self publishing or traditional publishing

Do you want to Self Publish or use a Traditional Publisher?

By Karen S. Cole, book author, self and traditional publisher, and President of Ghost Writer, Inc.

Self Publishing is the Fastest Way to Get Published

Generally, nowadays I send your wonderful works out to far better writers than me, who highlight our team. They range from student ghosts with a few published works, through midrange pricing ghostwriters and book editors, to New York Times and Amazon bestselling ghosts – who command top dollar, of course. But we have ways at Ghost Writer, Inc. of making their work more affordable for you, the readers and writers of the world. And ways to contact them, you might not have the access to them. A lot of in-demand ghostwriters are hard to find, such as international bestselling ghost M. Rutledge and Jake B., the rock and roll biographer.

So it doesn’t hurt to go through our agency, which has a wide variety of contacts.

Things have come a long way during the era of desktop publishing services. We can self publish your books, a faster method for getting published, through Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Smashwords, Lulu, Kobo, Outer Banks, MVP, and many other such off and online venues. It’s up to you to determine where your book goes, and whether or not you care to self publish it. Ghost Writer, Inc. can help point you in the right directions, and our partner agencies will get you published in about one month at most. Self publishing, for free or almost free, is a great way for you to control the publishing process, and we can hand you some great advice and clear directions in that regard.

Traditional Publishing is Accessible but Slower

It can take up to five years or more of constantly submitting a manuscript to an often huge amount of agents and publishers. And you have to get their attention, with a sophisticated storyline, containing unpublished original material that is innovative, thought provoking, realistic – and most importantly, very well written. Literary agents will throw “trashy” or poorly written stuff, if it is not by a major celebrity, straightaways away. Given this, you will need a well prepared, clearly formatted according to current standards book manuscript. One that is professionally rewritten, copy edited, proofread, and otherwise gone over by that infamous second set of eyes. We can do that for you, here at Ghost Writer, Inc. We only ask you for reasonable amounts of payment for our professional ghostwriting services, which can include the full package from idea inception to distribution of the materials.

There are many traditional publishers online who can assist you.

Independent publishers, so-called vanity publishers, boutique publishers, in-house publishers…the list is almost endless. Steadily research your potential publishing services, you must become rather selective. I suggest going with a standard literary agency and trying for a really solid traditional publisher. If you do not mind some waiting time on finally getting your book or other project out there before your audience. You will need a serious literary agent and some additional help to get your foot in the door of any such traditional publishing companies.

We offer you professional book proposal services through our partner agencies, with a very high success rate for the right books.

Ghost Writer, Inc. can land you a decent book advance. All you have to do is try for it, and be ready to spend the time, money, email, phone and Zoom contact time to put in some sweat labor. Plus this, have a great book or other type of project idea, one that will sell. Not all of our clients manage to come up with something that kind of solid. But if you really think you have something new, original, and maybe an audience waiting for you…come aboard. It can be difficult to arrange a proper platform for sales. But there is a lot of activity online you can take advantage of, such as social networking, business contacts, websites with blogs, and of course your own book sales sites, not to mention other places such as Authors Den,, Goodreads, any place you can build up audience potential. One thing professional book publishers look for is your potential to build up target audiences for sales.

Bonnie HH on our team currently has a nearly 100% success rate at landing top dollar book advances.

She’s an underground world-class and famous author in her own right. From traditional publishers. She has helped out on a lot of bestselling books by her authors, with whom she signed NDAs or non-disclosure agreements. Bonnie can discuss things with you by phone, email, Zoom, Skype or otherwise. I can put you in touch with her swiftly. Email me at HERE and find out more about our affordable publishing services and ghostwriting services, including full editing, proofreading and manuscript formatting, and widespread distribution.

We handle all types of ebooks, print books, audio books, scripts, screenplays, music, lyrics, business documents, social network writing, and most other forms of legal, business and ethical ghostwriting. It’s largely a matter of you get what you pay for, so be careful. GWI only takes our payments in advance, but we will set up an individualized contract with you each time you arrange our ghostwriting and publishing services.

Call me at 425-205-9707, west coast time, we are an American ghostwriting agency in the USA. Or better yet, email me at or use one of the forms available through the links on our website. Such as the ones on our Contact Ghostwriter page.

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    By Karen S. Cole

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