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How to Hire a Book Writer

At Ghost Writer, Inc. you can hire a book writer to help you write your book. Affordably, easily and quickly!

By Karen S. Cole

Why should I hire a book writer to help me write my book?

I have been a book ghost writer and editor for years, freelancing since well before 2003. I’ve had some 50 books and works I’ve ghost written commercially or self-published, and helped out on over 250 books through many other ghost writers and editors. So I have lots of direct experience in the book writing world.

I’m someone you can turn to when asking how to hire a book writer to work on your ideas, and I’m someone who can help you write your book, making it into a polished, professionally reading work that is completely presentable to literary agents and commercial book publishers. Or I can assist you in self-publishing your book, where you totally control the entire process, choosing your own cover, title, etc. without any interference from the strict requirements of a commercial publisher.

What happens when I hire a ghostwriter?

When you hire a book writer, you need to find someone who follows your “voice” as an author, so that the book remains in your hands and does not become the work of someone else. I always strive to remain within your voice, writing after your patterns of speech – which I discover through your writing and phone conversations – and keeping to your general overall tones and styling. When I work on your book manuscript, you will feel as though you have written it all by yourself, as the writing will read thoroughly as yours, even though much of it may have been written by me.

The idea behind when you hire a book writer is to attain a pleasantly written, professional sounding book manuscript. One grammatically correct and devoid of errors. When it’s presented to agents and publishers, they will not turn it down. These folks receive poorly written, badly spelled and hideously laid out manuscripts every day. They may be willing to work with an author who features highly intriguing sales-worthy ideas. However, they will order an editing job performed on a poorly written manuscript. Often at the author’s expense. And the job they do may not be fully adequate, as they tend to use low-experience student editors. This can be quite frequent on their parts. So it’s best to control the process and hire a professional book writer. Someone with sufficient or even excellent editing skills, and a wealth of experience. We have those editors here at GWI.

Should I hire a ghostwriter at GWI?

When you hire a book writer at Ghost Writer, Inc., you are getting the finest work possible. From a writer or editor with several years of published experience. Many of our ghosts have decades of experience, and some have over 100 published works. So you will receive great work and a wonderful, polished, beautifully laid out book manuscript whenever you work with GWI. When you hire one of our book ghostwriters, the total price includes editing, proofreading and professional manuscript formatting. So you will always get the best possible job from us. – remember, only use one “w”

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    By Karen S. Cole

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