The Clients of Ghostwriters

the clients of ghostwriters

Who are the clients of ghostwriters?

I am the ghostwriter of 50 books, and the agent of over 500 books.

By Karen S. Cole

The Clients of Ghostwriters

Research the clients of ghostwriters to find the ghost of your wildest bestselling dreams!

Ghost writing is an honorable profession that started long ago. Back in the days of Samuel Johnson and his ghost writer Boswell. And ghostwriting has continued through many incarnations since, including many different famous people and their ghost writer companions.

To be a ghost writer is perfectly legal and aboveboard, no matter if you’ve heard otherwise. Any ghost writing project is only a work for hire project under US law. And the laws of most other nations in the world. So there is nothing wrong with being a ghost writer or ghost writing in general. It’s largely a matter of producing writing for other people, you see.

The clients of ghost writers nowadays are an incredibly wide variety of people. In the past, mostly politicians and famous celebrities used ghostwriting services. Now all kinds of ordinary people hire ghostwriters. This includes students who need their term papers edited, housewives entering the field of fiction writing, and business personnel who needs ebooks created for their work situations.

The clients of ghostwriters are not just celebrities anymore.

Anyone with an idea for a book or screenplay who doesn’t have the time, inclination or professional experience to be a writer can hire a ghostwriter . A professional ghost can put a gleam on the work, and will prepare it properly for literary agents and publishers. As well as for screen agents and producers in the case of scripts and screenplays.

So don’t be afraid to use the services of a good, professional ghost writer. If you hire a ghost writer, the writer can either write or edit for you, or some combination of both. In many cases when you write a book or screenplay you need a second set of eyes to read over the work. In addition to this, you might be requested by a literary agent or publisher to have an editor revise your work prior to publication or other marketing.

When you hire a ghostwriter, you are making a wise investment toward improving your work so that it will be fully ready to be professionally reviewed. The clients of ghostwriters – especially ours – tend to be highly satisfied with the results.

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By Karen

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