I need a book ghostwriter

Why do I need a book ghostwriter?

You are thinking, I need a book ghostwriter. But why?

By Karen S. Cole

It’s a simple fact. Most people aren’t professional writers. They’re business executives, too busy to write their own proposals, white papers and other documents. Or they’re more ordinary folks, dreaming of writing a book or other project, and they have great stories to tell. Yet they don’t patently have professional writing capabilities. Such talents may take years to obtain, and more years to maintain. So those who find themselves without these skills need to hire someone else. Someone who can polish, craft, create or otherwise do a wonderful job on the original ideas, notes, chapter outlines or other paperwork by a paying client.

A professional ghostwriter fits this bill. When you state that “I need a book ghostwriter,” you are not kidding. You want at least a copy editor, copy writer, book coach or book doctor to go over your carefully planned ideas, notes and docs, whether they have to do with a book, a white paper, a statement of purpose, music lyrics or a screenplay. Book ghostwriters and other such ghosts may also handle those latter types of ghostwriting. People who have trouble writing often have great ideas, and need to hire somebody else to write or edit a film screenplay or TV script. It may sound weird, but it’s often the case. Music ghostwriters are all the rage nowadays. There’s plenty of controversy, but book ghostwriting is a growing field.

Where do I find a book ghostwriter?

You have a fantastic, brand-new book idea. You’ve typed your exciting dreams onto electronic paper, or even compiled a manuscript. But it falls short somehow of being dramatic, polished, or of interest enough to literary agents or your audience. What attention span? That’s right, agents and readers tend to have limited amounts of it. Your manuscript is headed straight into the “slush pile,” you figure. Readership must be a thing of the past. Where’s my audience, how do I make any money? Surely it’s impossible nowadays. Well, we here at Ghost Writer, Inc. have something to say about that! Sighing “I need a book ghostwriter” is not the end, but the beginning!

Instead of struggling, you can hire a professional book ghostwriter to accomplish what you need. Instead of rotting away in the slush pile, you can land right under a major literary agent’s nose! Get that book advance, get that industry publisher to sit up and beg for your book! Also, you might simply be bored spitless with what you wrote, or just plain tired out from reading it over and over again. If you need more eyes to go over your almost finished manuscript, you can hire a book editor from GWI to assist you in completing a professional manuscript.

Is GWI a good place to hire a ghostwriter?

Ghost Writer, Inc. aims to please everyone, every time. The writers, editors, marketers, promoters and others to whom I send out work pay me a percentage for my job lead referrals. This is only if they get paid by our clients. I take on the rest of the work myself, if I’m available. I’m conservative about how I select my personal clients; rarely, things don’t happen to work out. I’ve had few complaints (through the Better Business Bureau, only two) over the years about our ghostwriter services. Check out our Ghost Writer, Inc. BBB A+ Accredited Business rating here:

What can a ghostwriter do for me?

If you have great ideas and jotted thorough notes down on paper, hire a book ghostwriter to work on your manuscript with you. Or if you simply need your work proofread, you can hire a professional proofreader through Ghost Writer, Inc. Meanwhile, you might require all three: a ghost writer, an editor and a proofreader. GWI offers you a package where you can hire a book ghostwriter to perform everything. And we will sign the GWI Book Ghostwriting Contract with you, to formalize everything.

We can ghostwrite, edit, proofread and professionally format your book manuscript. It will be in the proper shape to be presented to the best, most persnickety literary agents and major industry commercial book publishers. GWI works with people on our team who handle the crafting of salesworthy query letters and full professional book proposals for both fiction and nonfiction book manuscripts. Every GWI worker has English as a first language. But we have people on our team who handle other languages, who do professional translation upon request. We also have transcriptionists, illustrators, book cover designers, interior artists, etc. Ghost Writer, Inc. will find a way to cover all your needs, as long as they’re reasonable!

Do I require book ghostwriter services for other needs?

Yes! A professional book ghostwriter can perform basic copy writing services on a schedule. We wear many hats. Also, Ghost Writer, Inc. has other types of ghosts and editors on our team. We do scripts, screenplays, music, lyrics and soundtrack writing and editing, for example. You can hire ghostwriting services through our team, anytime, any day of the week. But remember, if you are looking for a book ghostwriter, this is because you need help.

You should realize that no matter how great your ideas are, if you are not a professional writer, you don’t necessarily understand the “ins and outs” of the industry. The ethical professional ghost writing business is still a tricky one. It is not morally wrong to hire a professional book ghostwriter. It’s a lot like hiring a garage mechanic to work on an automobile – you still own it, it’s your car. But there will be slight delays, drawbacks, and major incentives for you to work along with your book ghostwriter to accomplish your goals. You are both human beings, and so am I. Work together with us~!

What do I do now to hire a professional ghostwriter?

Do you intend to create a loving memoir of your life for your family? Or write the latest “crash course” business book for your colleagues? Or churn out the next fabulous work of fiction or nonfiction? The assistance of a professional book ghostwriter is close at hand. I have been book ghostwriting since 2003, and I’ve been a professional freelance writer since before 1980. So I know what I’m talking about.

Over time, I have built up a Base Team and a growing, Internet-wide Network of 200+ to 20,000+ professionals. This includes ghostwriters, editors, self, indie or independent, boutique and commercial publishers. Also, book coaching, free advice, SEO links building and myriad other professional services. We can help you finish up your project on time, on schedule, and you will potentially make good money from it too.

Just talk to us. You can go-to our CONTACT tab (in the blue links bar near the top of the page) and fill out a short form. My email address is karen@rainbowriting.com (only one “w”, please!) My phone is (425) 205-9707. Call and leave me a detailed message. Include your name, purpose of the call, and a time and date to get back to you. I will be there ASAP for you! Just fill out this quick, four-question form, giving us the basic details of your wonderful project:

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