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Learn how to ghostwrite books

By Karen S. Cole, President, Owner and Founder, GHOST WRITER INC

What Types of Ghost Writers Exist?

Mainly, you’re hiring a professional book ghostwriter or a professional book editor. They are often a freelance professional writer. A ghost will help you create your finished work. The beginnings of which may range from a brief outline with a handful of notes. To a nearly completed manuscript, musical score, business document or screenplay. A copy editor will edit for grammar and syntax, fact checking, line editing. Furthermore, there is also content editing, rewriting and full-scale developmental editing. There are different price ranges for less thorough editing, such as line editing, up to more thorough developmental editing.

What does ghostwriting cost?

Times have changed since we first published this Ghostwriter FAQ, regarding ghostwriting service rates. In any case, our pricing can vary widely. Costs have gone up for 2022 and 2023, so we have to charge more. However, the ghostwriter rates for your projects depend mainly on your ghost’s related experience.

Student ghosts and book editors, developers or book coaches often cost a great deal less. Maybe half of what our experienced ghosts cost. Amazon and NYT best seller level ghosts tend to cost a lot more. Our prices for ghostwriting may ballpark range from $5-7.5K in US dollars for an experienced ghost. This is for shorter ebooks; very short ebooks can be as low as $750 USD. Prices to 10-30K to ghostwrite a 100-300 page book manuscript (at 250-275 words per page). And also pricing of $35-150K for a book by a best selling ghostwriter.

Developmental editing by a NYT bestseller ghost can run $35,000 USD. These ghosts hardly ever work for anything but upfront payment. Made during course of completion of the project, each time.

In other words, you’re committing to work that, as of this Ghostwriter FAQ, is hopefully going to sell. Or be loved and cherished by your family and friends. However, our ghostwriting service rates are $50K-300K to ghostwrite a celebrity, timely news story or “top dollar” project. They are also higher for more labor. Such as books needing color photos and illustrations, tables, special layouts, indexing, back covers and cover art, etc.


We negotiate with you our ghostwriter rates for 2022 / 2023 . And it’s all according to your budgetary needs. You should pay us whatever you have set aside for your project. But don’t strap yourself, or you’ll be unable to complete the process. And you won’t get your work finished that way! Try hard to pay us what we’re worth. It’s the only way for everyone to be totally fulfilled. As of this 2022 / 2023 Ghostwriter FAQ and our ongoing work, GWI remains as an affordable ghostwriting agency.

Research ghostwriting service prices elsewhere. You will find we are fair, honest and more affordable than everyone else. Other than outright amateurs or student untrained ghosts. Also, our pricing runs lower than the other legitimate, professional ghostwriting agencies. Why? We are always trying harder to serve your needs and budgets. GWI will attempt to assist you in making money from your completed project, too.

What is Plagiarism?

You can’t publish someone else’s copyrighted work (howsoever published) without their written permission. According to this Ghostwriter FAQ, you can’t use anyone other than your ghostwriter’s original work. And also yours, of course. Unless you’re utilizing public domain work. Brief excerpts of writing and contextual quotes may be used without the author’s permission. However, in these cases it’s best to get the original source’s written permission first.

Google the phrase public domain and the name of a work or author. You might be tempted to use long passages of other authors’ works. Not good nor legal. But you can always use your own original ideas and materials. We highly encourage that!

Also, we can extract significant passages of long works. And strip them of their copyrights by rewriting! This works by using several other resources and the original (cited) writings as background info. This method works 99% of the time. Not always! It’s best to use your own original ideas and writing. And that of your ghost’s.

Your GWI ghost or editor will sign over all copyrights for all original writing. In addition to whether you or your friendly neighborhood ghost actually creates ANY of the material! So, no worries. You keep all the copyrights. While you pay your GWI team people in advance, during course of completion.

How long does it take to ghostwrite a book or screenplay?

This varies widely. It can range from half a month to over a year to ghostwrite a 35-500 page manuscript. An average time is three to six months. A screenplay can be about as long. But those usually take less than one year. Time varies, talk to your ghostwriter! We can set a project up in advance, if you don’t mind waiting for a popular, busy freelance ghost or editor.

You sign and keep a GWI ghost in place by paying a retainer fee. In order to get in line – and be helped. Talk to us NOW! GWI has currently available ghosts, though. According to our Ghostwriter FAQ, our ghosts really range from taking two weeks to two years. Depends on the project.

How do I pay a ghostwriter or editor?

We seldom accept “on spec” or percentage payments. Only when the work is highly likely to sell widely. Or in some cases, a client makes a substantial upfront payment in addition to a net percentage from sales payment. We call this a “combo” payment. However, GWI mainly only accepts payment in advance during course of completion. Also, we won’t release the completed copy of work without you finishing all your payments. But this doesn’t include on spec or net percentages.



How do you sign a ghostwriting contract?

We have you sign a binding legal contract directly with any GWI worker with which you are contracting for any services rendered; we will also sign any non-disclosure agreements to keep your information confidential, and any other documents needed to facilitate your work progress.

How do you get published, optioned or produced?

GWI offers several services for modest pricing scaled to fit your budget. Involving marketing, promotions and sales of your finished work. We can also arrange self or commercial publication services. And GWI will assist you in getting your script or screenplay optioned or produced. These are all paid services. Professional freelance ghostwriters DO NOT work without payment. Sometimes we will arrange on spec, partnership or net percentage fees. But this is rare nowadays. If you don’t have upfront payment money for this, we will guide you to intelligent resources that can assist you.

By Karen S. Cole

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