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Why are you a ghostwriter?

Why are you a ghostwriter?

GHOST WRITER, INC. | Ghostwriting Services | Karen S. Cole – Why are you a ghostwriter?

About GWI | Ghost Writer, Inc. on Living and Dead Jewish…PEOPLE. While asking, why are you a ghostwriter in such a depraved world?

Maybe they’re where we want to be. No, I have a family to serve and protect. With my hard-earned money. Which I make by being a ghostwriter. Lately, only of sorts. I am now semi-retired and do certain select projects. Mostly editing and shorter works. Things that get my attention fast and really capture my unlimited fancies.

The rest, I send to other ghostwriters. In a way that is so all along. I’m careful about what I pick to do. Everything else, advisement capacities. So, why are you a ghostwriter? Because I know exactly what I’m talking about…somewhat. I’m a human woman and make mistakes. Honestly, I can’t do absolutely everything. Or some things completely right. But we all certainly can try. It’s what makes us the Noblest Animal, I guess. Suffering while doing things wrong. Or trying hard to understand why people won’t let you do things. When they want to do them instead of you; this is not “why are you a ghostwriter”, when you are not allowed to work on a project correctly.

Why are you a ghostwriter is about my background and your minds.

I’ve hired Indians to do my SEO work in the past. But nowadays, Filipinos instead. Indian is something I might partially be. The Cherokee Nation Trail of Tears kind. White looking, not enough. Seems “foreigners” are both trustworthy and otherwise. Same as everyone else. Same as Stan Lee. He’s been accused of sexual misconduct. Probably something real. Too much of that everywhere and gone.

He also invented Spiderman…and Mary Jane. I reinvented Batman, not Wonder Woman. But due to World War II and then Vietnam, I called myself a name: Wonder B—h. Due to wondering what was going down. It can all be viewed as only sexism. Anti-men and anti-women. War does that to the human mind. And bends mentality in either positive or otherwise negative directions. Well, at least I “invented” my daughter, I guess.

She’s so far away now, she’s a dream. Due to male violence, and female persistence. Sometimes I doubt I even had her. She’s in her mid-20s. I am praying someday she forgives her family, and opens the lines of communication again. I have one major book in The Library of Congress, and dozens of others too. Well over 500 now I’m responsible for and counting. I either contributed, worked on or arranged all those works.

If you need our help, as in wondering about why are you a ghostwriter, then click on this link.

The 11 Jewish people in Pennsylvania won’t be reading books anymore. A man killed them, women do that also. Two men, lots of pipe bombs later, I’m still looking over my shoulder. I interfered with a house burglary in 1986. The police slapped their wrists and let them go. While detaining me for hours. And constantly insisting I must have been the house burglar instead of them. I wasn’t. And don’t do false confessions either.

I’ve been a crime victim myself, and not understood why. So many others are like this, I’ve found. Sometimes I think it’s all a lot of Black Magic. Or that TV is to blame. Really, people should read more often. I keep meaning to buy books about science and the Universe. And just get absorbed delightedly for hours.

Lately, it’s Internet stuff for me. Having to search engine optimize everything about our website. Kind of sexless if you think about it. My husband cooks me food. I’m waiting to start lunch in a few minutes from hence. This is one of those days when I wonder why are YOU a ghostwriter, too…

What if sexism is mostly against women? Then, it’s pretty hard to change things. Vulnerability is all important. “Why are you a ghostwriter” is about being fulfilled as a person.

And I think everybody is responsible. Not just the evening news, the liberal left, individuals such as Donald Trump, anti-Semitic types, the far right wing, white racial supremacists, Moms with Guns, or anyone else specifically. I’ve done what I can to take responsibility for my actions, and the world.

I wonder what Stan Lee really did? Not be squeaky clean, I guess. Sex and strut your stuff. Date young girls, and think they exist for only that reason. Just like Jerry Lewis and me. He handed me a match stick cover at a party with his room number scrawled up top. We ended up partying together somewhat.

Lucille Ball was somehow inspiring to me. For all I know, she kept me away from that hotel room. I wouldn’t put it past her; she’s rather somebody. She is the person most behind the invention of Star Trek. Well, at least the promotion of it through her studio. No Lucille Ball, no Star Trek.

She financed it, with or in spite of Desi Arnaz. Great ol’ Lucy had faith in the series for some reason; she thought it sounded futuristic and wonderfully imaginative. Who knew Lucille Ball was a science fiction fan? She even swept up the Star Trek set in her spare time, wanting to be useful there.

Desilu was Star Trek’s first and their main production company. Most people don’t know that, that Desilu and Lucille Ball are responsible for the entire Star Trek and Star Wars franchises. She barely made any money off it, although Star Trek kept Desilu going for awhile longer.

The reason “why are you a ghostwriter” may well be Star Trek. I love it!

Read a background book by the two-three major producers, all about Star Trek recently. Great jokes about balling, sex and the partying life of acting, with everyone having fantastic fun. Star Trek was infamous for everybody on it having sex with practically everybody else. Those were the Sexy Sixties.

