Miracles Still Happen Today

Yes Indeed, miracles still happen today. Hi, Here Are My Short Stories Of True Life Miracle Testimonies That Really Happened. These Miracles That Happen To Me Were In The Bahamas And Also In The USA.

Author Albert “Ace” Culmer, of “Miracles Still Happen Today. Here Is My Index Of True Life Miracle Testimonies That Actually Occurred…

My Name Is Albert Culmer. These Miracles That Happened To Me Were In The Bahamas, And Also In The USA.

Chapter 1: Here Is The First Miracle That Happened. I Died From Being Electrocuted When I Was 15 Years Old. And God Made Me Come Back To Life.

Chapter 2: I Was Just A 16-Year-Old Kid Spearfishing In Nassau Bahamas. And Then I Thought A Large Type Of Fish Was Going to Eat Me For Sure!

Chapter 3: This Is When God Let Me Feel His Real and Fullest Powers. When God started to deal With Me Because I Rebelled Against Him

Chapter 4: This is when I left the Bahamas. Then I came to the US, to live with my father in Jacksonville Florida. This miracle happened in 1969. I was only 17 years old and we flipped over in a car three times in the car and the car caught on fire.

Chapter 5: I Was Not A Christian – Back at that time, I loved to party. If the music was alright I would party all night. This night while we were partying, I became drunk and climbed up on a two-story building. Then so I dove off into 3 feet of water and lived to tell about it.

A Miracle Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow!

Chapter 6: People Could Hardly Believe That The Oil Tank I Was Working On Caught On Fire And Did Not Blow Up.

Chapter 7: This Story Happened In 1980. I Was Trying To Get My Life Back Together After My Wife Left Me And Took My Two Children away from me. That was the hardest times of my life.

Chapter 8: This story tells you how I got cancer and how I was Instantly Healed by God from Cancer In 1982,

Chapter 9: This miracle happened in 1982 When the War hurt me overseas on Kwajalein, they had to send me back on a army transport plane.  Back to Hickam base on Hawaii we had just flew over 12652 miles. And so we had to make an emergency crash landing, because we ran out of gas!

Chapter 10: This miracle happened in 1994. When Rats Invaded my House, my wife and I prayed and asked God to help us out with this problem and He did.

Chapter 11: In August of 2004, they Robbed me at Gun Point! Because the Holy Spirit showed me in a vision the two people that were going to rob me. This was a week before they came to the house where I was working! God is there with us always

Chapter 12: God Had A “Ram In The Bush” For Me, We Cannot Forget About The Smaller Miracles That Happen In Our Lives.


Why is there such a thing? Meet the man who knows WHY they really happen!

Author Albert “Ace” Culmer

Here Is My Short Stories Of True Life Miracle Testimonies. These Miracles That Happen In The Bahamas And Also In The USA.

My real name is Albert, but everyone calls me Ace. I am a 66-year-old, retired painting contractor, a cancer survivor, and a survivor of two heart attacks. These are short stories of my life. God has his angels watching over us every day of our lives. I thank God for being there when I needed Him the most. God is good all the time, and all the time God is good. I don’t know how to read or write but I don’t let it stop me from doing God’s work. Thank you so much for your comments God bless. And always remember miracles they still happen today.

Chapter 1: Here Is The First Miracle That Happened. I Had Died From Being Electrocuted When I Was 15 Years Old And God Brought Me Back To Life.

This is what happened at that time, my family was living in the Bahamas in a two-story house. Island life for me wasn’t exactly like how Jimmy Buffet crooned in his songs. On the night that I was electrocuted my father had just punished me. I was forced to stay in my room on the second floor. It was raining and despite that, I decided to sneak out. There was a pipe near my window where the electric lines came into the house. Whenever I wanted to sneak out, I would always climb down it to the concrete railing around our porch. It was only at least a 6 to 7-foot jump to the ground and then I was free. A little rain wasn’t going to stop me from going out and party with my friends.

How these work is a mystery. For God works in Strange and Mysterious Ways.

I threw my shoes down to the ground below and started the descent down. The moment my foot touched the concrete railing, one of my hands became stuck to the electric pole. I tried to pry myself loose, so I reached up with my other hand, but that hand also got stuck. Electricity started to surge through my body and I knew I was in a lot of trouble. I cried out for my brother to come and turn off the electricity from the fuse box.

If my brother would have turned off the fuse box, he still wouldn’t be able to do me any good because I was holding onto the main electric line that was coming into the house. I asked God to save me because I didn’t want to leave this world yet like so many of my other friends that had already passed away. Recalling that my mother telling me that whenever I was in trouble, all I would have to do is call out to God and He would be there.

You know why miracles still happen today, in spite of everything?

I cried out to God when I felt my spirit leaving my body. There was so much electricity going through my body at that time. I could not stand it any longer and that’s when I passed out thinking I was going to die. I thought my life had ended that day. When I came to, I didn’t know how long I had been lying on the ground. All I could remember is when I came to, I was lying on my back with both of my hands crossed over my heart.

I could feel my heart beating. That’s when I knew I was alive. There were no burns on my hands. There were no scratches or bruises on my back. I knew God had sent an angel to take me off the electric pole. And I am still alive today at 66 years old. And that experience is just one reason why I am still a believer that miracles still happens today.

