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Hire a Writer to Write a Book

By Karen S. Cole – Hire a writer to write a book.

Hire a writer to write a book? You’re kidding me, you may be thinking. I can write my own books! I’m a published author! I’m – wait a minute, I could use a bit of editing help sometimes. My publisher said my manuscript was full of errors and needed a significant rewrite, or at least a thorough job of line editing and proofreading.

What if I did consent to hire a writer to assist with my book? This is not a far-fetched idea, and in fact many famous and not-so-famous book authors have hired a writer, usually called a ghost writer, to work on their books and book ideas for them. When you hire a ghostwriter you should hire a consummate professional, someone who knows exactly what they are doing. Someone who could get you traditionally published by a top level, A list commercial publisher is best.

How do I prepare to hire a writer to write a book?

Such professional work can come at pretty stiff prices, so be sure you have plenty of funds set aside for this important and probably necessary work on your book or other writing project. Sometimes you can hire a student writer at lower pricing, but normally you will want to hire a professional writer or ghost writer with a great deal of experience.

Whenever you hire a writer, you must research your writer’s credentials very carefully.

Amass a list of great sounding ghost writers from the Internet, and contact your friends, family and coworkers about writers and editors they have hired to work on their projects. Editors are often what you need to work on your books and other work, so be sure to research book editors when reading through your list of prospects.

Sometimes your work only needs a second set of eyes to go over it before publication. So if you hire a book editor, you will save a good amount of money over what you would spend if you hire a writer to write a book.

How to work when you hire a writer to write a book

Once you have found an editor or writer, talk to them as much as you can. Get their phone number and email address, and write them extensively. Don’t bury them in too much info about your book, especially in the bodies of your emails. Instead, make all material and info about your book into email attachments, sending them to your writer on a regular basis or whenever needed. Using Word docs or Word Perfect is usually best, instead of PDF docs, as the latter are hard to edit and manage. Word is the favored program used by most professional writers nowadays.

Keep the contact lines open throughout your writing project. The idea behind when you hire a writer to write a book is that you maintain control of the process as the original, actual author. You are hiring a professional for pay as a ghost writer to work on your book, not to be the book’s author, unless you want to share credit with your writer as a pair of coauthors.

This is done in lieu of greater pay for the writer.

So you may want to consider doing this to save money. Another method is to use the infamous “As told to –” on the cover, crediting your ghost. Or you can simply put “I could not do this without my Editor, -” on your book’s acknowledgements page.

Working with a professional writer is an important accomplishment. Whenever you hire a writer, make sure you mesh well with them. And that they have expertise in your type of material. Also, make sure you give your professional plenty of leeway, such as time off for weekends, holidays and vacations. In addition to this, for computer down times and interruptions. Remember, you are both human beings. So work closely with your ghost writer or editor. Make sure that when you hire someone to write your book, you’re dealing with all matters as responsible adults.

When the project is completed, if the writer did a great job, give your paid professional a wonderful five-star recommendation. You can do this by simply typing Ghost Writer, Inc. into the Google Maps search box. But be ready to field requests for info from other prospective clients of your ghost writer, too.

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