Good for them; but what about me? Lucy was probably a Jewess. Braver than a lion and modest, too. I feel obligated to try, doubt I am half the success she was. She also doubted herself frequently. I have to make money to support my small family. While I’m eye-tired; tell me if you see any typos.

Three paragraphs then the heading seems to work. For SEO purposes. The keyword phrase why are you a ghostwriter is a success, so my system is working.

Well, Stan Lee inspired me to come up with this business. Him and Philip Roth’s “The Ghost Writer”. I thought since I might not work anywhere else great, I’d set myself up online.

Didn’t want to just be Roth’s “Monkey Girl” from Portnoy’s Complaint. If I use that word, I will be screened out by Google. Words that hurt and bullies and love. What do you have to write about today? There are jobs in the writing field abounding.

Due to the Internet. Like my Mom said, I was able to do so. The World Wide Web is something special; so was my mother, dead at 86. Mom and Dad are gone, so are 11 people. Jewish women and men. Now we have bodies in Pittsburgh, or even Philadelphia.

It’s not a wonderful day in Mr. Roger’s old neighborhood. Yes, it was the Squirrel district, and it certainly attracted one. I’ve been labelled mentally ill because I was suicidal. Due to the death of my first husband. I’m a widow, went through a kind of divorce. Sympathetic to your needs when not selfish.

Or trying to mimic Lucille Ball. Is squirrel for the killer a tasteless joke? Sadness. I can’t understand the lengthy history of ongoing anti-Semitism. It seems like rank cowardice to me.

GHOSTWRITING BLOG – Points to Consider vis a Life of Writing Prose and Poetry about Why are You a Ghostwriter?

How did you start up your business, and what are your rates?

Ghost Writer, Inc. started as an idea by a 14-year-old girl. In the basement of our family house, in 1974. I was reading Marvel Comics about Stan Lee’s Bullpen when it dawned on me – I didn’t like comic books, I liked real books! They were more adult and made much better intellectual sense.

On the spot, I dreamed up Rainbow Writing, Inc. I decided to send ghostwriting work out to a bullpen like Stan Lee’s. But mine would be a cattle pen of ghosts. Men and women, no children. Black and white, brown, different countries. Seattle, Chicago, New York City. Los Angeles, London, Bangladesh…

Much later January 2003, RWI online and I began sending work out. Rebranded the company as Ghost Writer, Inc. in 2011. Getting more business than I could handle. I’m expecting the floodgates to open. They already have, but not yet.

If you know why are you a ghostwriter…what does it mean?

Over the years, GWI expanded. To provide all types of ghostwriting services. We do books, film screenplays, TV scripts, plays, research, music, lyrics, Hollywood soundtracks, speeches, business documents…anything you name, we can staff it. Our motto is, “We do it All!” From short stories, poetry, work and academic statements, children’s through adult literature, all types and every genre.

We specialize in memoirs and science fiction, plus business nonfiction books. As to awards, we’ve won dozens of them for our writing and editing skills. Including the Literary Arts Association award for books, and a radio award involving a free podcast, for editing an award-winning piece of adult ficion or erotica.

Inclusion in The Library of Congress (not remunerated, voluntarily inclusion), several and awards. Academy awards, Emmys, Golden Globes, Tellies and several other awards for films made from our ghost’s screenplays.

What sets your business apart? And furthermore, really, why ARE you a ghostwriter…what is your rationale?

My business is a one-woman effort by a differently abled freelance writer. I have health issues. Am overcoming them. Lots of fear, lots of pain and pleasure. Through the years, I ghost wrote 50+ books, some of which became NYT and Amazon best sellers. However, largely I have fulfilled my dream of sending work out to other writers. I have people on my team with dozens of bestselling books, under their names and those of their clients.

I have given many people their start as a professional writer. After launching with Ghost Writer, Inc., many of my writers and clients have sold prolifically. We have bestsellers nowadays who started out as student book authors and ghosts. I gave them a chance through GWI. And now a decent lot of them are golden!

Why are you a book ghost, really? I know about why are you a ghostwriter, but also, why do you take on ghostwriting projects for other people?

Ghost Writer, Inc. will consider any project, if it’s ethical. But we will edit, rewrite and proofread works when it’s unethical to ghostwrite. We take payment upfront, except for celebrities and stories of timely events. We will consider a split and half a book advance, but generally we work solely for upfront pay. However, we always consider our clients’ budgets, and we will work only within them.

GWI advertises affordable ghostwriting services. We strive mightily to get first-time writers published. We don’t turn anyone away. Instead, we give out professional advice. We plan out payments over time for low-income clients.

If budget is a problem, we suggest editing or book coaching instead of ghostwriting. We’ve helped many achieve success who couldn’t afford a ghostwriter. People with inspirational stories of abuse, and how they overcame it. And we plan to continue these business practices into the future.

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By Karen

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