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Hire a Book Editor

Hire a book editor to go over your work pre-publication. A fresh mind and set of eyes will be of great service!

By Karen S. Cole

Why do I think you should hire a book editor? Well, let’s say you’ve decided to hire a book ghost writer. You don’t have the time, inclination, talent or expertise to write professionally, but you have great ideas and can set them all to paper.

On the other hand, you’ve had a look at book ghostwriting prices. And you have noticed how incredibly high they can be. Most ghostwriters charge upwards of $30-50,000 USD to create a 200-400 page book, so you are worried. Why does it cost as much as a luxury car to have your book ghost written?

There is a simple way around this: have your nearly complete manuscript edited, ghost edited in fact, instead of ghost written. Hire a book editor instead of a book ghost writer. All you need to do is to type out your manuscript, writing it out as neatly as possible, making it easy to read and making sure your ideas come across well enough for an editor to work with them.

You don’t have to be perfect; the manuscript doesn’t need to be in exact English, or well-written. That will be the job of your book editor, to put it into professional working order. That’s why you hire a book editor. Your book editor will rewrite, polish and arrange your manuscript. It may need more than just grammar, syntax, and some color, redundancy and style editing – it may also require some thorough content and developmental editing.

Costs and Credentials when you Hire a Book Editor

Depending on the extent of work involved, editing a 200-400 page, double-spaced, 50-100,000-words book manuscript will range. It may cost from $500 for simple line editing and proofreading all the way up to $10-15,000 for complex developmental editing. Which involves adding copy, arranging ideas and extending the plots, characters etc. contained in the manuscript. But this is far, far less than normal fees for book ghostwriting.

When you hire a book editor, you should check out their credentials first. Read over references and recommendations, and ask to review several editing samples. You may want your manuscript edited with special features in Word, such as the use of red marks or Track Changes. This can all be discussed with your book editor prior to editing the manuscript. Also, when you hire a book editor, make sure that final proofreading of the manuscript is included in the overall book editing fee.

If you play your cards right when you hire a book editor, and your manuscript does not require extensive content or developmental editing, you may face a charge of only $3-5,000 instead of $30-50,000 for book ghost writing from only your notes and ideas. But if you have trouble writing at all, and really do need the services of a writer, try hard to find an affordable professional book ghost writer.

Our company offers you talented book editors and experienced book ghostwriters. Many of which work at affordable rates. Give us your budget, and we’ll strive hard and fast to work with you.

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    By Karen S. Cole

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