professional book ghostwriter

Professional Book Ghostwriter

Who or what is a professional book ghostwriter?

By Al E.

I’m a professional book ghostwriter. And so I can tell you quite a bit about my chosen profession. Writing in any genre is a tough, arduous activity task at the best of times. Because it’s a solitary undertaking, and the professional often has little support and even less external incentive. There are no support coworkers and no one to help with the upkeep of the home office. Such is the life of a freelance ghostwriter.

This is especially important, since every writer knows that computers only malfunction when the deadline is quickly approaching. It requires the ability to set minimum accomplishments for a given day, and the discipline to achieve those levels. It also requires the ability to set professional standards, sometimes not an easy task in the face of deadlines and distractions. As a professional book ghostwriter of business literature, it’s my job to always operate in a detached manner.

Ghost writing requires an extra layer of skills. In real terms, ghost writing has always struck me as one part art and one part science. The “art” part involves executing an idea well, as always. The “science” part involves doing the writing in someone else’s voice, and successfully incorporating his or her priorities and audience objectives. That means studying both “voice,” so to speak, and the person’s needs.

How does a Professional Book Ghostwriter handle his Clients?

The ghost writer basically has to step into the client’s personality, expressing the ideas or themes as that person would express them – while still maintaining good overall writing style and structure.

The professional book ghostwriter also has to grasp the client’s priorities, and preferably not begin the project until accomplishing this. At the same time, that leaves the onus on the client to tell the ghost writer everything that is germane right at the beginning of the project, so that the ghost writer can do a competent job of addressing the client’s needs.

The most terrifying words that a professional book ghostwriter can hear come when the client says, “I thought you were going to do (something) and you didn’t,” and the ghost writer has to resist the urge to make a sarcastic remark about not having a crystal ball. As such, the ghost writing process makes clear communication even more necessary than usual. – remember, only use one “w”

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