I need a ghostwriter

I Need a Ghostwriter

by Karen S. Cole – Name Book Ghost Writer – Why do I need a Ghostwriter?

You have been thinking to yourself lately, I need a ghostwriter. But, do you? If you have a book that you’ve been working on for years unsuccessfully, maybe you do. You have a great idea, the conception is thrilling and the plot is compelling. You are sure there is a market for your book once it’s completed. But how to go about finishing it – how can you truly find someone to work on your precious book?

I NEED A GHOSTWRITER has become your daily litany. But, do you actually need one?

You got started without thinking I need a ghostwriter. You planned on creating the book manuscript by yourself, without any help. Maybe you thought somebody would proofread the final copy. But you got bogged down, and couldn’t work things out. You need a second set of eyes to go over your work. Possibly you also need a professional to tell you what is wrong so far with what you’ve written, too.

A professional book editor or ghost writer will go over your work with you. He or she will suggest any needed changes, such as developmental editing to bring out the subtle nuances of your characterizations. Or content editing, to bring in plot twists, spine-tingling scene changes, and a bang-up beginning and end to your novel. In the case of nonfiction, an editor is usually needed to run fact checking and make sure all your i’s are dotted and all your t’s are crossed. When you’re thinking: I need a ghostwriter, in fact what you may need is a book editor. They run less than ghost writers, and if you have a partially completed manuscript that may be all you need.

If you’re starting from scratch, you’re right in thinking I need a ghostwriter.

If your ideas are in springboard form, you will need someone to help flesh them out. You will accomplish this throughout a multi-stage process. The manuscript ghost writer may help you complete a book outline and a book timeline, for example. The outline will lay out in one page all the significant events in your book. The timeline will lay things out in chronological order, no matter how they occur in the book. You will use the book outline and timeline as background materials to help you work on your manuscript.

They key points to your decision that “I need a ghostwriter” are time, expertise, talent and knowledge of the book marketing and publishing industries. You probably need the assistance of a superb ghost writing professional. Rather than balking at the price, shop around a little in order to get a feel for things. Then hire a professional ghost writer or book editor, as this will give you the help you need in order to publish your book.

Why exactly do I need a ghostwriter?

You don’t necessarily have the time to gain the skills of a professional writer. This can take years. I myself have been a freelance writer since before 1980, so I know exactly what I’m doing. You have to have the expertise and knowledge that only a real professional can give you. So when you hire a book ghost writer, you are taking on someone who knows the market well. Someone with publishing expertise is a must. I need a ghostwriter means you require someone capable of churning out great copy, combined with someone who can land your manuscript in front of a literary agent and a commercial book publisher.

You say, I need a ghostwriter. I say, hire someone with experience, wisdom, and affordable cost who won’t let you down in the long run. A NYT bestselling ghost writer who is also a bestseller on Amazon fits the bill. I am that ghost writer, and I have dozens of writers on my team who also make that criteria. When you hire a book ghost writer through Ghost Writer, Inc., you are getting a seasoned professional. We only use published, experienced writers and editors. So if you are sure that “I need a ghostwriter,” look no further than GWI for your ghost writing and editing needs. We also do book marketing, and we can ensure your publishing success as well.

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