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GHOSTWRITING SERVICES? What are these so-called ghostwriting services, and how do they involve me, the client?

By Karen S. Cole – Granny Ghostwriter – Able and Experienced Book Ghostwriter for Years

You are asking that question by reading this article: what are ghostwriting services? Mostly, the services generally provided by book ghostwriters. However there are other striped balls in play, in this type of pool. You have probably heard a lot about speech ghostwriters, rap and hip hop ghostwriters, and the ghosts who pen celebrity books. But there is a lot more to the ghostwriting and book editing industries. What are ghostwriting services, the type you need, or are they for somebody else? Do you require them, or are you looking for some other answer to your questions?

I guess the best way to answer: “What are ghostwriting services?” is by asking a few other questions. If nothing else, I’m keepin’ you going! Well, if you already know most of the answers, just break away and contact me now.

If not, please let me answer these questions for you; then you can figure things out as you go. What are ghostwriting services is a question you can ask me later on, during our detailed onboarding process. If you want to CONTACT US NOW click here.

Questions about: What are Ghostwriting Services?

Why are there professional book ghostwriters?

In order to best define the subject at hand, let’s see what I’m talking about. Ghostwriting services are usually provided by ghostwriters. However, I’ve known people who hire “the 16-year-old girl down the street” because she’s “so good at editing student papers.” They spend $100 to get her to edit their 200-page book manuscripts. Some people don’t seem to know whether they need a professional. They assume anything will get them published. I hate to burst their oily bubbles, but that girl isn’t a professional writer.

No literary agents will be considering her “wonderful work.” Into the round file it will go. If you need good work, you hire a professional, not the kid down the street. Somebody who knows the ins and outs of the publishing field, and is a career writer. Ghostwriting services are neither for children, nor just anyone. That includes both offering them and purchasing them.

In my opinion, though the dude you know at work may be great repairs, you wouldn’t expect him to fix a dilapidated car thoroughly. Maybe replace a spark plug, clean your carburetor, or even fix a windshield crack. But if you really require him to do that all the time, on a regular basis – you have to hire him. And you’d spend decent amounts for his time, sweat, parts, labor and repair services.

It’s largely a matter, as usual, of getting exactly what you pay for. What are ghostwriting services if they’re not cost effective? You need ROI and recognition too.

You wouldn’t want the guy to do a lousy job, right? So you don’t want a literary agent to simply toss away your valuable book manuscript, either. What are ghostwriting services if you hire cheap, free or overly low cost ones? What the word “cheap” implies: poor quality. You want to spend enough money or set something up the right way with a professional book ghostwriter.

A professional ghostwriter is in the same bind. In order to make our livings, we have to make decent money. So we gain the background in advance, usually as freelance writers at first, and then some of us without steady writing gigs or other employment become ghostwriters. Now, you may think this means something bad about ghost writers, but it doesn’t. A person who decides to put up a shingle and offer ghostwriting services is usually his/her own boss.

What are ghostwriting services when a professional sets them up? The correct, established ones. Services that include industry contacts with top literary agents and major book publishers, too!

Why did you become a professional book ghostwriter? And what ghostwriting services have you been doing?

I got tired of working as a freelancer, for example. I can’t go into lots of detail about that, as it involved ghostwriting for the bosses. Taking the place of another author, in other words. But the reality is that the average book ghostwriter has far more experience than the average freelance writer. Even in-house writers for magazines, newspapers, online publications and the like often have less experience.

Several ghostwriters work for major commercial book publishers. A lot of these people are inexperienced, though, and making less pay. This saves the publisher a lot of money that they can keep for themselves. What are ghostwriting services indeed, if the publishers do nothing but underpay their honest, hard-working employees? Not so hot!

A book ghostwriter starts up her/his own ghostwriting services agency for a reason: respect. Working for a boss who may not treat you right impels this. I grew tired of employers. They are a middleman, standing between you and your client. So I decided to become a ghostwriting services agency “employer” myself – for work for hire projects. I set my own pricing by determining my client’s budget every time. We then take it from there, to the satisfaction of both the author client and me as the book ghost writer.

