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Ghostwriting Book Services

ghostwriting book services

What exactly are ghostwriting book services?

And how do you hire these ghostwriting book services through your ghostwriting service agency?

By Karen S. Cole – Executive Director of Ghost Writer, Inc.

The company, an online ghostwriting, editing, marketing, publishing and other related to ghostwriting services agency, was founded in January of 2003. GWI specializes in the ghostwriting and editing of books, manuscripts, screenplays, scripts, soundtracks, rap and hip hop music and lyrics, and all kinds, genres, and styles of business documents. Including business papers, and academic, legal, and medical documents and web copy. Ask us; whatever we haven’t done yet, we are willing to try.

We do professional freelance ghostwriter services. In addition to this, we do all related writing services. This may include editing, book coaching, proofreading and professional manuscript formatting. Marketing, promotions and publishing assistance services too. We can land you a literary agent and a commercial publisher. And we do screenwriting, TV scripts, plays, plus all genres of modern and classical music and lyrics. Also short stories, business papers, research and academic papers…the list is endless!

Ghostwriting Book Services through Ghost Writer, Inc.

I have been in business since 2003 online. And I’ve been doing plenty of book ghostwriting and editing. I send out our other project work. Such as screenplays or music lyrics ghostwriting. To our ghostwriting book services referral team of 200+ ghosts, editors, marketers and others.

Each one of our ghostwriters has published, optioned or produced experience. Also, most of them have over a decade of freelance writing experience. You won’t find better ghostwriter services anywhere else online. Or in the print publishing world, either! We have bestsellers who work at affordable rates, with you in mind.

Our ghostwriting book services offer you only professional ghost writing and editing. Plus book marketing, promotions, publishing and other related services. All at reasonable rates that work within your budget. We don’t turn anyone down without giving them professional advice.

And most times we can do the job for you, whatever it entails. We can also arrange optioning and production services for your scripts and screenplays. Plus ghostwriting, editing, formatting, marketing and publishing assistance services.

When looking for a ghost, the best method is to research your writer’s career in depth. Ask for short samples of their published works, the ones related in genre and general nature to your project. Remember, most of the work is probably under strict NDAs (non-disclosure agreements) so you will only be able to review the samples that the ghost is legally allowed to show you.

You can also ask your ghost to prepare a free five-page original new sample, based on your own writing and background notes, to see if the ghost is able to keep to your overall voice, tone, and structure. This can give you a very good idea as to whether the ghostwriter will be able to work with you in the manner of your desires, dreams, genres, and choices.

Come to GWI for the best in ghostwriting book services.

Our ghostwriting book services agency gives you experienced, professional assistance. When I am available, I have plenty of ghostwriting experience. In addition to this, I have freelance writing expertise going back to 1980. I have worked on 300+ books directly and indirectly.

Getting their authors published commercially. And also through self, independent, traditional, and boutique publishing. Traditional publishing involves creating a nonfiction book proposal for anywhere from $3,000 to $8-12,000 USD (ballpark).

A fiction book submissions package, or a fiction book proposal, costs much less. But we have gotten terrific results; one of our book ghostwriters has landed book advances from major commercial book publishers of $100,000 to as high as $500,000.

We can get you a great deal on a stellar book proposal, in other words. Meanwhile, our self publishing packages start at $1-2,000. These may include book cover artwork, interior layout and design, and other related manuscript preparation services.

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By Karen

Ghost Writer, Inc. is a full services book ghostwriting agency.