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hire a book ghostwriter

How do I Hire a Book Ghostwriter?

This post tells you how to hire a book ghostwriter for a book manuscript ghostwriting project.

By Karen S. Cole

Why would you consider doing this, moving ahead to hire a book ghostwriter? Many people, unfortunately, feel they don’t have the needed writing and editing skills. Nor the time, or the inclination to complete their own books. Some people have the skills, but need a second set of eyes to go over their work. Before submitting their manuscripts, book proposals and queries to literary agents and traditional publishers

Many busy business people hire a ghostwriter to create their in-house literature. Due to not having the time to work on their business books themselves. I consider it to be moving ahead to hire a book ghostwriter. Because then you are receiving the services of a paid, professional writer or editor.

If you can find the right one, you will get a polished, professionally formatted and laid out book manuscript. Rather than a piece of poorly edited, poorly written shoddy work. The kind that a literary agent or commercial publisher will only frown upon. Even though it may have great ideas, popular themes and a decent overall presentation. When you hire a professional writer or editor, you get much better work, in other words. Hire a book ghostwriter, the right one, and you will certainly get what you pay for!

When you hire a book ghostwriter – do your research.

Another thing about this process: when you hire a ghostwriter: do your research carefully. Check out the ghostwriter’s credentials, such as their samples, references, recommendations and portfolios. Only hire a book ghostwriter that you like, can get along with, and whose work blends well with yours. The book writer or editor should be able to recreate your writer’s voice. When working from a manuscript you’ve already written. Or just from your notes and background information.

Don’t hire a ghostwriter when you are suspicious. Or if you’re not able to contact them easily, such as they don’t willingly give you a phone number or alternate method of contact. Like Skype, postal mail or instant messaging. Make sure you can talk to your ghost on a regular basis. And keep the lines of communication open at all time.

Finally, see if you can find someone who also handles book marketing. It can be hard to generate book sales nowadays if you don’t price your ebook at only 99 cents. You should use lots of word of mouth, promotional tools, and otherwise mount a proper book campaign. You should also hire a book ghostwriter who is connected with marketing and promotions people, or who do it themselves.

Someone with terrific contacts in the industry is preferable, although they may be more expensive. The higher priced ghosts are a good bet for this. They often have years of experience and contacts in the publishing industry. To which they can market your book. Here at GWI, we have ghosts with A-List literary agents and contacts. Hire a book ghostwriter at Ghost Writer, Inc. and you won’t be sorry!

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    By Karen S. Cole

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