What are ghostwriting services when you or your team performs them?

You will never pay me more than you can afford to pay me, and I will never undercharge, either. As someone asking what are ghostwriting services, the answer in our case is we offer you nothing but professional, honest paid-for services. By now you are thinking: she’s a book ghostwriter or book ghost writer. But is she any good at what she does? Well, I’ve been at it for three decades, so I should know something about it by now. If not, I’ve been “sleep typing” through all this!

I’m well-versed in every type of genre, fiction, nonfiction, fiction based on fact, narrative nonfiction, memoir or memoirs, life stories, bios and auto-bios, self-help, business, science fiction and fantasy, romance, cozies, chick-lit, historical fiction, true crime, westerns, urban fantasies, thrillers (I’m working on one now), magical realism, the list is probably endless. When you see what are ghostwriting services at my company, you will observe the entire gamut, a broad and long list. Totalling up our 200+ ghosts, we have done everything possible in the writing and editing fields – and then some!

You name it, I’ve done it! If not me, WE’VE done it. Consider me an expert at bringing your original voice into something new. I will do a free five-page edit of whatever you send me, and we will work on it together until it comes out the way you are seeing things. I will stick with your voice, go against it, or do whatever is really needed. You get input all through the process, and you walk away with a professionally formatted book manuscript. Camera-ready copy, if so desired, with any illustrations and a proper book cover, too.

Why did you become the ghostwriter running Ghost Writer, Inc.?

The two things I myself hardly do are technical writing or screenplays. We have other writers who handle those. I’ve done some editing before in those fields. What are ghostwriting services if you don’t also offer thorough, lower price editing services, for people who can’t afford flat out ghostwriting services?

Anyway, to fully answer the ‘why did I become a ghostwriter’ question: I get better pay, more respect, and a lot of fancier, wide-variety laden things to do as a professional freelance book ghost writer. And it helps to be running my own ghostwriting services agency. I even get to use my own spellings – LOL – and don’t have to go by the AP Stylebook anymore. Or even the Chicago Manual of Style!

Actually, I do tend to utilize the latter when I’m doing work for my book ghostwriting services. I have the entire Internet at my disposal, and can look up any words, terms, phrases, ideas or whatever I’m not cognizant of yet. I spend every day learning something totally new at this awesome job!

What’s the thing you like the most about ghostwriting?

The clients and the writers – not necessarily in that order! However, I’ve made fast friends (and slow ones) with scads of my writers, editors, marketers and other colleagues, and also with droves of our clients. So it makes me very happy, the communication I have with all of them. I treat everyone with respect, and they treat me back that way. That’s why I have an A+ accredited rating with the Better Business Bureau – happy, satisfied clients and customers. What are ghostwriting services if you don’t offer the best ghostwriting service in town, or the world?

The other things I enjoy are: setting my own days and hours to work; getting paid far more than I ever did as an in-house writer; and just being able to relax at home frequently. It does indeed beat out an office job. I do go into the office now and then, but I come back into our living room to eat dinner, ROTFL! It’s my space, my place, and it contains my husband’s bright and shiny face! I don’t need to wear makeup, dress up, or cater to an overly expectant boss at all.

So, what are ghostwriting services when it’s your company, then?

What are ghostwriting services when it’s your or my regular job? It’s not constantly good, of course. Those who run any ghostwriting services have a lot of competition. You spend forever bouncing up and down in the Google SERPs. Due to that, I’ve learned how to code and do my own SEO. But I’ve given this job my all, more so than any other job I’ve worked. Every project I do, I give it my best 500%.

Because I love my job, I recommend not only hiring ghostwriting services. I recommend you consider starting your own business, and that you become your own ghostwriting services agency. That is, if you have any of my mad skills! If not, you must think in terms of hiring us professionals. You won’t be sorry, and most significantly, you will be honestly thrilled!
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