Chapter 2: I Was Just A 16-Year-Old Kid Spearfishing In Nassau Bahamas When I Thought I Was Going To Be Eaten By A Large Type Of Fish.

I was only 16 and I was still living in the Bahamas. I had friends who would take me spear fishing and diving with them at a place we called Booby Rocks. The area was lush with fish and was the place to do some spear fishing. On that day, I loaded up my spear gun and dove into the water. I swam about 100 feet away from the boat. The water was only about 20–30 feet deep, but you could see the fish all around the shoals.

I shot at a turbot and hit him on his side. The spear did not penetrate its hard leather type skin. The turbot quickly went down into his hole in the sand. I swam over to the hole to retrieve my spear. As soon as I turned around he came out of another hole and proceeded to attack me. What I didn’t realize was that though this fish was only about a foot long, it had teeth like a piranha. The fish continued to try to bite me at least 4 to 5 times as I kept him away from me by kicking him with my fins.

You will find out what I mean about how miracles occur – and to YOU! Read my whole book, I mean.

Every time he would bite at me you could hear his jaws snapping shut. I finally got away from him by swimming to the other side of the shoal. By then I was completely out of air. I had to swim back up to the surface to fill my lungs back up with oxygen and then I swam back down to the bottom where there was a group of fish gathering around the side of the shoal.

There were so many different types of fish like yellowtail jacks and a large hog fish and the school of red snappers and some parrot fish and angel fish and so many other types of fish were gathering on the side of the shoal. I decided to sneak up on the group of fish and try to spear one. Out the corner of my eye I spotted a young Goliath grouper that looked to be around 25 pounds.

I said to myself, this fish will make a good meal tonight. I got my spear gun ready to spear this young Goliath grouper on the side of the shoal. As I started to get closer to the shoal, I saw this dark shadow covering me and part of the shoal.

How this is a case that miracles are Real – my Fish Story

This fish was so big that it blocked the sunlight. What created this large dark shadow that hung over me? This gigantic fish swam down where I was and came in the back of me. I turned around and there we were face-to-face. He was looking at me and probably thinking I would make a good meal tonight for him. That’s what I was thinking about when I saw his mouth opening and closing in front of me. I slowly backed away from him and started to swim backwards towards the boat pointing my spear gun at his face.

Who knows what type of fish it was, but he was at least 7 feet long and you know that crazy fish followed me all the way back to the boat. Shoot, I remembered my mother telling me to always talk to God whenever you think you are in trouble, just like my first experience, I began to talk. I told God, “This is your fish and I do not want to shoot it, but if it comes any closer to me, I will have to shoot him.”

What do YOU do so that miracles still happen today – what is YOUR quest?

He swam closer. I began thinking of the story of Jonah and the whale. I remember thinking that at any minute, I could end up like Jonah in the belly of this giant fish. But a few more moments passed, and the fish changed direction. The situation wasn’t as bad as I thought. I thanked God that I was not in any real danger. So, I climbed back on the boat and I told my friends what happened, that this gigantic fish followed me all the way back to the boat.

My friend said he is probably still down there near the boat. He said I’ll tell you what I’m going to do, we will see if we can catch this fish. So, he got his hand line out which was at least 150 lb. test nylon line and he got one of the live fishes out of our live well. He hooked the fish in his back near his tail, that way the fish could swim freely.

He didn’t know that miracles are modern era. Not just in Bible times.

He didn’t use any lead sinker, that way the fish would not sink all the way down to the bottom. He took the Ham line and threw the fish out in the water about 20 to 30 feet away from the boat. We waited for the fish to take the bait, but it looked like the fish was not interested in our bait. Fifteen minutes went by and he decided to put the spool in the 5-gallon bucket and then he walked over to the other side of the boat to get his gloves on just in case the fish took the bait. Right after he put his gloves on, he heard a racket going on in the 5-gallon bucket.

The fish had taken the bait and started to run the line out of the bucket. He ran back over to the bucket and grabbed the line and wrapped it around his hand. We all know that’s a no-no. He was about to learn a valuable lesson. The fish could have cut his hand off he was very lucky this time, the fish was so big that it almost pulled him out of the boat. We all grabbed a hold of him and he was able to get the fish line from around his hand.

Hang tight because miracles still happen today in spite of thick and thin!

He quickly tied it on the bow of the boat. We were about to go for a wild ride with this fish pulling our boat. We were afraid that he was going to sink our little boat that we were in. However, we started taking water over the bow as he was pulling us so fast that the bow would go under the water sometimes and my friend said we need to cut the line and let this fish go before he sinks our boat.

So, we ended up cutting the line and letting our biggest catch of the day go. We still didn’t do too bad, that day while I was down on the bottom spearfishing, my friends were hand line fishing and they did a lot better than me. They caught a couple of rock Heinz. Family to the grouper. They also caught a lot of gray snappers and they travel in big schools. So, you see, we didn’t do too badly after all, we came away with a great fish story. And we had enough fish to split between us. I would say at the end of the day we had a great time together, and a very good story to tell our friends about the big one that got away.

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