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By Karen S. Cole – President, Founder and Owner of Ghost Writer, Inc., an online ghostwriting agency since January 2003.

Ghostwriter Services Online. Books, Scripts, Screenplays. Music, Songs, Lyrics. Soundtracks, Documents and Podcasts.

Why Manuscript and other Professional Ghost Writing Services? From your ghostwriting agency, which is run by Karen S. Cole?

I work sometimes as a book ghost writer and editor. Otherwise, I send out incoming projects. Do you know what it’s like to be a professional ghostwriter or book ghost writer? The spelling doesn’t matter. But above all, our ghostwriting services do! It’s stressful, occupies 50% of my time. However, I love it!

And meanwhile, I never felt so creative. In addition to this, I’ve a basis for comparison. My “night job” was heading for freelance book ghostwriting services. Various publications, I appeared on the front pages of newspapers and magazines. Starbucks, Seattle Downtown News, #1 under Native American on Amazon. Women’s online magazines, serious worldwide literary ezines. Day job was home health care. Worked for the Disabled and the Disadvantaged. For over twelve years, in the Independent Living Movement. And spent time writing for handicapped people – the most exciting times of my life. Until I began to hire book ghost writers and ghostwrite. Now I’m in charge of a ghostwriting agency, or ghostwriting company. Of my very own.

Running a ghostwriting agency – educational and enjoyable!

Likewise, I love what I learn. Above all from clients’ projects. Book ghost writers don’t override you. We therefore add to your ideas or plot devices. For instance with developmental editing! Most importantly for a ghost, the client’s ideas and voice are paramount. That is to say, the work belongs to each client. And not the ghostwriter.

Most noteworthy, a Book Ghost Writer is a Professional Ghostwriter. Your ideas, our ghostwriting. Hence, my book, screenplay, music, art and other ghostwriting services. Similarly, each day is a bold new adventure. Dreams lead you straight away to written thoughts. Moreover your stories will surely intertwine. Meanwhile entering the realm of serious literature. What you see is what you get here at Ghost Writer, Inc.

For example, say we ghostwrite a book series with you.

As its author, you’ll probably sell books. And your readers will want to share your ideas, hopes and dreams. Keep churning out new books. Loyal readers will buy them as you build up your audience. For instance, post links to your books around the Internet. We get you half price for ghostwriting a book series. GWI does book covers and arranges marketing tools. To sum up, check out what we can do for you.

Certainly fulfill your author’s dreams. Use our ebook ghostwriting agency services. Hire a book editor and proofreader. Don’t postpone things! Begin that new project, take that first step in faith and get started. After that, GWI is a great way to launch your business books through marketing. Hire bestselling fiction and nonfiction book ghostwriting services. Create the latest books, screenplays or business documents.

Website blog posts, academic papers. Artistic statements, music lyrics. Online press releases. Writing Christian speeches. Work today with Ghost Writer, Inc. – click on this link!

Our ghostwriting agency services are affordable, timely and honest.

Here at GWI, the writing remains yours. You’re genuinely the author. No matter what. Consequently real every time, for our book ghostwriters. Likewise, as a professional freelance ghostwriting service. During your projects, we take great care with new or returning clients. If needed, we’ll sign an NDA (non-disclosure agreement). Most importantly, it secures original ideas from plagiarism or loss of copyrights.

And most of all, our ghostwriting services are productive. Marketable, publishable and salable. As a result, GWI has great ratings at many places online. For example, read our Google Reviews. And visit the Better Business Bureau. Where GWI keeps a steady A+ rating. To clarify things further – with no complaints. Evidence that we have your best available ghostwriting services options.

Should I hire a book ghostwriter now…?

If you hire our ghostwriting agency, you will find only personalized service. We are not a “writing mill.” Not like the huge freelancer agencies. That advertise free or incredibly low prices. But you will get a good deal from GWI. Just negotiate pricing personally with your own assigned ghostwriter.

In conclusion, yes, hire a professional ghostwriter. To complete your manuscript or film screenplay. Also, to finish up your TV pilots or scripts. In addition to music, speeches or documents. And business book freelance ghostwriting. Our best ghosts and editors are available for affordable rates. Because GWI offers premium ghostwriting services. In addition, at less costly than average ghostwriting prices.

Similarly, consider hiring a professional book editor. Or a solid book coach or consultant. Literary agents and traditional publishers respect only the best professional editing. Hire an affordable book ghostwriter as a second set of eyes. You need a professional to guide you through the processes. To provide you with the best possible ghostwrite. Superb editing, proofreading, formatting for publication, etc. And the most competent, imaginative bestselling ghostwriting services online.

Contact Karen NOW. And hire professional ghostwriting agency services at Ghost Writer, Inc. Whether you need pre-marketing, sales, a book website. Publishing assistance, professional advice or just a great second set of eyes to go over your work – we’ve got you covered. At affordable ghostwriting rates only.

This varied in popularity book by Andreas Dudas is a self help secular inspirational business memoir. Ghost Writer, Inc. was honored to help edit the manuscript into shape in 2012. It was later republished under the name Attaining Greatness Through Authenticity


    By Karen S. Cole

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