghostwriter CV or Resume 2022 / 2023

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Ghost Writer, Inc. has 8 five-star Google Reviews. Why not give us another one? The Better Business Bureau – steady A+ rating for years. Nominated for a BBB Torch Award for Ethics 2018. We’re working on a Wikipedia entry for GWI. By the ghost who wrote and drew for “The Phantom” for several decades. And I’m always search engine optimizing our websites. Along with keeping in touch with clients and readers. Through frequently updated social networking and anything else I can grab in the manner of listings. Suggestions taken!

My ghostwriter resume includes my work and hundreds of other peoples’ work also.

In late 2011, I line edited, color edited and proofread a book by a major Rwandan feminist, copies of which were given to important officials in the US State Department, including Sec. of State Hillary Clinton. The author personally visited Washington DC and handed the State Department the copies. I arranged for the ghost writing, editing and publication of this very important book – and to me, your wonderful, significant book, music lyrics or film script is every bit just as important.

On this ghostwriter resume, I’d say I’m Hollywood’s progeny. Including the controversial Woody Allen. He suggested it to me years ago. I defended him with a solid tribute book.

I’ve had Steve Martin buzzing our LinkedIn network for years. Eddie Murphy is a Facebook friend, along with Alvira, Mistress of the Dark. And Dolly Parton nobly granted a 15 minute interview. Recently, I met the 130-year-old Adolf Hitler, Albion Pendragon. I chronicle this in my two-book memoir series, hoping I don’t mention him too much. He’s truly sorry about what he did as he lost both world wars.

And I’m Woody Allen’s Forever Friend. Jew fan, Jew lover. I lived and died for the sake of the Jews of New York City. Larry Leichman of Arbor Books/the Floating Gallery hired me to work for them, three times. Fun people!!! I worked on my first ghostwritten book in years for them, The Antichrist Version 666. We did it as a team of me and “other” rich people in NYC area, and others.

I’m responsible for the very first self published book ever accepted into The Library of Congress. Stored on microfiche there, and elsewhere prestigious on the Internet. Now, I can’t list a lot of works on this ghostwriter resume. Neither for me nor my team. Strict NDAs were involved, many times. NON DISCLOSURE AGREEMENTS. So I can only tell you about most of our work in general terms. However, nowadays we’re still making a name for affordable online ghostwriting services.

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Karen S. Cole’s online ghostwriter resume – informal and unconventional, like I am. I don’t take on many jobs myself lately, I’m semi-retired. I send your work out to the many professional ghosts on our team. Sometimes I will take on a small ebook or intriguing or lucrative project personally. Depending on its nature and how much it interests me.

GWI does business book ghostwriting through bestselling business ghostwriters. Self help ghostwriting services, memoir book ghostwriting, fiction, any other form of ghostwriting or editing. We strive to accommodate all your needs. When we can’t, we refer mom you to alternative free, low cost and premium service agencies.

Affordable ghosts, inexpensive published ghosts and New York Times bestseller ghosts. Premium ghostwriting services. We do screenplays, scripts, music and lyrics. Documents, web copy, accompanying written materials. All at highly affordable ghostwriting rates. Services for upfront payments in most cases. Through our partner agencies, via signed and approved contracts. And private ghostwriters.

Business, academic and student documents. GWI only edits and doesn’t write for students, though. Ghost Writer, Inc. is fair, ethical, honest and an EOE (Equal Opportunity Employer). Apply today if you’re talented, published and/or bestselling!


Ghost Writer, Inc. ghostwriter resume 2022 / 2023