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What is it like to be a Ghost Writer?

what is it like to be a ghost writer

So exactly what is it like to be a Ghost Writer?

You are asking me: what is it like to be a ghost writer? As beautiful as the Milky Way Galaxy…the stars…NASA…the Skies are the Limits…there is no turning back!

What IS it like to be a Ghost Writer | if you’d care to swap professions.

And be an Author or Screenwriter, or the Master of your own Work. By someone else, whom you Move Forwards into Success, through Much Experienced Professional Writing and Editing Guidance.

By Karen S. Cole – professional ghostwriter, editor, marketer, publisher, and book agent since January 2003.

Ghostwriting as a Career Path

WE USED TO BE CALLED Rainbow Writing, Inc. Wasn’t due to the gay rainbow, but they’re included as both ghostwriters and clients. The name Rainbow Writing, Inc. is based on the Rainbow Coalition of Jesse Jackson, from the Civil Rights Movement. So we are serving Blacks, People of Color, and Jews (the original rainbow folks) and also all types of Christians.

But really, I was dreaming of running a daycare at the time. Rainbows! There are a million movies about rainbows, songs about rainbows, right and left wing, you all need rainbows in your lives. I love Louis Armstrong’s generalized song about rainbows, What a Wonderful World. When I was seven, I was in Rod Serling’s studio, and I got to sit on Mr. Armstrong’s lap while he played his famous trumpet. Cuddling with Louis was dreamy, and he started me on the road to my many colorful dreams.

Dreams are rainbows, they appear mystically in the sky to let you know how to run your own life and seize the pot of gold. They’re Irish, they’re colorful, they’re black white and brown. Whatever you need them to be! I am telling you below what its like as a ghost writer, any which way from Sunday. What’s it’s like as a ghost writer is my own creativity, duly personified.

What is it like to be a ghostwriter?

Aside from silly misspelled words, but not ghost writer or ghostwriter? The search engine often doesn’t like punctuation, such as “what’s”. Why is being a ghostwriter such an intriguing choice of profession, when it’s really just another form of writing for a living?

Well, for starters if you’re already a freelance writer, you are stuck working for other people. You must mind your p’s and q’s for an editor, managing or otherwise, above you. And you must also turn in the exact copy the editor, the associate editor, and the president or other higher-up needs you to write.

Generally, you must follow a rigid set of guidelines. You must cover the same news or other stories, op-ed or otherwise, political footing solidly on the same square. Literally, you’ve got no wiggle room. It should be their way, which can mean the same thing repeatedly, or follow the strangest attempts to get your readers’ attention that the world has usually seen.

There’s no room for any creative mentality. What is it like to be a ghost writer is each new story is an unfolding adventure with nobody to tell you you’re writing it wrong. Or that you have to do things the publisher’s way, not usually. Instead, there’s a ton of creative development going.

Instead of writing what you want to write, you should write what (quote unquote) everybody is expecting. No mercy, no leeway, the usual op-ed style is all. What’s it like – redundancy – while being a ghost writer is a new project coming up each time.

A whole new challenge, where you use your experience as a ghostwriter to conjure brand-new ideas and thoughts. What a ghost writer does is challenge the entire creative writing field, each time. You have to be creative to get your foot in the door. You grow more innovative with each passing work of art.

If you know what is it like to be a ghost writer

However, you must write about what everyone else is writing about, if you work for CNN, NBC, MSNBC or whatever demands you do it the company way. Whereas, if you ghostwrite a book for an original book author, you are challenged to do the nearly exact opposite. Instead, you are supposed to come up with your own original theme, thesis, set of genres, ideas, memoirs of your own personal life.

What is it like to be a ghost writer, while remaining an influencer, an original creative writer and a book author? Instead of See Dick See Jayne See Spot isn’t what it is to be a different drummer, no matter how measured or close by the candy store.

You add in your own proportions, and discover that you may save the world. If what is not a ghost writer is a freelance writer, the experience is great. But the slavery you encounter by not being your own boss is not. And when you’re a ghost writer, you have exactly one client at a time who is not exactly your boss.

Instead, you are guiding your client to create, write, edit, you do book coaching, you coordinate between you two as two-person team effort. Sometimes more people are involved, but that’s basically it, and the client is not your boss.

You hammer out the words in progress and decide between you what is going to be said, chiseled out of the block of stone, written on the bathroom wall, painted in organic oils on the spreading canvas of depth and beauty.

Find out what is it like to be a ghost writer…carefully.

So, you ask me what is the difference – what is it like to be a ghostwriter? To begin, you are writing with just one other person in most cases. I highly recommend that, because with more than one author involved, heads frequently knock anyway.

Two people, with one editing, creating, adding to and researching the original author’s work, is a lot less unoriginal. A lot less boring, more exciting, more likely to come up with an angle of view that is unique to the book, screenplay, music or other styles of writing work.

You want to write a book about your life experiences, which are entirely unique to you. Like they were to President Donald J. Trump. Like they were to Secretary of State Hillary R. Clinton. Like they are to the girl down the street who dreams of marrying, raising a family, and becoming the first person to contact intelligent life and prove it exists outside our purview.

And for my own purposes, what is it like to be a ghost writer?

I’m still waiting for that book to show up in my life! What if one day, it did? The book that made a goldmine appear again, while remaining fun to read? And I wouldn’t have tons of competition for it on CBS, NBC, or wherever.

What is it like to be a ghostwriter – far beyond awesome, rewarding, or eclectic. Instead, I learn something new from each project, instead of bogging down in the same old cliched, metaphoric, chase that guy as Satan or Jesus forever political mentality that tries to blame one person for Life’s little problems.

That’s…what is it like to be a ghost writer of books, and an editor of manuscripts. Or the other kinds, such as screenplay, script, music, lyrics, soundtracks, or business, academic, legal, or medical ghostwriters for articles, blogs, and of course books.

GHOST WRITER, INC. (c) 2023 – What is it like to be a Ghost Writer 2023 and 2024

By Karen

Ghost Writer, Inc. is a full services book ghostwriting agency.