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Who Were Ted and Karen?

ted bundy

An Essay on Theodore Robert Bundy – otherwise known as the Phantom Prince

By Karen S. Cole, President and Owner of Ghost Writer, Inc.


This 4,000 characters essay is a distilled version of my latest book, which yes, is about Ted Bundy. The infamous serial murderer of Seattle fame. There have been far too many such regional murders in our beautiful Pacific Northwest. He was labelled their leader, due to his having been a Neo Nazi leader, too.

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Am I writing this book to finally come forward, or is it for some other reason, such as to make a very minor political point out of serial murder?

Did Dead Ted hurt my all too human feelings? No, he did not manage to take his usual vengeance out on me. I ended up taking a rather teenage version of him out to lunch. I guess his family always took care of him; it is different for we women, as we are not their Jesus. When a man kills people, even his family, they look the other way. When a woman kills, she is labelled subhuman, persecuted infinitely even by other women. There is no justice, not in this life nor the next.

Who or what WAS Ted Bundy, a stranger among us who killed anyone he pleased?

Possibly, a lab-bred Catholic, all-white looking robot, of sorts. How about a Nazi Vietnam War Veteran? Who had learned mostly how to kill people, and who secretly needed to be a good man? While somehow living to talk about it, and then sell lotsa books. Their whole idea is being fed by the Media: make money off serial murder. They make it look like only women are being killed, which of course is our sad mistake. Right and left, there are an equal number of male and female victims…of all kinds of things. What makes it important to us, anything real?

MEDIA, MAFIA, MAFIA, MEDIA…too like each other to be a coincidence.

The lack of money and the grubbing for it is indeed the Root of most Evil. Media attention, nowadays. I put off writing this book because I did not want to make money off the usual Media Blitz over serial murder. I am disgusted with the idea in general, the whole thing clearly exists solely for sexual purposes. Which is unfair to men too, Mafia or otherwise. You cannot make a corpse pregnant; you can only suffer along with such things.

Unless you think entire school systems full of children are only women.

In any case, I ended up with Ted Bundy for a while, and was willing to lay my life down for him; so he tried to use what skills he had available in a criminology direction to attempt to convict Gary Ridgway, the Green River Murderer. By comparing himself and his own schema to the others who were doing what they were doing: lurking around at night and in broad daylight, killing people. Americans, why would we be sacred when we practically were trying to destroy the entire country of Vietnam? Nor the Chinese, going in the same direction. It is why Ted thought he was ONLY a serial killer, that is what we were doing there.

There was a very unusual body count going on, between Bundy and Ridgway, and many others. Ted killed a lot of people right in front of me, making a total of over 100. In the name of the Neo Nazis. So they were setting out to be terrorists in America, and it took me and the FBI to try to stop him. But they tended to be white men, unashamed about how they were helping him out, both legally and illegally. Tons of enforced ineptitude, coupled with pretending it was okay to let him be at large, because he was yet another Proud White Boy whom they favored. Who seemed to be killing only girls and women, while in fact he was killing far more than that, as a Neo Nazi – one of many such crowds?

The Authorities were almost as culpable as the serial murderers.

Made me think, like most others did: what is the use? There were several attempts to put me on meds all during those escapades. Attempts to prove I was a hooker, that I was there to somehow take money for sex, by Ted and the others, including their women. No sympathy for me, I was only a young female college student, one of many. And I did not stand a chance against mindless group thinking, including the morbid desire to kill me for not being the image of a perfect woman, and to make me take poisonous drugs.

Also, attempts to lynch me, gang rape me, convince me their evil actions were my fault, etc. The idea was I would always be an easy target, and in fact I was a homeless stranger myself, coming from a family of consolidated Christians. Protestants, who did not protest my death. Instead, it was the typical surround and kill motif, so Biblical. The mob of victims desired just one victim between them: me. However, as I make an insufficient Jesus and am relatively unimportant, I lived long enough to tell you this somewhat sad and simply truncated short story.

Karen S. Cole

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