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Why do you run a Ghostwriting Service? 

By Karen S. Cole – owner of a great, experienced, affordable full services online ghostwriting agency or company.

A ghostwriting servicewhat is that? I’ve been a book ghostwriter for several years. I run a ghostwriting services agency named Ghost Writer, Inc. It used to be called Rainbow Writing, Inc. but I rebranded in 2011. I started up Rainbow in 2003. I’ve been book ghostwriting ever since.

(Here are some Book Editing Samples for you! I can supply you with any other samples you need.)

You get to set your own hours and mind your own business, ROTFL! You also get to pay yourself. Ghostwriting services are not so hard to offer. People come to you, you don’t have to go to them. Writers, editors, marketers, illustrators – all of them come to me, applying to enter our team. They are all of the finest caliber, straight shooters in fact, who need the jobs. They’re ready, able and willing to work every time.

What is your career like, running a ghostwriting service?

People do the strangest things when you offer ghostwriting services. Some of them seem to think you can ghostwrite a book for just $100. Those people I send on to or They can possibly find somebody who has never written a book before and hire them. They don’t have much to fall back on. Maybe somebody in their family can offer them ghostwriting services. I kind of doubt it.

Our author clients are the ones who apply for our ghostwriting service. These include: book ghostwriting, book editing, proofreading, and full book manuscript formatting. They also include roughly the same work for scripts and screenplays, and for music, lyrics and film or movie scores. Ghost Writer, Inc. also does ghostwriting services for videos, book covers, interior art, interior book layout, book design, internal book parts such as pie charts, accreditations, and other sophisticated acts of design. GWI can put together a print book, an ebook, an audio book or any other type of book for you. We can run it through traditional publishing, or desktop publishing for free (at cost).

Ghost Writer, Inc. is an affordable freelance writing service.

GWI is an affordable ghostwriting services agency. I do a lot of the work as it comes in. But I can only do more work when I’m personally available. As an expert book ghostwriter and experienced freelance writer, my time is taken up swiftly. So you can catch me when I’m free. But if not, I have two hundred other people on our team you can talk to, depending on exactly what you need. Ghost Writer, Inc. covers just about any ghostwriting service needs you have.

So for ghost writing services, hire your own ghost writer service here. You can spell those terms lots of ways, or use your own versions. The search engines will pick up on it. I’ll ghostwrite you a book title that Google and Amazon will pick up on, too. My screenplay and script writers are each optioned and produced, and my music writers only need a few bars to create an excellent movie score. Something to launch you through the studio doors of country music, weed, classical, rap, hip hop, etc. Hire our ghostwriting service agency, use our music ghostwriting services.

Why are you a ghostwriting service I should trust?

One last thing: we can charge affordable rates due to making income through other sources. I understand how you don’t need to sell your house or car for this. So I run a sliding scale fee where prices are negotiable. I don’t need you to put yourself in debt. Nobody else does, either. So I tend to charge half price most of the time, to keep you going. GWI needs to keep going too, so it works out as fair and equitable. But be prepared to lay out some decent money. Professional ghostwriters don’t work for free. On spec is often for the chosen few.

Nobody charges less for truly professional, English-fluent services than Ghost Writer, Inc. You are getting a deal every time you work with GWI. We have only multiply published book ghostwriters. Even the student ghostwriters have worked before and been published in several places. So you can’t do better than GWI. And like I said, if you get me, you are hiring experience. Never mind that I’m female; I’ve hardly done any chick lits. I finally put one of those out under my own name. It instantly became an Amazon bestseller. Check out my and our team’s credentials under the Portfolio page and the Resume page tabs up above, and you will see what I mean. Ghost Writer, Inc. has nothing but affordable ghostwriting services for you!

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    By Karen S. Cole

    Karen S. Cole runs Ghost Writer, Inc. The best online since 2003. Affordable ghostwriting services. Freelance book editing, professional ghostwriting. Marketing and publishing services. For books, scripts, screenplays and documents. And music, soundtrack and lyrics ghostwriting and editing. GWI has 200+ published, optioned and produced ghost writers, editors, marketers, illustrators, photographers - whatever. Our motto is: You name it, we do it! GWI offers A-list literary agents, self publishing, independent and traditional publishing services. Including nonfiction book proposals, fiction package documents and business book related documents. Whatever you need for affordable ghostwriter rates, inexpensive fees and costs. New York Times bestselling authors, Amazon bestsellers and other award winning ghosts of all kinds. GWI offers a wide range of services, from student ghosts and editors to Amazon bestselling authors, ghosts and Academy Award winning screenwriters. Top level Los Angeles and New York TV and film producers who do pitch and presentation services for pilots and scripts. Independent film producers. Coverage services for scripts. Book coaching, developmental editing, rewriting, book cover creation, illustrations, website copy. Comedy routines and speeches. Wikipedia entries and grants. The skies are the limits!