how to find a ghostwriter

How to Find a Ghostwriter

By Karen S. Cole – Ghostwriter, Editor, Marketer, and Publishing Assistant

How to Find a Ghostwriter for your highly personal individual needs, budget, and desires.

You are wondering how to find a ghostwriter. You’ve come to the right place. I will go about this article telling you what to do. First of all, have a clear vision of what you have in mind. Do you want a book manuscript to be ghostwritten by a professional, published writer?

Or do you have a lesser project in mind, involving simple book manuscript editing? Some ghostwriters will only ghostwrite for you, and you will need to hire a professional book editor in addition to hiring the ghostwriter. So it may be a case of hiring two and not just one person to complete your book manuscript.

If you hire only one person to do everything, this can result in poorly edited work sometimes. It depends on the quality of your book ghostwriter. Here at Ghost Writer, Inc. we ensure that if you hire only one person, that writer will be able to fully assist you through the entire process.

Some of our writers also use an editor, but in most cases you will not be paying anything extra. If you understand how to find a ghostwriter, you understand how to ask questions. This process can take some time. But it’s best to know exactly what foot you’re starting on, and what you will be paying for.

How to Find a Ghostwriter – Locating the Right Ghostwriter

Searching the Internet makes finding the right ghostwriter a breeze. That is, once you know what you’re looking for in a paid writer. If you have very little money, it may be best for you to find and pay a student ghostwriter. This is normally someone with little published experience.

A ghostwriter who has less experience is usually willing to accept less to work on your manuscript. However, when it comes to how to find a ghostwriter, you may want to consider spending more money. This is because a less experienced writer is likely to make more mistakes, and also to be less the type that will help your manuscript become commercially published.

Here at Ghost Writer, Inc., you will find only published ghostwriters and editors. Even our student writers are multiply published. We have experienced writers willing to work at half the cost of other ghostwriting agencies.

Your search for how to find a ghostwriter should include GWI, based on our affordable rates, far more than competent customer service, friendly ghostwriters and our commitment to creating the best possible book manuscript for you. Ghost Writer, Inc. is in business since 2003, and I run things on a personal basis. I know all the ins and outs of finding you the right writer.

How to Find a Ghostwriter – Searching for the Best Ghostwriter

At our company, as I said we only charge you affordable rates. These vary depending on whether you hire one of our ghosts for outright ghostwriting or for book editing services. Book editing starts at $500 for a 300 page, double spaced 12-point type Times New Roman font manuscript. This ordinarily runs at 250-275 words per page. You can get a total word count in Word by going up to the listing bar that starts with File, Home and Insert.

Click on Review, and you will be able to get a total word count on your current manuscript copy. You can also estimate your total words. Just take the amount of words you have down on some pages and extrapolate from there. It’s fairly easy to gauge this automatically, using a calculator.

Ghost Writer, Inc. and our pricing is on our Fees page at: (don’t forget, there is only one “w” in rainbowriting). Just click on the link and go to the page. I can tell you right now that pricing for ghostwriting a book is much more than book editing. This is true no matter where you go to purchase ghostwriting services on the Internet.

If you want to know how to find a ghostwriter, you have to figure out whether you need either ghostwriting or editing services, and this usually proceeds depending on your budget. So if you have $25,000 USD to spend on ghostwriting your precious, lifelong dream of a project, or if you simply have the money, ghostwriting is best for you. But if you only have $3-5,000 to work on your manuscript to improve it, book editing is how you should invest your hard-earned money.

How to Find a Ghostwriter – Hiring the Right Ghostwriter

What you need to do, once you’re sure of what you’re spending and where you’re going to spend it, is proceed to arranging to hire your ghostwriter or editor. A contract should be involved in this process. When it comes to how to find a ghostwriter, this is perhaps the most important part.

You must hire someone who has enough knowledge to craft a proper legal document. It must outline your rights and responsibilities regarding working on a manuscript, and also those of the writer or editor. Here at GWI, we have both a Book Ghostwriting and an Editing Contract to serve all of your and our needs.

Once you have gone over the terms of the Contract, you will be ready to sign it with your worker. GWI ensures you keep all copyrights to your original work. No matter who created it, you or the ghostwriter or editor. No plagiarism is allowed, and we will inform you of all the rules involved in this.

We assist you throughout the process of how to find a ghostwriter, and the Contract fulfills this process. Once it’s signed, you are ready to begin the wonderful adventure of actually writing your own book, through a paid professional ghost with published experience who can in turn help YOU get published!

How to Find a Ghostwriter – How you will be Working on the Job

It’s a process that can take up to six months. You will supply the book outline and possibly a chronological timeline, if you are ghostwriting the book. You will also supply all needed notes, interviews and background materials. Your ghost will assemble these into a professional, fully formatted manuscript or whatever you need. Each chapter will be named, and your manuscript will become professionally written and totally functional.

It will be put into the shape, polished and gleaming, needed to secure a literary agent and a commercial book publisher. If you only want to self-publish, though, that is not a problem. How to find a ghostwriter entails how to manage the book in process.

Here at Ghost Writer, Inc. we will step you through everything you need, including book cover design, self or commercial publication, how to create a book proposal and query letter for submittal, and everything else.

If you need your current manuscript edited, or you need to come back with a manuscript already written, it’s no problem. You can also hire GWI to be your book coach, which is where we step you through the process of you writing your own book. This costs in a similar way to book editing, but it’s somewhere in between.

If you hire a book editor or any of our other services, you will receive: ghostwriting when applicable, copy editing, proofreading and professional manuscript formatting. Editing your manuscript may include: grammar, syntax, spelling, fact checking, color and style editing, and potentially light to heavy content or more thorough developmental editing.

The pricing may range anywhere from $500 on up to $25,000 for book editing or rewriting, depending on how much work is actually involved. Remember, how to find a ghostwriter is easy. The hard part is working together. GWI makes this easy. Editing is a multi-stage process. We will help you figure things out.

How to Find a Ghostwriter – In Summation of the Process

Finally, how do you handle publishing your fully edited, proofread book manuscript? When it comes to how to find a ghostwriter, you have accomplished what may have seemed impossible at first. You have successfully had your book ghostwritten or edited into publishable shape.

You now have an electronic copy in Word of a beautiful, completed manuscript. Suitable to be shown to the top literary agents on the Internet, and to commercial book publishers once the agent you land finds one. But what do you need to know about this?

Here at Ghost Writer, Inc. you can hire a book proposal and query creator with a 90% success rate at landing a literary agent, with the right kind of manuscript. GWI will get you your agent, through our submittal services. You won’t have to work very hard.

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By Karen

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