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Ghostwriter Service for Manuscripts, Books, Scripts and Music 

By Karen S. Cole – Do you want to hire a ghost writer service for your ghost writing project?

Ghostwriter Service – Books, especially Memoirs, are our Specialty. 

Ghost Writer, Inc. provides every type, kind and variety of ghostwriter services. In every genre and style real, possible and imaginable. GWI does book, manuscripts, scripts, screenplays. TV and film work. Also, music, lyrics, musical scores and most other categories of writing. This includes ghostwriting, editing, promotions and marketing. And publishing or optioning assistance services.

We are also maintain contacts with major TV and film producers. And we do script treatments and pitches to executives. We perform mostly only for upfront money. But GWI will take on most commercially viable projects. Such as celebrity or timely news event books for percentage payments. Email me for further details about any “on spec” payment plan.

Ghostwriter Service – What specifically do you offer?

I am a bestselling book ghostwriter. In business online since 2003. I was a freelance writer and editor before 1980. My bestsellers have been featured on Amazon, Barnes & Noble and Smashwords. And many other online and brick and mortar venues. In addition to this, my ghostwriting has been on the New York Times Bestseller Lists. So I am both an Amazon and a New York Times bestselling ghostwriter. Although I work at highly affordable rates. Meanwhile, lots of our ghostwriters are better than me! Ghosts and authors such as Bonnie HH, who have multiple bestselling books. Whether under their names, or someone else’s.

GWI has 200+ workers on our expanding ghostwriter service team. And we offer you services including book ghostwriting, editing, doctoring, coaching and development. Also, all such services related to screenplays and scripts. We also offer music and lyrics development for most music genres. If you’re a ghostwriter, editor or marketer, apply to work for GWI. Just contact me here:

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GWI can work on fiction or nonfiction equally well. Including memoirs, life stories, novels, short stories, poetry – anything you can think of! We will work on it with you for affordable ghostwriting rates. Our book ghostwriting fees include full editing, proofreading and manuscript formatting. So do our script and screenplay ghostwriter services. Give us a few bars, and we will provide you with music, soundtrack and lyrics services.

I will still work on a fulfilling, lucrative project that interests me. I personally do not charge any more than $20-35,000 USD to ghostwrite a 200 to 400-page book of 50-100,000 words. Because the modern book market is volatile, and there is no available method to guarantee sales. However, GWI has marketing partners who have a 90% success rate at landing top literary agents from their A-lists.

They have years of contact with major literary agents, agencies and traditional book publishers. I simply prefer to work for upfront pay myself. Percentage payments can take years of time to collect. But some of our workers accept “on spec” pay. Just ask about this when you write GWI. We will find a way to work with you on any project that sounds reasonable and fair. Through our ghostwriter service team members.

What else do you offer as a ghostwriter service?

Some of our marketing partners have connections with internationally known book publishers. And many of our partners can create book proposals and query letters. While also helping you to perform submittal services to literary agents and traditional publishers. Plus this, we do self-publishing services for as low as $1,500. To get your book on Amazon, B&N, Kobo and Smashwords, among other literary venues.

GWI can even get your book featured in the Library of Congress! Along with other major libraries and bookstores. And we offer you celebrity ghosts who command $50-200,000 per book. Ranging downwards to student ghostwriters. Ones who can pen a book for you for only $3-7,5,000. At any rate, you won’t beat our ghostwriting rates anywhere. Considering the quality of GWI’s professional ghostwriting, editing, marketing, illustrations and other services involved.

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By Karen S. Cole

Karen S. Cole runs Ghost Writer, Inc. The best online since 2003. Affordable ghostwriting services. Freelance book editing, professional ghostwriting. Marketing and publishing services. For books, scripts, screenplays and documents. And music, soundtrack and lyrics ghostwriting and editing. GWI has 200+ published, optioned and produced ghost writers, editors, marketers, illustrators, photographers - whatever. Our motto is: You name it, we do it! GWI offers A-list literary agents, self publishing, independent and traditional publishing services. Including nonfiction book proposals, fiction package documents and business book related documents. Whatever you need for affordable ghostwriter rates, inexpensive fees and costs. New York Times bestselling authors, Amazon bestsellers and other award winning ghosts of all kinds. GWI offers a wide range of services, from student ghosts and editors to Amazon bestselling authors, ghosts and Academy Award winning screenwriters. Top level Los Angeles and New York TV and film producers who do pitch and presentation services for pilots and scripts. Independent film producers. Coverage services for scripts. Book coaching, developmental editing, rewriting, book cover creation, illustrations, website copy. Comedy routines and speeches. Wikipedia entries and grants. The skies are the limits!